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Found 2 results

  1. First of all kudos to all of the Sytem Era team. Astroneer is basically a LEGO set in outer space, and I love the game to bits. It would be amazing if players had the freedom to fly the shuttles. Not just take off and land, but go through the whole experience of starting the engines and taking off, manuevering, reentering the atmosphere, and landing. It might be a bit far off in the future (and not sure if it is mentioned in the roadmap) but it would just be cool to see the same caliber of exploration that is offered on land to be translated to space. The shuttles are cool, but I can’t help to ask for bigger ships with a greater range of control.
  2. So by the title you've probably got a good idea of what I'm thinking of. I know the game is still in progress and there are many things in the works, but I have a few ideas that might seem a bit appealing or somesuch? Maybe people will like the ideas I have in mind? First up, Disassembly What I mean by this is, ever found something that's kinda cool, but you have no use for it? Maybe a seat or filters in crashed ships that you have no use for? Or maybe something (Like outdated solar panels or such.) Have worn out their usefulness? I'm thinking of a station much like the Printer but it breaks items down into perhaps 50% worth of their construction cost? Maybe full cost if an item required 1 unit of material (Since in retrospect it should be an easy to salvage item, so basic in construction.) You would simply put it in a large central containment position, like a Research station, and it would break down items to their base components. Booster(s) You might look at this and be like "What" but I'm talking about like, combustion based boosters or ion boosters, that can connect to either a ground vehicle to improve its speed at an increased cost of power (or fuel if vehicle conversion is possible!) or to strap onto a space ship to increase its orbit speed or movement speed in space between planets and moons, while also increasing fuel consumption, and room on the ship itself. Feel free to tinker with the idea, I just like the idea of boosting along the desert planes of a dead planet. DERELICT SPACE STATIONS Ok, now this is my Magnum Oppus, but what if at some point in research you gained the ability possibly to find Space Station signals? Just toying with the idea of how you would find them, but imagine exploring a derelict, broken, abandoned space station as either debris on a planet OR you could land on it in orbit of a planet of some kind, this could of course lead to far more intricate and advanced ideas, like repairing or taking the station as your own? Who knows, but I always thought the idea of something of that kind would only make sense, since we see many crashed, ruined and destroyed satellites, ships and solar arrays from space, yet the only station we see is the start screen. Of course this is just food for thought and a pure suggestion. Your ideas? Feedback is appreciated.