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Found 6 results

  1. I keep getting stuck while i walk, run or slide in smooth terrain wether it's natural or made by the rerrain tool. If i jump i get unstuck but its really frustrating. The save i play on is a fresly started save in the automation update
  2. I noticed occassional lag/stutter during coop in the past that I couldn't explain until today. I started digging a tunnel near my base, about 40 degree slope while holding CTRL and using the Wide mod to get a nice wide straight path downwards. My coop partner and I have been using it a lot today to get to lower levels for resources. I am hosting and what I do doesn't matter, but whenever she is sliding down the tunnel, we both start lagging/stuttering. On my screen I see her rubberbanding around me, always sliding past me, then teleporting back up and sliding again. Even when I am nowhere nea
  3. I think you should not slide / ski when shift (or the equivalent controller button) is not being held down.
  4. When you hit or enter a vehicle while sliding you dont stop even though you may have come to a rest. As a result you have a nice Rainbow colored dust trail. ASTRONEER (Game-Preview) 11.09.2018 14_14_34_Trim1.mp4
  5. I tried sliding down a steep mountainside. Ended up bouncing a couple times and died apparently on the last bounce. Turned into a sliding corpse and kept sliding. Eventually it registered me dead and resurrected me...however, I kept sliding at full speed in the direction I was sliding when I died but as a resurrected player.
  6. My favorite thing to do in Astroneer is slide but I think the fall damage is a little too punishing for it to be practical, or even viable, in many scenarios. I'm not saying fall damage should be removed altogether. It gives you a real sense of vulnerability, and I like that! I just think sliding would be more fun if every bump didn't send you careening into death and fire. I want to feel the satisfaction of scaling a (not so steep, or tall) mountain and surfing all the way down. Maybe adjust the behavior of sliding, or introduce a suit upgrade that lessens fall damage. Either way!