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Found 11 results

  1. Hey y'all Not sure if this was already mentioned, but I checked and found nothing about the topic: When I start my furnace and leave the stuff inside to smelt, it does not drop out automatically. Instead it melts "together" as one block of one same resource. What I realised was, that this only happens, when I leave the furnace to go back down to mine....but if I wait in front of it, it drops out automatically. It's pretty annoying, because sometimes the smelted stuff falls "into" the smelter I have to disconnect it from the plattform to retrieve the resources. I
  2. Is anyone else experiencing items falling onto the ground after being smelted instead of it going onto the smelter like it’s suppose to?
  3. Summary: - Steam - Smelting Furnace Not Working Description: The smelting furnace simply doesn't work, turning it off and on doesn't help, none of the materials triggers it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz GPU: GTX 1070 8GB RAM: MSI 1x16GB DDR4 2400Hz Drive: Samsung MZNLN256HMHQ-00000 256GB
  4. So basicly i came back from exotic where i got some iron and when i tried to smelt it, what came out was just some ordinary aluminium! Can somebody help me? Only one of the hematite actually turned into iron. The rest turned into aluminium,
  5. So i've been playing Astroneer for the past week, and a consistent problem I've noticed is the absence of a collision hitbox for mineral ores and the smelting furnace. When I try to attach the ore to the smelter, it falls through the smelter (although rarely). This results in me having to disconnect and isolate the smelter before I can move it and retrieve the mieral that has fallen through. Look into this and plis fix thanks. love your game by the way <3
  6. When the smelting if the smelter is full the materials don't pop off or fall to the ground they just disappear. I have just started a game and when I went to smelt aluminum ore (slots were full of copper). When it completed smelting the aluminum was gone and I had nothing. Anyone else run into this issue?
  7. You know how the trade station has blue "holograms" that are on the rocket and if you look at them and press RT (on Xbox One) it will automatically put stuff from the top slots of your backpack on it in order to trade? I would like it if you could put the same type of blue "holograms" on the 4 input slots of the smelter station so that when I go to the smelter and press RT on those holograms it will automatically deposit specifically ORE ONLY into the four input spots. This would make smelting a lot faster than putting one ore in manually at a time. OR have the smelter automatically pick up
  8. Xbox one I have found that if the outer pads on the smelting station are occupied when smelting ore, then all produced materials are lost, except for the one on the top output port.
  9. If you start a smelting action with ore and you add an other ore piece which wasn't on it when it was started it wil bug out and end up like the image above. There is no way of removing the buged piece from the smelter and even resmelting with new ore in it wont work. Please fix this, it's an horror. I'm playing it on a pc, Windows 10.
  10. So i have a smelter, and I managed to have 3x copper ore, and 1x aluminium ore in there. (Was short on storage) Pushed "smelt", and was expecting it to only chew up one source. Instead it chewed up all 4 at once, gave me a single aluminium back, and I've lost all my copper. Kind of unfortunate as copper seems to be the rarest element in the game so far. I'm drowning in the "rare" titanium, and also the "rare" lithium (seriously I have the stuff lying around everywhere). Copper seems pretty hard to find tho. Running Win10, x64, windowed mode. GTX760 gfx
  11. I have found when all storage ports are full in the smelter and you run a full inventory you will lose the ore that is being processed. Not sure if this was intended but it would be nice to have it not work or stop when full.