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Found 2 results

  1. Recent Crashing on a 16mb Save Game. Every time entering vehicle or shelter, before saving game shuts itself down. Sometimes can't even get into the game at all. This is what follows after a few minutes of poor fps. The top of my head itd be around 10 to 15 fps Playing on xbox one x Had no issues until this
  2. 1st time playing (purchased last Saturday). On Day 3 of playing was able to go to another planet with my large shuttle. Went to inner radiated planet. What the following describes is after about 10 min being on the planet. Found a Station crash site with a seat in it. Heard a storm starting to come over, so decided to sit in it while the storm passes. As soon as I pressed "X" to sit in it. Game crashes, Xbox shuts down. I Decided it was a good time to stop. Next day (today), figured I get an hour in. I start the game and it get to be first loading screen with the solar system and where the background turns from black to gray. After about a minute. The background music starts to play. About 2-3 minutes pass without being able to get to the main menu screen. It just stays on the solar system loading screen with the background music. Finally the music starts to glitch out, crashes, and shuts down the xbox. I deem the situation/problem as unsolvable and decide to re-install. Have not tried playing post installation. Just wanted the community/developer made aware.