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  1. I had a huge base before this update and everything was running fine. A little slow at times but not really noticeable. Until the update , i was emptying out my base hoping it would take away some of the lag. But i got rid of at least half my base thinking it would help but the second i started making large resource canisters it came to a massive halt. Its slow , the sound dosent match with the animations. I try a different planet still the same. I simplified all my bases to nothing , still slow. Also friends can’t join and that’s no fun. I also deleted a lot of friends because i heard that helps. I want to play with the automation update but the lag makes it unplayable. I’ve spent money on a lot of skins and have yet to enjoy them. I’m going to just wait for a update hopefully. Please tell me how your games working or tell me what else i can do friends .
  2. Hello , just a few moments ago I invited my friend to play some astroneer . ( In this particular game I started played a couple days ago and it run has just fine.) So when he got in everything just got really slow like running was the speed of walking , moving things is very slow , and the rover is extremely unresponsive. When I would move my joystick the rover really didn’t move , I actually had to hold the joystick on the direction for awhile.While writing this post I was sitting in rover out looking for presents , my friend approached me , he said I was standing in one spot with just my backpack and no rover and when I started moving I was still standing there on his screen. My friend then found out it said failed to connect to host , meaning everything he did counted for nothing. PLEASE FIX MULTIPLAYER LAG ! Thank you for reading all of this. I love Astroneer and so does my friend but we both wish we could play together with no lag. I was the only one lagging in the beginning and he slowing started lagging. Please fix! Thank you! Edit He joined and it saved his progression
  3. Hi playing astroneer wanderer update,playing 2 player coop.Very slow running and animations , and very glitchy. Hope to see a fix.
  4. So I have, up until the 1.0.9 update, had smooth frame rate in this game! But I updated the game and now two fps... plz help!!!!!
  5. Title says it all. Today's update makes the game borderline unplayable on the Xbox One X at 1080P, max FPS is around 10. When I played the game two days ago it was running pretty normal at 4K, but after today's update it's completely ruined. I thought maybe turning off 4K would help, so I switched to 1080p and restarted my Xbox. That made it even worse, not sure how I'm getting even worse FPS at 1080P, but that's beside the point. Currently, regardless of if I'm in a vast open area or there's lots of trees/objects, I get at most 10FPS. I wish there was a way to roll back the update because no matter what I've tried (multiple resolutions, restarting the game, making a new save, etc.) nothing helps. I wish there was a way to roll back to 1.0.6 or older. is legitimately unplayable on the Xbox One X. I attached a video of just how slow the game is running. It now takes up to 10x longer to get anywhere in the game. Going to have to stop playing until another update is released, or the current one is rolled back. VID_20190221_192601759_Trim.mp4
  6. I couldn't find a thread specifically about Xbox One multiplayer issues, so I'm writing here for cleanliness. Date: 09/02/2019 Platform: Xbox One Game: Astroneer v1.0.3 Summary: Frame rate and terrain issues on both host and client ends if multiplayer session. Description: Players 1 and 2 were already in a session, with P1 hosting. Player 3 (myself) joined later as a client. Upon loading I noted that the frame rate was quite jarring, with some control lagging. P1 mentioned that they were having considerable issues with frame rate too, so bad that it was affecting their eyes. We all also noticed that terrain collision was off, particularly with tethers positioning above the apparent terrain. After P1 gave up and left the session, I decided to try the solo mode. To my pleasant surprise the game ran perfectly smoothly and was very enjoyable. Additional info: I am aware of the v1.0.4 release on Steam, and hope that upon release to Xbox One (pending Microsoft approval I'm sure) this issue will be mitigated at least. I'm also aware that the current client/host layout means that host performance is expected to suffer slightly as it is performing more calculations for the service. However this then somehow also leaks into client performance. The resolution to this issues seems to lie within that domain. Thank you, The QuantumLlama
  7. Am I the only one having a hard time with Co-op? Whenever I play co-op there is extreme lag even though I have great connection. Me and my boyfriend play on the same internet and can not play together, every time we do anything we lag for up to 30 seconds. Every tether we place, item we pick up, everything makes us lag no matter who does it.
  8. Hello all! I'm a fan of this game and love it a lot! However a new issue started. It ran well when I had a GTX 650ti. Now I got a new card, RX 580 and now the game barely moves. They music play but everything lags tremendously. Not even a frame moved. Drivers updated, deleted old Nvidia stuff. Is there anything I could do? Thank you all and System Era!
  9. As soon as another play is invited to game, host gameplay slows down a lot. It gets worse if joined player is using the excavation tool; player joining is at normal speed.
  10. As soon as another play is invited to game, host gameplay slows down a lot. It gets worse if joined player is using the excavation tool; player joining is at normal speed.
  11. Hi. I have problem on my xbox one version. When traweled on my buggy, terrain is not rendering too fast for me and every few meters buggy STOP and sometimes FREEZE and cant moving again. Every freeze i must push by my hand buggy to move again. Plz fix rendering on xbox one thx.
  12. My existing game that we've been playing for 3 days, and have been to 3 planets, is now running very slow after this last update. We are on the planet exotic, and I think it is an fps drop. We started a new game and it's running fine. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  13. i like astroneer .. i thought it nedded a research update also .. but until the idea behind the update is good, the implementation is catastrophic research station is an energy hog, and the technologies are way too expensive, the research has the top energy priority to "buy" a good technology you have to be all day just loading items in station because the are so expensive that you need to research many items ... in addition the research station drains the energy of all my base turning it off and useless ... so i cant do anything else while collecting bytes, it is really boring and frustrating .. while researching i leave the game running in background while browsing internet, forums or whatever i like the research system in SYSTEM SHOCK 2 (the best game in history, but poorly marketed) ... i like astroneer would take some ideas from this masterpiece, for example.. - classify items and technologies in categories, e.g.: rock, organic, alien, hardware, augments, etc - loading items in station enables you to research technologies just of its own category (this way you also could put some categories exclusively to some planets) - at some point(s) in the middle of research, it asks for some resource (e.g.: composite, copper, etc) to continue researching or choosing a path between posible results - make advanced technologies requires some "research experience level" (of some specific category?), gainied by researching basic technologies first, buying somewhere or whatever - make the research station NOT TO DRAIN THE WHOLE BASE'S ENERGY (make it drain just the HALF of the stream, or customize some way for example) so until slower you can still continue playing
  14. I was making up to 20 buildings and it started slowing down the game and it lag real slow, and having more then 50 tethers also slow on the Xbox, multiplayer on Xbox is slow to because the something to. Hop this helps I like playing the game. and I wish we can Build a House and a big green House with food in it. make were we have to eat to survive.
  15. Please fix frame rate drops for Xbox one. Trying to build a very large base and the frames drop so low my game freezes for a few seconds before my character makes a move.
  16. Frame Rate is usually fine when I'm playing the game by myself, but whenever I have a friend join it drops down to around 5-10 frames a second. I don't know if it is just me experiencing this problem but I just thought I'd report the issue.
  17. The more stuff I build, the slower the game gets; basically to the point of the game being annoying to play. I've built a 3D printer, a research lab, three fuel condensers, and numerous large batteries on the resin pods to power everything.
  18. First off I want to say I love Astroneer, I got it for my siblings to play and we all love it. The biggist issue we have come across is our saved games have become unplayable. This means after about five hours into a game or after one save, the game becomes so laggy and slow it bearly functions and ultimately crashes. This happens in both single and multyplayer games. This issue makes every world useless and we have to start all over again, only to have this issue come up again. It becomes very frusterating when we have put time and effort into each save only to have to start all over, again and again. In multyplayer, after about an hour the entire game is unplayable. It starts with the person who initiated the game on their Xbox One console, then slowly each player is effected. Again my siblings and I truly love this game, it has become an avenue for the three of us to spend time together. Hope this feedback helps out. Ps: We all played on XboxOne. But I also tryed to load a saved game on my computer in Windows 10 to see if there was a diffrence, but I came up with the same result.
  19. I bought and downloaded two copies of this, one for me and my son. It runs fine on my computer , but on my son's computer the sound will start to stutter and then the game will run slow and glitchy. He has a Lenovo with the extra audio drivers they install (mine is an ASUS) so I disabled them after reading that other games experienced issues with said drivers. However, that made no difference. Any thoughts or suggestions? It does seem specific to this computer, but there is not a lot on it since it's a newer computer. I have disabled all of the startup stuff except the anti-virus (same software on both computers), the Java updater, and Steam.
  20. Xbox 1 FPS is getting really bad. have played about 15 hrs . Even if I close the game and restart slow. also as on Friday 1/20/17 the game is crashing and making really loud noises. Really like game but getting frustrated.
  21. When I first played the game it wasn't so slow. Now it's almost unplayable. Can not enjoy the game with it that slow. Takes me about 12 seconds just to turn 360 degrees with the camera. It's a joke for real. Nothing funny about it at all. I feel ripped off.
  22. I have been noticing lately that my FPS gets rather low and at the same time my screen resolution ALSO keeps resetting the same same time . now it is just a speculation but i thin this might be one of the reason many people are getting low FPS , every time i re select my res. the FPS stays desirable. then everytime my FPS gets low again i look back in options and BAM its back at the HIGHEST setting ( in my case 1920x1080 ). I think if u can somehow lock in the selected res from the user you could solve this plz test it
  23. since about when this game was released for Xbox one, once you've played the game for about an hour the FPS starts to go down. And when my friends join, the FPS starts to go down as well. I don't know if this is a fixable thing, I just wanted to point this out. Btw love the game and everything in it so far!
  24. I have the i7/16GB/940M Surface Book. I use to be able to play the game with a good stable fps, above 30. But now after the game updated to 117, I only get ~5 fps. I went in and changed some of the graphics settings in the game files but it didn't seem to help at all. I love this game and really want to play it!
  25. Steam version of Astroneer - Using Mouse and Keyboard. Just got enough materials to make a truck (has been using a buggy before with no issues) and I tried to drive it away from the base but it was going really slow, so once I left it, the truck flipped over. So got in it again and didn't move far, then got out - flipped again. The Truck seems to be magnetically attracted to the base and whenever you get out of it, it just flips away from you. Tried to go back into the buggy, but then THAT flipped away. So quit the game completely and then try again - this time with the buggy first - buggy works fine, so go back to the truck. Same thing happens, magnetic pull to the base and flips. Go back to buggy, and it flips again. So the truck seems to be a little bit broken at the moment, but the buggy does work ok, if you don't get in the truck first!