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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am kinda known for running game servers on ARM based architectures and what fun would it be to have astroneer ARM server builds for that. If you are concerned about poor performance there wouldn't be since the PI 4B can be overclocked like I did to mine: My PI: CPU overclocked to 2Ghz (Can go higher) 4gb lpddr4 2400 gigabit ethernet to internet External Seagate onetouch SSD I have a minecraft server with a good amount of people and it holds just fine. That is why I think it would be possible to have an ARM build of the server client and that is the only device I have to run servers 24/7 -Sienty
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if I could help by running servers on Astroneer, but I am wondering if it will use port forwarding and IP's? If so I will be able to use a domain on these Dedicated Servers. Also will the dedicated servers be cross-play with other devices such as win10, steam, Xbox and PS4? Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this.
  3. I got my eye on a couple places, that claim to offer dedicated server hosting when it releases. I am going to day one, get a server for me and my friend to play on. might even get two, does the idea of an open server appeal to anyone?
  4. Hi, The servers on Xbox are really annoying at this point of time because when my friends leave my session all there items are on the ground when we all get back into the game (except for the host, which is me)is there any chance System Era could make either a session that can be started by any of the 4 people who started the server (share game with the people you want) OR make it so the items that my friends have on the don't just drop after my friends and I leave the game and also can you make it so that they do not have to fly down in a shuttle every time we go back in to the game (hosted by me)? this would make the game much more enjoyable place Thanks BallisticFox01
  5. HI there! Me and my friend play astroneer a lot together but multiplayer is still a pain in the ass sometimes. So here are some ideas to improve it: First of all, my friend would like if dedicated servers get implemented, so connections get more stable than they are now, thus causing less lag. Also I really dislike that everytime someone leaves the host game, they have to go to the place where they were at the moment they left to get back their items. This is frustating and can sometimes cause issues, losing your items forever. so maybe you can make the host player save the data of the client player too.
  6. The Astronium Project Hi! I’m Dylan from Ultz. This thread is about a new Third-Party Software Ultz are planning to make, called Astronium. Astronium is a server project for Astroneer that would implement the dedicated server protocol that Carl is currently working on. About the software Astronium is going to be an open-source Server Software that will empower developers to create plug-ins to extend Astroneer. As Astroneer is a game that is expandable by nature, developers could really do a lot with this. For example, a developer could make a “The Floor Is Lava” mini-game using this software, where the floor can move using the developers code, and the plug-in will be able to kill a player if they go below a certain level on the Y axis. And so much more, the world is your Play-Doh! If you want to see what this software will be like, Spigot or CraftBukkit is the Minecraft equivalent. Here's the official page. Note that it is a preview (as is the whole of our company's website) so some parts of it may be buggy. What we need from System Era At the moment Carl is the dedicated person for dedicated servers, he knows the infrastructure of the headless Astroneer Multiplayer system. We need System Era to provide us with the protocol information, so that we can implement it in our code. It's either that, or we packet sniff which will take ages, will be a pain and completely over complicated. What we need from the community Programmers, and any other kind of contribution you can do. See the bottom of the page linked above to discover how you can help. We also need your opinions, questions, queries and just general attention so that System Era can hopefully notice this project so we can move forward. Thanks for reading, Dylan P (DMP9) Head of operations at Ultz TL;DR: System Era notice me senpai