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Found 10 results

  1. Using a mouse and keyboard; playing on Steam, multiplayer My group of friends (three people in total) have been playing on a shared file together, each of us working together. We had just gotten a Large Shuttle and multiple Hydrazine Thrusters, and I had packed up the Large Shuttle with supplies to start a base on Vesania, leaving from Glacio. Everything was going well, I did pre-flight checks to make sure I had all the materials I needed, and then I launched for orbit. And the controls locked. I was not getting the bubbles for landing back on Glacio, and I could not do the 'interplanetary launch' inputs. I was, in short, locked in orbit. After waiting twenty full minutes to see if the controls would come back, I tried exiting to the main menu and rejoining - which forced me to respawn, dropping me at the starting planet (Sylva) and leaving the entire Large Shuttle load of stuff in orbit around Glacio, now essentially lost forever. And to top it all off, we tried activating Creative Mode to get the stuff back, only to find it doesn't actually give you any special bonus things, like being able to print things for free or allowing you to spawn resources, it just lets you shape the terrain for free. So now we can't get any of that stuff back, and have to work back to the high apex point we had just reached, again. 1) Is there any way to fix/prevent this bug in the future? 2) Is there any way to get the stuff back? We already enabled Creative Mode once, so it's not like we're getting any kind of achievements now, so even cheaty things will be fine at this point.
  2. I have played this game for a while. And when we built our shuttle, we had the option of multi seat or single seat. I only just see now that only one person can be in a shuttle at a time. Which means no trips to other planets with friends. I tested this in the large shuttle only. Is this a bug? Or is there a plan to make it so more than one person can go into a shuttle at a time? Just curious and kind of disappointed in this.
  3. As you travel each planet, landing zones become really cluttered. It would be nice if we could color code and name each landing zone as needed.
  4. Bill the Astroneer

    Name or label shuttles or rovers

    I would like to be able to name shuttles or rovers. In addition, a custom logo on the side of the shuttles. This would give us a little bit of customization for these vehicles.
  5. if I put a single-seater into a small shuttle (bigger ones might work too, but not tested), it is possible to take a friend with me to another planet. However, once arrived, the map is desynced: The model of the planet and the collision are seperately generated and have nothing in common. This bug is GAMEBREAKING. Sorry that I don't have a screenshot, we ragequitted as it makes this game unplayable. Components: EVGA 1060 Ryzen 5 ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming Guess the rest is irrelevant... Operating system: Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
  6. As shuttles must use Vehicle Bays and therefore block access, I built multiple bays to work on multiple vehicles. Despite there being one or two empty vehicle bays, the shuttle lands in occupied spaces. I managed to launch the medium shuttle from on top of the large rover, but it took the rover with it into the stratosphere and dropped it.. (I'm not sure if it's lying somewhere on home planet or gone..) It later landed on an expensive Large Shuttle. I tried dynamiting it, but alas - the large one was destroyed, leaving only the medium one.
  7. Platform: Steam, PC Repro steps (seems to be 100% for us): 1. Either player makes a shuttle 2. Players outfit shuttle with ample fuel, seating, whatever 3. Co-op player (not host) takes off in shuttle Result: Landing is impossible. Expected: Bubbles, yo. The first time this happened, the co-op player ran the ship out of fuel bouncing between planets, so we thought that's just what happens when you run out of fuel. Unfortunately we later lost a shuttle chock-full of hydrazine to the same issue. Dude just can't land.
  8. The_Fez_Guy

    Space Bug

    the video explains the bugs but its an infanite orbit glich that you cant click anything and the habbitat you select to build the resin and it then takes the resin but no platform is ASTRONEER_(Game_Preview)_1_13_2017_5_44_17_PM.mp4
  9. The_Fez_Guy

    Game breaking Shuttle Bugs

    So me and my fried ctank are playing on a world that he is hosting and we just colinized planet/moon baron. We dont have a great power supply so i take one of our two Shuttles back to our base to grab a battery. When im in the shuttle screen it was very laggy going into space but i could click on the thing that allows you to select terran so i do that and it tells me all the landing zones but the becons arent showing up. so i decide to land randomly in hopes i get close and im close but not a walkings distance so i climb back in and lauch but this time there is nothing to click.i cant go inter the planet selector there arent any zones i can click im stranded in space so i had to quit the game. when i log back in my character is missing all his gear and when ctank flew into orbit he could see the shuttle still floating there in space. we cant get it back down and now its space junk waiting for it to crash land someday.
  10. You shouldn't be able to land somewhere if there is already a shuttle or a ship there.