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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there, I've just recently came back to the game (last time I've played Astroneer was ~2017/18) and found out that there were some sweet customizations to be unlocked by playing etc. Will there ever exist a possibility for me to unlock palettes like sunset/sunrise, despite not playing during summer 2019?
  2. Warm Regards What happens is that I was playing Astrooner and at the time of entering I don't know if they have updated Astrooner or something like that, but it came in and I didn't have my costumes and colors that I had unlocked, This is discouraging me from playing Astrooner again, I hope and fix soon, the version in which I think it was updated is: 13.13.0. Where I play is on the Xbox One platform
  3. Hi. I started 2 new games but I can't find the new summer skins. How are they called? I'm on Xbox.
  4. If the System Era people got with the steam market and put in some skins, emoticons, badges, trading cards, backgrounds, or really anything to show our love for the game. Putting stuff up on our profiles is a really cool way to show appreciation other then straight up donating which I don’t know if you can or can’t do. . . and I think it is totally not without of Astoneers grasps. I would also assume that it would make some money or something. . . I’m going to finish some skin examples I’ve been working on and some emoticons, trading cards, badges, and steam background ideas.
  5. Было бы прикольно, если вы сделали платное DLC на скины космонавтов в стиле Star Wars(Штурмовиков и т.д.) Как раз недавно вышла новая часть Star Wars.