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Found 3 results

  1. rainbowrose02

    Terrain Tools

    It would be really awesome if the game could introduce terrain shaping tools, Nothing to fancy... maybe just blocks for building houses and being able to size the terrain tool.
  2. Hello everybody! First of all, thanks for creating this game. This is an extremely good concept, and for what I've been reading on this forum, there are excellent ideas to improve the game and to make it a really interesting game. I'd just like to suggest a couple of things that could improve the Terrain Modulator Tool (the E gadjet) in order to let its usage more fluid. 1. Ctrl+L-click (from now on referred to as CL): This is the PC command to shape the terrain. During my gameplay I've enjoyed spending some time building structures: tunnels, caves, buildings, giant greek-like column monuments, and a lot of other stuff as my creativity challenges me to. Other really common usage of this tool is when I go into a cave and then there is like a huge gap between the entrance tunnel and the actual cave, I need to create a ramp (Alt+L-click). After the ramp is created, I usually tend to flatten it, and this is a really complicated task to do with the CL command due to the complexity of the terrain shape. Regarding this, my suggestion is to create, at first, some type of menu to allow the player to choose wether he wants to flatten the terrain, make round shapes and the current method can still be included as a free-form since it's very effective when you are correcting land-flaws due to mining resources. A possible approach would be to when the player presses E, there would appear a small menu on the screen where one could pick the pretended type of shaping to use. My idea is use this feature when shaping only, but of course if you feel that it could be a good improvement to the other terrain modulation commands than that would be great too! I feel like this is a simple idea that could improve A LOT your gameplay. Shape Selection Menu could also allow you to customize your cursor (I don't know the technical name, sorry! But I am referring to the ''target pointer'', i.e. the circle with tiny points inside). The pre-determined shapes would have their specific cursor. What's the community opinion on this? Cheers for Astroneer, the Yes man sky!
  3. SLOlizardMAN27

    Can never find the cursor

    You really need to make a cursor option because I cant see where my mouse is 60% of the time. I live on a frozen ice-like planet that looks a little blue during the night but when there is light on the surface (from the sun, solar panels, tethers, etc) and I try to find my cursor, I cant because everything I see is white and the cursor is also pure white. Make a color scheme or shape for the cursor that would work on all planets or better yet make an option for the players to choose their cursor color and style.