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Found 8 results

  1. Recent Crashing on a 16mb Save Game. Every time entering vehicle or shelter, before saving game shuts itself down. Sometimes can't even get into the game at all. This is what follows after a few minutes of poor fps. The top of my head itd be around 10 to 15 fps Playing on xbox one x Had no issues until this
  2. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Game fails to save intermittently (about 1/2 the game sessions) Description: On a multiplayer save that is passed between friends who can't be on at the same time, game fails to save (sometimes) In each instance the players get in and out of shelters and vehicles getting the "saved" alert. After getting the saved alert, the game does not save. upon the end of game session the game is closed by the save and quit to menu or desktop button. Progress is generally lost to the point where the session started. The save has been passed between two hosts, and will sometimes fail to save in both single player or multiplayer mode. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3600Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: EVGA SuperSC 2x8GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: Seagate Portable 1TB( ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SAVE_Pre-Bomer-_2019.02.12-01.11.03.savegame
  3. When switching the blueprint selected in the vehicle bay, the resources already placed on it are ejected like anything else, however the resources don't collide with the vehicle bay and instead fall inside of the model and are irretrievable. I was trying to build a large storage on my medium buggy and set up the ceramic items on the vehicle bay before realizing that the large storage can't be built on it, so when I switched the blueprint, the ceramic items were ejected and fell into the bay. -Steam, Singleplayer, Found in regular play world, recreated (video) in test world. Vehicle Bay issue shortened for bug report.mp4
  4. So first sorry for my bad english im swiss so i am not the best writer... So first i split it up in two groups single/multiplayer Singelplayer: - When im Playing singleplayer and it sometimes happens to me that my theter conections get black and i cant get Oxygen i Need then to replace every theter on my way to the base to get Oxygen. - Sometimes i glitch into a wall and can see caves but i think that is a known Problem.(You can avoid death by Watching upwards and jumping at the same time. -the winch is flying in the air and got several conections Multiplayer: -When my friend joined me the first time we couldent use the printer.(After reastarting it was working but.. -we had an extra habitat in my base where you cant make conections and you cant sit in. -when he is driving a care he gets random shot out and the car stucks in midair -the car connector ar broke so you can connect it to anything you want and it will hold and just get longer and longer -if i print a seat and put it on a car, and my friend starts driving i can remove the seat and ake it with me. he can still controll th car and he is on the seat Floating in mid air -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- attached is a photo of the flying car. Feel free if you want more details Lyraik
  5. Fairly simple idea. While playing the Multiplayer for the first time with my friend we came to use beacons to mark notable cave entrances. It was quite handy, though we came to talk about what would make it more helpful. What we came to discuss was basically: Naming beacons would be a big help, once the beacon is in line of sight the name could be projected above it. Think road sign. Choosing icons for the beacon waypoint from a distance. A little cave entrance icon for a cave I might have marked is one good example. With both this and above organizing what everything is becomes easier. Some kind of map gadget that can help you oriented between waypoints that aren't currently visible. Not a detailed world map per se, more like a radar item that points towards all the beacons in a given range - along with their names. I can't always SEE my beacon - that doesn't means I don't need it's help. In fact, I might REALLY need its help the minute I can't see it anymore.
  6. Right, so, I'm sure we've all run around our home base at one point or another like a chicken missing it's head trying to use the terraforming gun to pretty up and organize our living space. It doesn't always help, actually I've rarely had it work at all. So here is my suggestion, born from seeing similar in other games in the past. A new type of equipment, similar to a Tether in it's behavior- though with a slightly better range between points. It's function would be to create an area of flat ground, devoid of spawning plant life. It would activate when it completes a full circle (or triangle or square or whatever shape) around an area of land that contains an activated habitat or otherwise suitable base centerpoint. It completely levels the ground. Delicious, perfect flatness. On top of this, while the base tethers exist, this space WITHIN it cannot be deformed by the terraforming guns. You could, if you felt so inclined, used this as a basis to dome your entire base in a protective shell of ground - for instance. Basically, this tool lets you keep a neater, easier to navigate and harder to accidentally disturb base. It also lets you do more interesting things with your base, potentially.
  7. Hey, PeacefulPeanut here, and before i start to type this breakdown of all the annoying bugs, i know that the System Era team is working hard on this game and i want to thank them beforehand for making a game that, in pre-alpha is even better than NMS. And the graphics are insanely gorgious. Thanks! Here we go: General bugs: -getting stuck while walkin when there is nothing in front of you. -sliding is glitchy, sometimes i slide for 1 sec, other time for 20 sec. -engine crashes Singleplayer: -nothing Multiplayer: -joining the host is weird -player 2 not seeing what got researched, its host only -shuttle or car that has been built disappearing -farming resources not registering -game freezing when player 2 is doing something like building. -with 2 rovers. 1 is driving (rover1) and other 1 starts to drive (rover2). Suddenly, rover1 stops and rover 2 is okay. rover1 has to start driving again to continue. Sounds complicated, its not. Thanks!
  8. When I closed the game I decided to save by going into the habitat and stayed inside. When I loaded the save again I was still inside of the pod but there was no option being displayed for exiting. Furthermore pressing tab or moving didn't do anything. I'm playing the game on windows 10, with an nvidia 970 and 16GB of ram. I'm using the steam version of the game. I hope this helps in solving the issue.