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  1. When an item begins to smelt, the color gradient of the nugget flips axes. Only tested with a few ores.
  2. Hey y'all Not sure if this was already mentioned, but I checked and found nothing about the topic: When I start my furnace and leave the stuff inside to smelt, it does not drop out automatically. Instead it melts "together" as one block of one same resource. What I realised was, that this only happens, when I leave the furnace to go back down to mine....but if I wait in front of it, it drops out automatically. It's pretty annoying, because sometimes the smelted stuff falls "into" the smelter I have to disconnect it from the plattform to retrieve the resources. I recorded the whole thing: or Cheers and thank you!
  3. Steam Version 1.0.7 In a game hosted by me, my friend and I started smelting Wolframite into tungsten, then left and went into a cave system. After coming back there was half a tungsten on the smelter, and half on a storage next to it. both when hovered over showed the Tungsten label, however neither could be picked up. The smelter continued to work, but the storage slot with the half tungsten was ruined and could no longer hold a resource. The same thing happened with copper, except it was more of 1/4 on the storage and the rest on the smelter.
  4. Summary: The smelter is not available in the catalogue or the Medium printer so I cannot progress with the game Description: I have ample research points and I have checked and checked everything in the catalogue and on the printer, it's just not there! Platform: Steam - I have verified the installation Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 CPU: Intel(R) Core i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3600 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) GPU: Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 16 gig Drive: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB
  5. I was playing with an person from Discord, and I accidentally found this Bug/Glitch. To do this you need to place an Ore into a Smelter and pick it up instantly. An finished Ingot will Spawn but you didn't lose the Ore. This Bug/Glitch has 3 Possible Results: 1. The one that I said. 2. An Visual Glitch: If you are a bit late to pick it up it will make an Ingot instantly and the Ore is gone but it's Object is still on the Smelter. 3. If you are late it will normally just smelt.
  6. so i was smelting some malachite and laterite to aluminum and copper and this happened. i would not call it something "normal". the copper did not properly de attach from the smelter and cliped into the aluminum, i cannot get the copper, it is stuck there.
  7. when the smelting process is finished, the last item stays on the creation point, when you turn it on and a new nugget gets smelted, the for example copper bar gets ejected and not moved to free slots on the side. similar issue on the shredder, new scrap metal nuggets are ignoring small Storages, they search for the new empty slot. it appears that the power consumption on the big truck is way to high, compared to a small truck, the big truck is not able to cover the same distance anymore.
  8. At random times the smelter will choose to pop the newly smelted item off of itself and not just place the item into the completely empty medium storage next to it
  9. the generic item ghosts (such as on the trade platform) are to generic grabbing everything when clicked including canisters and augments my suggestion is: add 2 bool to item class bool sell-able = False; bool smelt-able = False; trade platform: checks for bool sell-able and only allows placement of these items when clicked empty handed if you can trade it sell-able = True smelter: this could be applied to the new smelter code too where it has ghost inputs for the ore slots that check for bool smelt-able and pull that from the back pack when empty handed if you can smelt it smelt-able = True as a side note update the printer to be able to pull items from the backpack directly like the fabricators and vehicle bay
  10. Steam - Win8.1 64-bit - Mouse/Keyboard - Intel i7-3770 - 16GB - Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti (Driver Version 391.35)- MBAudio MSI B75MA E33 - Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB SATA Smelted items don't get put on empty storage slots, if medium storage on one side it managed to store 4 items but then started ejecting them on the 5th Very low res video SmelterEject.mp4
  11. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Constancy needed in platform utilization Description: The game is very non-uniform in the utilization of platform slots. Any production base module should be consistent as to where it deposits output materials. I don't care whether its the left side or the right side that is the primary output but pick one and make it the same on every base module. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 SMELTER: Not positive when it started but it was in one of the more recent patches. The smelter has changed where it deposits output metals. It now outputs to the row of 4 smelting slots before choosing to output to either of the companion (when attached to a large platform) slots. It appears to favor outputting to the left companion slots when the 4 smelter slots are occupied. The smelter will take ore from either companion slots. MINERAL EXTRACTOR: This one outputs primarily to the right companion slot. HYDRAZINE CATALYZER: This one seems to output to the left companion slot. Will take Ammonium from either companion slots but won't take canisters. TRADE PLATFORM: This one does not deposit its return onto any storage. The request: What I am asking for is uniformity. Pick either left or right as primary output slot (I would like it to be left first, then right but I don't care deeply which is first). All output from all modules should go to the primary slot FIRST. And always the same slot (be it right or left) if it has free slots. Smelter should STOP outputting to the 4 input slots unless all companion slots are full. And please have the smelter eject the last piece of metal from its output. This would allow us to consistently predict where things are going to go in every platform with every module. The result (if uniformity were implemented): I could drop a medium storage with 8 malachite onto the left slot beside the smelter and when its complete, that same medium storage would be filled with 8 copper. Why does that not work now? Because the smelter won't deposit to that side and favors depositing them onto its 4 input slots. It also does not eject the last piece from the output. I still have to pick those up and put them on the storage. In addition, I could drop a medium storage with 8 malachite onto the left slots and a storage with 8 Laterite and walk away. When its done, I would come back to one storage full of copper and one full of aluminum. Why this doesn't work now? If you do that it seems to randomly pull from the storage intermixing copper and aluminum going to the storage tabs. And, obviously, leaving some on the input 4 slots and on the output slot. Its a mess. I can place a medium storage with 8 canisters on the left slot of the soil condenser. It will fill itself and return the canisters to the medium storage. Why does that not work now? Because the soil condenser wants to output to the RIGHT slot, not the left. I can put a medium storage with 4 empty canisters and 4 ammonium onto the left slot of the Hydrazine Catalyzer and it will suck up the empty canisters and the 4 ammonium and produce 4 canisters of hydrazine back on the medium storage. Why does this not work now? It won't take the canisters off a storage. And it doesn't deposit the hydrazine canisters back onto the storage. If this was fixed you could drop a medium storage with 8 ammonium and another with 8 empty canisters and walk away. Come back later to have the left storage full of 8 hydrazine and an empty storage on the right.
  12. My friends and I have been playing a lot recently and I've been annoyed by the fact that large tier items (aka 4 slot items eg. smelter, research center, large storage) are all stuck to their platforms once unpacked. I feel like a way to repack those for transport by shuttle to other planets or transport by rover would be simple and very helpful. Also, the ability to repack platforms would be great.
  13. Dear System era development team, Found a glitchy glitch, not sure what I did wrong in order to cause this, didn't test further so might be on ALL smelters? Video explains more.
  14. Summary: 0.4.10223.0 - steam - materials act weird in smelter Description: While in a smelter, regardless of whether its on or off, materials sometimes clip through the smelter and move erratically. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 pro CPU: Intel core i7 3770k GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070 RAM: Corsair ddr3 8x4 1333mhz Drive: Samsung SSD 840 pro series
  15. I thought this haven't suggested before, Searched a bit, and found nothing too. It's a simple idea, basically clicking on a smelter when it's empty and has full-power will automatically transfer unrefined resources such as Laterite and Malachite. It will then saves you from the trouble of moving it manually one-by-one from your backpack. Same should go for the Hydrazine refinery I guess.
  16. I cant select items... They don't have finish to create.
  17. Hey Devs, So there I was: I had three copper ores and an aluminum ore ready to smelt, sitting in their proper places on the smelter. I hit go, it smelted the stuff, and in the process of smelting I thought, "Why don't I be clever and put another aluminum ore on the smelter while it's still going? I'll get one extra smelt for the same power cost!" It did end up smelting the extra aluminum, but it only partially finished smelting the copper ore that was being smelted at the time of me putting the extra aluminum ore on. Now there's a partial copper ore stuck to my smelter. Here are photos, in case they're useful. The partial copper is highlighted. I'm running the Steam version, hotfix 155 just downloaded, and it's a new save that I started after downloading the patch. Keyboard and mouse. About 15 fps, if it matters (running Windows on a few-years-old MacBook Pro isn't the best way to game, I know). Thanks for the great game!
  18. I purchased the Game Preview of Astroneer on Xbox One and I must say I am very impressed with a game that is still in it's Pre-Alpha stage. One day I was collecting laterite to create a truck, I came back to my smelter that had been fully charged with a generator on one of the side storage slots. I started up the smelter and my ore began to smelt as normal. After the first ore finished smelting the second ore had an unexpected result and decided it would use all of the power in the smelter. It was night time and I did not have enough organic or coal to start a generator and I did not have a wind turbine at the time. The ore decided to use the power and didn't even finish smelting. It came out as a half-smelted aluminum block and when ever I decided to try and smelt something else on the same smelter the half-smelted aluminum "absorbed" the finished ore. I could not pick up the half-smelted aluminum. Thank you and I would be glad to provide any missing details needed.
  19. Please excuse my spelling, I am a terrible speller and have always been. So i was smelting titanium and I put another piece of ore on in the middle of the smelting cycle . When I did this the ore stopped disappearing half way through and was just stuck there. afterward I ran the smelter againand this time the rest of the ore smelted but then created a glitched, half titanium that could not be picked up. P.S. I will attempt to recreate this bug and get it on video for the post
  20. I realized that if you leave all slots full at the smelter while creating more itens, It will render a half finished item. Once you reopen any space on the smelter slots, that half finished item will be placed there. Supposedly it should be completed after smelting more raw materials, but the copper ore will not move no matter what you do. It happened in the either to the slot in the smelter and on the storage unit. It stays there forever and you lose that space.
  21. Description: I've created a smelter on Barren, it worked for 1 time then it disconnetted from the base.. how can i fix this? Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 125 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7 - 4710 HQ 2.5GHz @ 2.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 850 M RAM: 12GB Drive: 500 GB standard HD
  22. When multiple ores (of the same type) are smelted at once, and there isn't any more storage available at the smelter, then new ingots produced will overwrite the previous ones. The ingots should pop off the smelter instead.
  23. Not being able to pick up unfinished stacks of resources is a pain! It renders inventory slots on your crane and smelter useless as you can't remove them or try adding to them. Enabling to pick them up and making sure incomplete stacks on the ground despawn after a while would resolve this issue. I am playing on the Steam version.
  24. The smelter could have an additional function, to combine dissimilar resources into a new resource. For example you could combine different metals to make alloys, which would be required for more challenging construction projects. In addition, you could create materials such as titanium carbide which is an abrasive and would be much better suited to the drill head than copper. (Making diamond requires tremendous temperatures and pressures and would probably need dedicated building instead of the smelter) Some of the crafted resources could be very rare, since they may only naturally occur in small quantities or not at all. Perhaps in the combining process the 2 items combine to form 1 item, limiting production and increasing rarity. Examples of things you could make: Coal + iron = steel Titanium + coal = TiC (titanium carbide, very strong abrasive used for cutting tools, alternative to alumina) compound + titanium = composite material that is stronger than regular compound but still lightweight. Example: Could be used in place of regular compound to increase amount of damage a rover could take Copper + oxygen + resin = superconductor, could be used for power line (not sure what resins counterpart is in real life, but it creates power lines in the game so why not)
  25. Hey guys. I haven't tried to replicate this with any other ore, so for the record, this happened to me with the Aluminum ore (name is slipping my mind right now). When I activated the Smelter, it ate through the first two ores I placed on its tray, and out of curiosity, I put another ore on the tray while it was still going. It partially ate one of the ores. The ore in question is now stuck on my Smelter with no way to remove it that I've been able to discover. This happened on Steam, I'm using a mouse/keyboard. I have Windows 7, if that matters.