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  1. Hello! If you're playing Astroneer and have a suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it! The best way to share that is right here in this sub-forum. You can create the thread however you'd like, but I would suggest: Making your title straight to the point. E.g. "Three ideas for improving weather gameplay." We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. Include whatever images, mock-ups, doodles, videos, and anything else that would help us under
  2. So far i have only seen this issue in multiplayer. i will explain the setup so it will be clear that this setup has no issues and would work fine. Extra large curved platform holds one soil centrifuge, one medium storage in middle slot, one large storage silo B with six medium soil canisters and two soil canisters to get them loading the centrifuge. Auto arm on separate platform ads to a table of medium resource canisters until they are full. overall there is between 8 and 15 power going to this setup, never so little that it wouldn’t run and when i checked this the table had full
  3. Purpose: Incentivize further play after “completing” Astroneer game, with special rewards. Each reward has valuable gameplay advantages. Cannot be crafted. Must be found. Rare to extremely rare. I provide specific ideas below, but my point is more general. Incentivize extended play. The problem that this solves is that there's insufficient motivation to keep playing after "completion" of the game. Smart players can complete the game in a few days. Achievements are fine but not enough. Special events are fine but not enough. Only a fraction of players have enough imagination to ideate their o
  4. The crane is an interesting multiplayer tool to play with friends. However, it is quite uncomfortable to play alone. Give the crane the functionality of a seat and the ability to drive rovers right from there. It makes sense because in any case due to the bulky space of it, it could be worth it. At present, the reason to creating the crane is more for fun than real utility. Thanks
  5. I've had a self-hosted dedicated server running for about 3 months now. Updated to 1.15.55 from Steam, restarted the host and now the server is listed as "offline". Reinstalling the game does not help, double-checked the firewall and network settings, no luck.
  6. i’ve been on a nitrado server for about 20 days now. I initially started having trouble logging in about two weeks i to having the server. the folks at nitrado moved me to a new server, when that didn’t work they loved me from Miami to New York to see if results might better. they are not. We’ve run a tracert on the connection from my PC to the server and there are no issues. I’m not able to run a tracert from the xbox. im currently running astroneer on vanilla Xbox One, using standard nitrado server for astroneer and there are typically only two players in the game. wh
  7. The terrain tool has always been an astroneer's strong point, yet it is also his weak point at the same time. The initiative to add some types of mods to modify the functioning of the instrument itself is interesting, and I wanted to give you several ideas. Cubic mod: Transform the circle of the terrain tool into a point or small square that is used to select a defined point of the terrain, let's imagine as if the surrounding way were formed by imaginary minecraft-style grid, and be able to create or remove a piece of terrain in cubic shape perfectly aligned. Other mods such as the wide mod ca
  8. Hello! I've been having this issue since last year with Astroneer's multiplayer function when it comes to either hosting, or joining just a single friend on my friend's list. I viewed this topic to try to find a solution. I made sure my firewall had access (public and private), I removed and readded my friend, none of us own an anti-virus, and we're joining each other both directly through steam on PC. This is not the first time I've had this issue, as I've tried it with another friend before and it's consistent. We both have updated copies of the game. Usually, it allows us to join
  9. Sylva - just rain. Solar panels dont work but wind generators work Calidor - drouth (at day). Oxtgen faster ends, Solar panels meke more energy. Vesania - acid rains. Give us small damage Glacio - Big frozen wind (at night). Make us slow move and freeze us, whe we feeze we die. Atrox - radioactive wind (sometimes). And heat sun (at day). Radioactiwe wind will give us big damage. Heat sun will give us damage if we stay long time at sun. And faster oxygen ends.
  10. Beacons are handy, that's for sure. But they suffer painfull limitations so far, so here ideas which could - I hope - improve them. 1) not enough colors so far there is 5 colors (Blue, green, orange, Violet, Red, yellow, Black). Plus 3 ohter in different hue (dark blue, dark Violet and dark green). That not enough and difference between hue are not always distinct. So, why not add more colors, like: brown, grey, white (not sure for this one), pink, transparent, etc. 2) contrast/transparency with backgroung When you look at beacon from a distance, thus they are
  11. I state that I loved and i love this game, and I especially thank the developers for it. I playing since the pre-alpha I have seen it grow a lot, especially with the automation patch which is an important piece on which I want to focus the developers in addition to exploration. For this reason I wanted to contribute with some ideas that I have come up with in these days.The auto-arms were interesting, however impractical also due to how the modules, platforms and storages are managed and their positioning. It might be interesting to include the ability to merge / separate platforms from e
  12. One of the ongoing problems in Astroneer is the difficulty in keeping resources grouped together when on the same Platform. The introduction of Silos (the medium Silo in particular) offers an opportunity to solve this problem. I would like to recommend that a Filter Slot/Port be placed in the top of the Medium Silo to be used as a resource Filter in the same manner as it is used to filter resources with the Auto Arms. This would enable the enhancement of managing resources as each Medium Silo could be designated for one particular resource if desired. If the Filter Slot/Port is left
  13. Hello, my name is law...ive came here to tell you that i would like too report an error in your game....multiplayer the issue is that i cannot join my friend and he cannot join me, we both have high spec pcs with good ping and good download and upload speed, we have checked if astroneer is allowed through firewalls, it is, we have turned our firewalls on and off, i have searched online for hours with so many people having the same problem and it has been around for like a year and ive not seen any updates too fix these issues so, let me explain my issue...when i accept ga
  14. So guys me and my friend was playing in a save file and after 2 day of playing other games we decided to go play it again. But I couldn't join him and it kept happen then I told him to create a new world then I was able to join him the funny part is he can join to my world I can join to his other worlds then I told him to send the save file to me and it stated the game and I was able to play it then my friend tried to join but he was unable to so I think world file is corrupt for a some way and we don't wanna trash our all of the progress we made so is there any way to recover the save file?
  15. I recently had the idea of shelter interiors, you will basically be able to go inside the shelters, and walk around in them, there would be a few things astronauts usually have in stations, rations (Not saying food should be added, but just as decor), and such. Then the shelters would also be more fun to have/build, since you would be able to do more than just sit in them.
  16. Hello System Era, I have a suggestion about the airvents found in the game, maybe placing a wind turbine above one would cause it to rotate if air/steam is coming out of it? I thought it could be useful both for survival because of power needs, and as a little neat feature so the airvents have more of a purpose, or maybe a module that could be placed on top of airvents, and when air comes out of it, energy would be generated? I will also add an image of a drawing of what it could probably look like. (Apologies, I have an artblock, so the drawing might look quite bad.)
  17. So online line multiplayer ive had this idea for official online servers and server browser for public games and it would be some what set up lo were you could have totally privet servers that dont show up on the browser and that only people with the ip and friends can join or public witch would ovusly show up on the browser and have no password and finally public games with a password witch would work for say streamers or you tubers.
  18. Suggest add tank in game. Will can build a tank, and shotong with dinamyte, play with friends in tank battle
  19. Summary: 1.16.60 - Steam - Printer sound doesn't stop in multiplayer Description: The sound for a printer didn't stop after the print finished, but only for the guest in a 2-player game (happened when I was the host and when I was the guest). The sound effect never ended. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.16.60 Specifications: (both PC's that we play on are the same) OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 2004 | Build 19041.572 CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1650 Super 4GB RAM: 2x16GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3200
  20. I think there should be a way to auto duplicate because who like to spam left d-pad or left click in order to spawn a thousand helium please add this. ps. I like write short requests because I am lazy.
  21. I was giving a break to the game and now I started re playing it I just saw there is some info at the research pad and I was like cool cos I ussually go to wiki if I want information and I tought I dont need to go to wiki for any basic thing I guess than I saw the platform info at the pad and I was like why al of them are same? I think System Era should add a simple info at the platforms more than it can provide oxygen this info can be stored in to the oxygenator. What was in my head is Lets say u are wanna research platform "Extra Large Platform C" the description should say "it contains
  22. Now we have small and medium genrators. I suggest add in game big Nuclear generator. This will give us most energy, but use fuel uranus, what we can found only in mantle of atrox. And this uranus need to be dangerous for astronaut when he carries it. And need one more new resourse plumbum. with plumbum we can make nuclear reactor. For nuclear 2 lead, and 2 nanocarbon alloy. room for this nuclear reactor like for big shredder. ~25000 bytes for reserch. (at your discretion) energy 50-100 u/s (at your discretion) Working time 2-5 hours hours.(at your discretion) Because we cant car
  23. now we can't to take big stuffs with us when go into teleport. I suggest make a platforms on teleport for stuffs. This platforms wil be on all teleports and when you put your stuffs on this platform and thoose where you want to going, this stuffs will teleported with you. Like this:
  24. I really impressed latest update(automation update), And really enjoying Astroneer. But It was really hard to keep operating the factory without RTG; it need constant power supply (like Organic, Carbon to feed generators) otherwise should build dozens of Shelters If it was able to craft 'Power cells' (which is only able to be crafted from Backpack Printer) automatically, It would be much easier to keep things on (mine and refine Sphalerite, and craft Power cells). So, it would really impressive if there is some other power source which is powerful than Medium Generator,
  25. Food what we can take from special palnts. Plant seed and grow plants for food. this plants give us fruit, what we can press F and eat it.