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  1. I have a large rover and on it is a open seat for 1 player. entering this seat is in of itself a problem. It seems as if the controls for mouse and keyboard were an afterthought, this is evident in the fact that the E button barely operated correctly in this game, but the X button (on the controller) is perfectly fine. E is the mining tool as well as the interaction tool for things like seats and generators, even when given the option of entering a seat, my character pulls out the mining tool when I hold down E. The situation gets much worse when I am actually in the vehicle. Because exiting the seat can be a life or death situation. First off, exiting the seat when it is on the top of the large rover, teleports you underneath the vehicle, forcing the physics engine to make it teleport, and as a result of that, fly. After experiencing this too many times, I put the seat on the front of the car, which worked fine [the E to interact problem was still present] however, leaving the seat didn't cause the rover to go flying, but it teleports you a couple meters in the air, and upon hitting the groud you take fall damage. The flying rover problem doesn't stop there. When you have a crane on it [mine has the drill head], and enter it, the vehicle treats the crane like a really strong wind, and goes flying off in the opposite direction of the crane when you initially get into it (this is not included in the video due to max file size) Also the vehicle seemingly turns off its parking brake when using the crane so yeah, a minor problem, but it'd be a nice thing if it wasn't there. But as for everything else, these are serious problems that need serious attention.ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 3_30_2018 12_07_15 PM (3).mp4