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Found 26 results

  1. i’ve been on a nitrado server for about 20 days now. I initially started having trouble logging in about two weeks i to having the server. the folks at nitrado moved me to a new server, when that didn’t work they loved me from Miami to New York to see if results might better. they are not. We’ve run a tracert on the connection from my PC to the server and there are no issues. I’m not able to run a tracert from the xbox. im currently running astroneer on vanilla Xbox One, using standard nitrado server for astroneer and there are typically only two players in the game. when i choose t log onto the server the loading continues but at the point where i can begin to hear the objects around me i get “lost connection to host” over and over and over. and then it will work for a day. im on latest version as of today, whatever that is. is there any insight that i can get on how to fix this because i love this game but I can’t keep fighting with this sever stuff.
  2. Some time ago i tried to setup a dedicated server for me to play on my friends and i have no public IP that i can open ports on, so no luck in doing that. After some tinkering with IPs and networks i found a way of setting one up without the need to mess with router ports or to have your own public IP. It's pretty long and janky and english isn't my first language, but bear with me because it really works(been using this to play with my friends the past few months). What you need: ZeroTierOne installed on your machine and on everyone that will want to connect to your server. ZeroTierOne is like hamachi, but highly customizable, we will need it to create a virtual network between you and your friends that want to connect to your server. Create an account and download it here . Astroneer Server: download SteamCMD and the astroneer server, i won't go through the steps of setting up the server here, there's some really great guides to do that out there. AstroLauncher(optional): greatly helps with managing your server, you can choose to use it or not on your server. PublicIP: it can be any ip, it just needs to be accessed from the internet, preferrably of your own or your ISPs as i don't know if it's quite legal to use another persons IP. Don't worry, this ip won't be used for connection, it's just so the server won't close down, because it needs to be validated with any public IP. Generally the ip from here will do . I will be using the totally random ip "" as an example in this guide. How it works:The official Astroneer server has to use a public IP to validate your server(for crossplay i was told), so you can't really use a local or virtual network to connect to your server, if you do the server just closes when you run it. What we can do is use a public IP on the server so it passes that validation, and assign that same IP locally on a network on your computer(ZeroTier in this case, so your friends can connect to it as well), so the server is hosted locally instead of publicly because it is simply closer than where the public network the IP you choose is. First, go to and log into your account(upper right corner "My") with your newly created account or with Google.Now click "Networks" on the toolbar on the top, create a network on the upper left corner button. You will now see a network with a random name and id listed on the right, access it. You will find all your network's configuration options there. First make sure that the network is marked as "Private" on the top of the page. If it's marked as "public" anyone can enter your network, trust me, you do not want that.When it's marked as private you have to allow every access to that network at the members section: Don't mess with that, for now go to the managed routes section, you should find something like this: Delete the default route using that little blue bin icon on the upper left corner. You should have the public ip you want to use now, but we'll need to change it a bit before that(keep the old one noted as well, we'll need the original too). 1 - Add /24 to the end of it. 2 - Substitute that last portion of it with a 0.For example, if you had the ip "", now you should have "". Write it down on the "Destination" box on the bottom left corner and click submit. It should appear wher the one that you deleted was. Go a little down and you'll find the IPv4 auto assign section. Check the auto-assign from range box and click on advanced, you should find this: Delete the pool in the middle using the blue bin icon. More IP tinkering coming. Get your noted down public ip again and: 1 - Change the last portion of it to 1. Eg.: "" to "" Put that it in the "Range Start" box. Get your original ip again and: 1 - Change the last part to 254. Eg.: "" to "". And put that in the "Range End" box. Click submit and it should appear in the list. Bear with me, we're nearly there.Leave your network's page open for now. Go to your ZeroTier app that is installed on your machine, it should be on the taskbar, if not, launch it. Right click it and you should have this list of options: Go to join network, a text box will appear asking for the network id, copy it from your networks web page and paste it there(be sure to check all three checkboxes there as well). Click join and your machine should appear at the members section on your webpage showed before, if it doesn't reload the page, be sure to click yes to windows network prompt as well. Your machine should appear like this on the list. Check the "Auth?" box to allow it to access the network. I recommend you to set a name for it if you want too. Reload the page and you should see an automatically set IP for your machine in the range you set earlier like this: You need to only make one last change here. Delete that IP using the blue bin icon and use the little text box to add the ip you were using before here, "" in my case. Now you are the owner of that IP inside your ZeroTier network. You can manually add your friends too using the "Manually Add Member" text box a little below, tell them to make sure to press "Yes" at a Windows prompt if it appears. Ask them for their "NodeID" that can be found by right clicking at the ZeroTier app: And we are done with ZeroTier, just standard server configuration left. Configure your server normally using any guide you like, but MAKE SURE to configure the server to use the ip you noted down through here and assigned to yourself at ZeroTier("" in my case). Also make sure to have fun for me
  3. Hi, I am an astroneer from China and have been played for a year. I felt so pleasure since I found a partner who is willing to play Astroneer with me together. But to be honest, the experiences we have are not good enough because I have to connect with VPN which is not sometimes stable enough to join his host. I just wonder the reason why I couldn`t connect to my friend`s host directly. And sincerely I request that you add more servers for more players all around the world. Thanks a lot for creating, developing and maintaining this wonderful game!
  4. Is there any way to create a dedicated server for my local network or a virtual network like ZeroTierOne or Hamachi? From what i found you need to open the server in your public IP, forward ports and all that jazz, but my ISP doesn't provide users a public IP - as do no other where i live, without paying exorbitant amounts of money that is.
  5. Hello! This is my second post on here. Straight to the point: When I click on "STOP" in Steam to stop the dedicated server, nothing happens. It just keeps saying "STOP". I have to exit Steam, wait for it to allow me to use the "EXIT NOW" button, and then it essentially crashes the program for me, and then turns off Steam. Alternatively, I can end the processes in Task Manager, and it will shut down. Why is there no easier way to stop the server? Can we somehow tell it to open a separate window so we can in the command line type "stop"? Mouse/keyboard? Controller?: I use KB and Mouse Steam? Xbox?: As stated above, I use Steam OS: Windows What were you doing leading up to this bug?: Trying to close the server program. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated.: Fire up the server, then try to close it again (Through Steam) Include any media you want. Feel free to attach images, videos, and so on to your post.: If I missed anything, please let me know and I will update this post. Clip 1.mp4 Clip 2.mp4 Steam force shutdown.mp4
  6. CalThePeanut

    Printer Bug

    After using the small/Medium printer a few times, the printing sound that is made while creating items is constant, and does not go away. It was not fixed by moving the printer, the platform it was on, etc. It stays where the printer was originally and does not seem to go away. Multiple people in our game noticed this. Not sure if this is an issue for the dedicated server, but we have only seen this on our server. We also noticed this over multiple sessions
  7. I am not sure if this is a bug or intended means of use. Many games on steam set the servers up so they act as a free copy of the game, of course it's not playable and it functions only to host the server. In Astroneer it is not set up this way. The result of this is that if I attempt to open the game while running the server on a computer meant to be used as a dedicated server for the game, is that steam won't allow me to have both running at the same time because of the way the library licensing is set up. I hope that this is just an unintended accident. I can see how it would be very easily overlooked, it just creates a large inconvenience in the fact that you can't use a dedicated server and have it be truly dedicated without purchasing a second copy of the game :(
  8. I can't find the dedicated server executable, nothing in steam tools and nothing in Astroneer folder, guys did you miss something like uploading it on steam ?
  9. I recently started playing Astroneer with two of my friends and I quickly fell in love with the game. What bothered me is that one of my friends had our save game file and we could only play together when he was hosting the game. Sharing the file manually is obviously too much work and effort, so I came up with this workaround that allows us to play solo or together whenever we like on our most recent save game. NOTE: I've only tested on Windows 8 and 10 where the game is installed via Steam. How it works Just to avoid misunderstandings - we're not going to make a dedicated server but in my eyes, this is almost equally good. We're setting up a "master folder" with Google Drive that contains the save games that you and your friends automatically download to the Astroneer save game folder by using mklink in Windows. As soon as you (or a friend) create a new save game or update an already existing one the other friends will have the update in less than a minute. Installation guide Download Google Drive and install it using a Google account. This is for the person that decides to have the master folder. One of you create a folder called "SaveGames" (case-sensitive) on your Google Drive. Share the folder by right-clicking the folder, click "Share" (make sure "Anyone with the link can edit" is chosen), click "Copy link" and send this to your friends. This is for the people who are syncing the master folder. Open the link from your friend who created the master folder. Right-click the folder on the Google Drive website and choose "Add to My Drive". This folder should now appear on your computer where you installed Google Drive. Navigate to your Astroneer save game folder (in my case "C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved"). If you can't see the "AppData" folder, watch this video). Rename the "SaveGames" folder to "SaveGamesBackup" in order to restore the save games in case something messes up. Keep this folder opened and open a new explorer window and navigate to the master save game folder on Google Drive on your computer (in my case "F:\SaveGames" where F: is where I installed Google Drive). Here you should see the "SaveGames" folder but in the Astroneer installation folder you shouldn't, only the backup folder. Time for the magic! Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type "cmd", right-click it and choose "Run as administrator" (important!). If you can't find it, watch this video. Enter the following command: mklink /D "<paste the path to your local Astroneer save games folder and add \SaveGames at the end>" "<paste the path to your master folder on Google Drive>" Make sure you get the quotation marks and paths correct. The first path will lead to a folder that doesn't exist - yet. In my case I ended up this: mklink /D "C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames" "F:\SaveGames" This should result in a message saying "Junction created for..." that tells you everything worked. In case you don't get this message, make sure you set up the folders in the correct way, that the paths are correct and that you don't mix up \ with / and vice versa. ✔️ That's it! Add your save games from the backup folder you renamed to either the Google Drive folder or the Astroneer folder. It doesn't matter since they are cloned. If a change happens in one of the folders the other one picks up the change instantly. Another bonus is the version history that Google Drive gives you, in case you'd like to restore an older save game for some reason. 🚀 Test it! Load any save game and make a change to the terrain somewhere (like digging a circle somewhere), save, wait about a minute, tell a friend to load that very save (which should also have an updated timestamp by now) and see if they can see what you did. If they do, it all works! This is when it won't work If two or more decide to launch a game the most recent save and continuously update the file with their own separate versions. This will result in the file being updated with the save game that was saved most recently, meaning one person's progress will be lost. Make sure that your friends aren't already playing using the save game you had the intention of hosting. Only one person can host a synced save game. Make sure you have a working internet connection before playing. If you don't, you could potentially load a save game that isn't the most recent. Once you save it, the latest on Google Drive will be overwritten with the outdated file you uploaded and progress could be lost. Worth mentioning I've tested this method a few times and it worked as intended. Other cloud sync services could be used as well (like Dropbox or Mega) if desired. I don't take responsibility for any progress lost but I'm happy to help you guys as much as I can 😊 Good luck!
  10. CMDR Edu

    Save on vehicle seat

    This function is practical for those who forget to save the game but, honestly, I think it's a bad idea. According the game is explored and there is more data to save, it becomes annoying! Especially in multiplayer for the host which is overloaded with save game request whenever a friend uses a vehicle the host is harmed with frequent lags. You need to deactivate this or, via menu option to deactivate this function, as in skyrim you can deactivate save when traveling. I know this will be resolved with the dedicated server but until then it would be interesting to disable save on vehicle seat. I talked to some friends about this and I add that everyone agreed that this is a big problem in multiplayer game. Therefore, I am here representing the opinion and request of many players from my country (Brazil). Sorry for my bad english!
  11. I got my eye on a couple places, that claim to offer dedicated server hosting when it releases. I am going to day one, get a server for me and my friend to play on. might even get two, does the idea of an open server appeal to anyone?
  12. filip wujcik

    serwer testowy

    podczas ubżytkowania serwera testowego czły czas gra się blokuje a podczas jeżdżenia gazikiem wyżuciło mnie z gry
  13. PLEASE add Cross-play between Steam and Xbox/Microsoft Store! Astroneer is such a fun game to play with friends. Unfortunately some of my friends have it on Xbox while I have it on Steam. I don't care if it's through dedicated servers or some other method, but PLEASE add it in the future! I love this game so much and I want to be able to play with my friends!
  14. James998

    Connection Problems

    I am studying in Australia. The game server always crash when I playing with my friends from other country.
  15. How many players will be able to play on a server? Thank You
  16. Jdogrey


    You should add multiplayer servers. Something like in Minecraft.
  17. Satellites Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network. Command Module Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed) Networks Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. Can be wired or wireless. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. One length is the max distance of tethers. Wireless requires Satellite. Different channels allow different things to be connected 2 or 4 channels / satellite. Mods Allow players to make mods in the game. Pretty self explanatory. Hosting System Era Official Server Hosting. 24/7 multiplayer servers allow for faster Research Acid Rain Must dig underground to survive. Sitting in a seat will still slowly kill the player. Backpack Storage (Small Storage) Takes up 2 Slots and gives 4 Slots of storage. Can be applied on a rover, platform, or backpack. Liquids Water on earth. Must drink water to survive. Water can all be found in ice, looking similar to the oxygen pellets in the ground. Food Find food in plants (where organic is), or make a farm. Must eat to survive. Aliens / NPCs Have Factions / NPCs that are like Players. They carry items, you can give/take (trading), have their own habitats, and you can kill them with weapons (once and if added to the game )
  18. Hey guy Delta here, Just wondering if dedicated servers are in the near future or even in your rear-view mirrors sort of speak. I know not just I but many others would benefit from this not to mention the large amount of expanding it would allow for multiplayer gameplay! Thanks, Your Man Delta
  19. Benana

    online server

    Hello 1. sorry for my english-its not the best After playing Astroneer a few times, i got some ideas for the multiplayer funktion. There are two points that should be improved. At first id like to have an overview of the servers (we are invited to) we can create by ourselves like in minecraft (just for free). Also the servers should be online either the whole time or at least if someone is playing on this server. So the creator doesnt need to be online if someone else wants to gamble. The second point is about the "game statistics" (like our inventorys) of a server. Currently we "die" if we shut the game or leave our friends server, but i would appreciate it, if Astroneer would save our inventorys an lets us spawn at the same point we were while leaving without needing to select an additional astroneer when we enter a server the second, third,... time. I hope u understand what i mean and will put it into practice. Thanks for reading.
  20. Now these ideas can get huge agreement and also huge disagreement. But for multiplayer, considering the current bugs and inconsistencies, what if similar to Minecraft you had dedicated servers either hosted or (since that is quite expensive) client-hosted by private parties? This would allow for most of the game logic to be handled purely by code and the game logistics receiving the data (probably only the changes and active actions) from the dedicated server and then rendering it from each client's computer within their range of view. This would probably allow for easier consistency, less bugs, and quite a lot of other simple fixes. Local multiplayer for split screen via multiple controllers might be something to consider if a computer is powerful enough to do so, and following the same concepts for consistency and simpler rendering allocation this should definitely be doable. Now the idea of the server being a separate entity would be a wonderful option if more than four people could play at a time and once there is a lot more to do in the game, which is greatly anticipated as of now. However, hosting a multiplayer via steam like currently so is already a wonderful idea, and if the bugs could be fixed and consistency be allowed so that all the logistics and code is instead run on the host computer and thus sends the data for rendering to other clients, this will help with the inconsistency bugs for inability to pick up items for clients, difference in research toast notifications, inconsistency for trade platform availability, and the inconsistency involving resources still showing on client screens when already dug up by a different client (or by the host). But regardless, these bugs are to be expected for a game in pre-alpha: the fact that multiplayer is even an option now is pretty amazing. Expect to see much more positive changes in the future which will help the game grow, including the multiplayer experience!
  21. My idea is that there could be servers, and I know this is going to sound stupid but what about there being servers with games like factions, prisons, and mabey even a hunger games type game (if this game were to happen there would need to be many more items some of which would need to be weapons). An example of the games like these are most popularly used in Minecraft.
  22. Whenever i join a friends game or host a friends game i start to lag. so i opened my task manager and saw that steam starts to use as much internet as downloading but nothing is added its the same as before but it uses a lot of internet and i cant play with my friends. iv restarted steam my computer my modem iv even re installed the game but the issue persists. Love the game but its not as fun if i cant play it with my friends who bought it for me.
  23. My friend can't play in our world unless I'm on, is this part of the game or a bug? I know it might be a noob question, but still. Love the game, thanks
  24. You know how in "team fortress 2" and other valve games they have server rooms? example: Name | ip address | players | liberty | 12.5004.322| 3/4 | i think it would be easier to play with people if there was a server browser in Astroneer. The server browser should detail the ip address, Name, and players on the server. To connect with friends easier, they should also have a friend mechanic so maybe you can see which servers your friends are on so you may join them.
  25. As the title said, I made a Discord server for Astroneer! If you have discord, you should join. We've got a few channels for game discussion, voice chats, all that jazz. If you don't know what Discord is, well... That's what it is. Here's the invite: If the Developers see this, I'm letting you know I already have a role for you guys set up on the server. I haven't seen anyone make one yet, so I figured I'd jump on it.