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Found 7 results

  1. Sliding in this game is very detrimental. It's causing me nothing but aggravation due to how easily is triggers. At the slightest decline in the terrain i will suddenly do surfing slide. Now its cute on its own but when it causes me harm and causes me to drop whatever i'm holding it gets very very aggravating to where i'm now yelling at my character to stop. This is suppose to be a calming game but when a mechanic like this kicks in far to often to cause me nothing but grief i tend to put that game down as it's not worth it. I beg you to add in an option to either turn it off or i have t
  2. Sliding and then entering an open seat causes the character's animation to remain sliding instead of sitting. The player can control the vehicle as if they were seated normally. Easily fixed by exiting and re-entering the seat normally.
  3. Dear Systemera Dev team, While sliding down ramps, so the player does get the slide animation, sometimes this animation won't ever go away unless you 'jump'. This means you get a glitched player animation, which can be pretty frustrating. Amazing game so far! Am enjoying it pleasantly.
  4. Hey I found a little bug/glitch that's pretty cool and useful to me! I think it would be fun to keep this in the game but I can already see people find this game breaking. It's a fun glitch tough, really useful in my opinion. by the way I didn't know where to put this thread so decided to put it here. 2017-02-20 12-47-10.mp4
  5. I like the game so far, even if I have to experience it at a terrible framerate, but one thing I couldn't help noticing every time I play, is that the sliding feature is potentially very dangerous. So with that in mind, I suggest adding the ability to make some fittings for the boots, or whole new ones, themselves, that allows the player to walk on steeper hills and never slide... but then again, you'd have to make whole new animations and things for clothes and stuff... but maybe you can have it so that that's what you can do when you're in the habitat and can't open your backpack: make
  6. My favorite thing to do in Astroneer is slide but I think the fall damage is a little too punishing for it to be practical, or even viable, in many scenarios. I'm not saying fall damage should be removed altogether. It gives you a real sense of vulnerability, and I like that! I just think sliding would be more fun if every bump didn't send you careening into death and fire. I want to feel the satisfaction of scaling a (not so steep, or tall) mountain and surfing all the way down. Maybe adjust the behavior of sliding, or introduce a suit upgrade that lessens fall damage. Either way!
  7. Friend and I decided to make a slide which then turned out to become a base at the top (Only Parts of the Slide loaded in the Second Picture). If you would like to see more of the slide, I will post more pics or perhaps a video.