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  1. I'll bold the actual suggestions as a tl;dr, so if anyone reads any of this, please make it those. I read it's best to split posts with multiple ideas up into separate posts, but seeing as this is mostly about control settings I wasn't sure, so if a mod thinks this would be better split up please say and I'll do so. Also I guess the controller refactor (if it's still a thing) will be in 1.0 so I understand some of these suggestions might not be applicable, but it still feels worth throwing ideas out there. This is all about giving the player the options to customise and control the way they
  2. I would like to turn off the view rotation when the cursor is on the edge of the screen. When creating ramps to the core of planets, I find that when I am placing tethers along the ramp, the view rotates up because my mouse cursor happens to be near the top of my screen. I don't want to rotate the view, I want to place the tether. If I want to rotate the view, I'll do it myself with the right mouse button. I would also like the ability to turn the Clouds completely off so that I can see the planet surfaces better. Trying to see Home beacons and placed beacons is very difficult when the cl
  3. I know there are some stability issues with 1.0 on the Xbox and was just wondering what was planned to help elevate some of the lag. I’d like to see more comprehensive settings on the Xbox as I would love to turn down the settings to make the game run smoother over fancy effects that my imagination can fill in. Love the game just needs few stability issues sorted as it’s slightly hampering the experience
  4. Summary: The settings are not saved permanently Description: I change the settings (controls, audio, etc.) and it works. if I close the game and lauch it again, all my modified settings are gone and I'm back default settings. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: I don't know where to search for the exact build number. version number is : Specifications: OS: Win10 1809 CPU: i7 8700k GPU: GTX 970 RAM: 16GB 2666MHz Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200 - 3 To
  5. It would be nice to have an auto deploy tethers toggle using a keyboard or controller button that is configurable in settings.
  6. I Play Astroneer on my laptop and it's within the system specs limit as described on Steam. For some reason, my game is still very framey/laggy, but playable (i am using the dedicated AMD graphics instead of onboard Intel stuff). Specifically, On Exotic, the game lags so much that it's unplayable and i'm practically stuck there forever. What I feel (very very strongly), is that you need to give us an IMPROVED & DETAILED GRAPHICS SETTINGS option in the Game Settings menu such that we are able to tune each and every aspect of the Graphics Settings (just like every other game out
  7. It would be nice to have an "Always Mouse Look" option because holding down the right mouse button all the time is annoying.
  8. I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but we need sliders or whatever you call them and a mute button, the current configuration makes it take far too long to mute the audio for those of us that want to listen to our own music.
  9. Summary: Sound settings to zero-Keybinding to default Description: Everytime I close Astroneer(after i saved the state of game properly) my audio(every single one) settings are set to 0 when I start the game next time. Same with my own keybindings, they are set to default. Sorry for my bad english. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10
  10. Suggestion to System Era: Don't you think its time to have some options in the game? I would like for you to put in a yes/no option for: Save when entering Habitat: Yes/No Save when entering Rovers: Yes/No Save when entering Shuttles: Yes/No Save when launching to Space: Yes/No Save when exiting to Main Menu: Yes/No Please put in a "Save Game" to the menu so we can manually save if we wish. And lastly, please put in a "Reload Last Save" to the menu so if something happens, we can reload from the last save. I feel its perfectly acceptable to have them def
  11. add controller implements and controls add more graphic and rendering options for low medium and high its a bit laggy but playable
  12. When working on large areas of terrain it's tiresome to hold on to a key for extended periods of time. I would like to suggest adding an option to the game settings that would allow us to set the terrain tool's mode of operation to either hold or toggle. Being able to walk around while leveling terrain without having to constantly hold down the control key would be great.
  13. Hey deer Systemera Team, I've got an idea for the menu. I wanted to turn the volume down... but It took ages untill I've got it to 50%. So my idea is adding a slider or the possibility to keep the mouse pressed and don't have to click each volume sound fpr it's own. I hope you know what I mean!
  14. I haven't checked every other post, so i don't know if this was reported yet. When I change any volume the game will write the volume as 0,XXX in the GameUserSettings.ini-file. The volume will be stay on this steting for the remainder of my gaming session. After starting the game the entries in the file will be changed to 0.000000. The only reliable way to change the volume on my game is to change the entries manualy in the .ini-File.
  15. I would like to know if in any update you have released the option to enable the gamepad controls in the settings. All players would like this a lot. Thanks !!
  16. Steam version, Keyboard/mouse, patch 197 When you trying to set view distance to less than max and apply it, screen turns black. After restart setting restores.
  17. Here are some ideas for the game: Hover Vehicle A vehicle that hovers 5-10 meters above the floor, moves freely around the planet and needs hydrazine to fly. You build it with iron (to implement Hematite in the game which has no use at the moment). Very Large Storage A stationary storage where you put in resources to store them and choose which ones to put out again, similar to a vending machine. (sketch made by me) Astroneer/Backpack Upgrades These are upgrades you can get for yourself at a stationary machine. Here are some examples:
  18. I've spent a few hours playing this game now, and from the very first minute I was missing the option to toggle always run. Holding SHIFT key all the time (if using mouse/keyboard) or having to press the left joystick (when using gamepad) is extremely frustrating. Not only is very cumbersome, but it also causes tendinitis very quickly. I don't notice any direct difference in oxygen usage when walking or running, and also I spend the vast majority of my exploring tethered, so it doesn't really matter. Basically this means I want to run all the time. I don't want walking as default mov
  19. I have Surface Pro 4 and it's not quite a desktop PC that can handle 1080p graphics in games. I want to set resolution to the lower one but this bug is still not fixed in latest Astroneer patch I have system scale at 200%.
  20. I'm playing Astroneer on my Surface Pro 4 device with Intel i5, 8gb RAM and I can't configure the resolution setting. It is always stays at native and I cannot change it. Please fix this bug, I want to play this game.
  21. I'm on PC using a keyboard. I was just playing Astroneer, and I tuned the sound settings to my likings. But after around 5-10 minutes I felt like the sound was still really loud, so I checked on the Sound settings again and they were back to default. I don't know how to fix this or how it's caused.
  22. I'd be nice to be able to change more than just 1 graphic settings that doesn't even really do much. There should be a max frame rate slider, render distance (that applies to terrain as well not just the flowers), ability to toggle clouds and change qualities of things such as shadows, particles, and terrain quality.
  23. I don't think there is much to this but I was thinking of adding more setting options to Xbox. Maybe adding like sensitivity options that can be changeable or one I want is being able to turn off motion blurr in single player, cuz it goes away in multiplayer and I like it better. There might be other ideas people have too.
  24. I've never edited files & stuff. what would be the recommended settings for my rig? I attached a dxdiag. apparently you guys would need that to help? DxDiag.txt
  25. Currently in the options for graphics we have View distance, resolution, vsync and fullscreen. I'd like to see a few more options here so that people with less powerful pcs (such as me) can get smoother gameplay. My computer's processor is the intel core i7-4500u 1.8 GHz and my graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 8600M. Getting 30ish FPS so being able to turn down things such as shaders would really help thanks.