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Found 4 results

  1. I keep getting stuck while i walk, run or slide in smooth terrain wether it's natural or made by the rerrain tool. If i jump i get unstuck but its really frustrating. The save i play on is a fresly started save in the automation update
  2. Playing Astroneer, I can't stop thinking about ZBrush as using the Terrain Tool often feels a lot like 3D sculpting. So I end up hoping to have a few more possibilities. One of them : an equivalent to ZBrush's smooth brush : when one arrives on Calidor or Vesania for example, one can enjoy the beauty of soft dunes eroded by the winds... until you break it all up with your tool. At best you can smooth a flat space for a base. But you can't smooth all those triangles to create a nice curved surface. The terrain Tool should enable us to smooth/relax the polygons of an area we just terraformed. This Mod wouldn't modify much the shape we terraformed, it would just soften its surface to make it look more regular. Like those dunes in Calidor. I can destroy them. But I can't create my own. Thanks for considering this. With the ability to sculpt Add+Sub, to triangle paint with the analyzer, and smooth with the addition of a new Mod, we'd probably end up with even more artists playing Astroneer just for the sake of sculpting in the wilderness of those beautiful planets. Cheers
  3. System Specs Processor: AMD A10-7870K Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G (4 CPUs), ~4.1GHz Graphics Card: Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics Memory: 8192MB RAM OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Windows Store v. Steam I recently tried out the Astroneer trial on the Windows Store running version 0.2.10109.0. I was surprised to find out that the game ran quite smoothly with no noticeable hiccups while exploring or altering the terrain. Although there was no frame rate counter, it seemed to average at around 40fps. The Steam version ( on the other hand, for whatever reason, experiences lots of stutter. The game hits a 60fps mark while panning the camera or at a standstill, but any movement will cause the game to stutter. The stutter is even more apparent while sprinting. Does anyone else have this issue?
  4. Hello! I love Astroneer so far, but lately it has not been running as smoothly as before, and my friend does not manage to join my game anymore. I would be soo happy if you could repair, so I can finally play this wonderful game. Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward that you can make the game even better than it is now. Oh yes, I have a request, it would be great if the items at the places, where you build them, be explained. Thank you very much for developing this wonderful game.