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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm more someone who sits back in the discord and like to just keep up to date with the changes and the progress of Astroneer. I had a few ideas for the modulation side of the landers and I figured I would put them onto paper while I remembered them. I'm no designer or engineer, so feel free to critique or add to the ideas. I'm on discord as TCphotos#6900 Need an international unexperienced intern?
  2. Navigation is not Astroneers best Thing to Offer. Beacons only Help so far, until your Planet has so Many of them that it literally Looks like a HIV Virus. (Accurate). [/humor] Eitherway, One way to Solve the Problem of an Overview are Maps. Now in my Current idea, they are just a Way to Get a Overview of the Planet you are on and to Waste Items and Resources. Now lets get to the Map itself. I'd Imagine it as a Module. with a Holographic Display of the Planet you are on. It shows Beacons, Homes, Players, etc. (About what i mean) now, to Map the Planet you gotta use something, a Small or Big Radar comes to mind. Either Carry the Small Radar with you to Scan the Area around you while you Explore (Uses Power to Scan). Or use the Big one, Either on a Vihicle or on a Satellite. Now the Satellite, i thought about it as a Un-manable Shuttle. that Flies into the Orbit of the Planet. a One-Way Trip, it would have 3 total 2-S Connectors and a Internal Battery to Run something on it... for Example a Big Radar. I - Small Radar II - Big Radar III - New Solar Panel, Rotates with the Star's Movement IV - Satellite The Design idea for the Big Radar is from Real Life GPS Satellites. And that is basically it. I have no idea if any of These Would somehow Work in this Game... maybe atleast the Satellite Idea... maybe for Microwave Transmission to get Power from the Orbit or Store it up there. Hope it was somewhat Informative, I'm bad at Suggesting, because i know that Devs don't like Fully Planned Ideas... which is Understandable. Also yes i worked hard on those Sketches
  3. Different Size Terrain Tool being able to use resources to craft different size for the terrain tool, One 2X Bigger and one Half a size smaller then the original Armor / Gear Armor and gear to be used to help venture should always come with a negative effect to balance out, The Hazmat suit would prevent the Pumpkin gas effecting you, but uses 30% more oxygen, The armored suit doubles your health against spikes and fall damage, but slows you down by 30% Alternative backpack / crafting options Alternative backpacks to use from with perks and side effects included (Left one is the original) One example could be a demolition backpack, that holds a lot less modules, but has the ability of crafting Dynamites, and hand held drill, I understand all of this is probably unnecessary at the moment because the game is pretty easy as it is, but I think these would be useful if future difficulty arises in different planets. but Let me know what you guys think. Thanks