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Found 5 results

  1. Summary: There is no any UI or mouse over planet selection in space. Description: I make small shuttle, get in and liftoff. After second I at orbit with blue region at homeplanet (with help window - RB/ LB launch). I press RB/LB - and go to solar system screen - there is no any UI available to select planet. No any response of any keys. Just fly at orbit and you only can save and exit from game. There is no any available action. I try to get at mouse over any planet, but useless. Just look at screen. Version / Build Number: 0.10.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Pro
  2. Getting in and out of the rover or anything that requires E doesn't work unless i do it 100 times or wait like 15 seconds and sometimes not even than this is the steam version. anything requiring Q works fine. this is a brand new saved file.
  3. I took a screen-shot. the Aluminum was blown off the vehicle station when I switched build recipes and clipped into the station next to the input slot. Whenever I try to select the aluminum, I can't, I just see the station selection ring. Hey, great game - love where you are going. Like watching your videos as well - I like the information you share about game development techniques and the demonstrations you provide on modeling, game theory and artistic renderings of planets, etc. Bought it both on xBox One and Steam (before I realized it was going to be an anywhere app - wort
  4. Hi everybody ! I encountered a bug while wanting to take off on a custom spaceship. I built a spaceship, then put 2 storages on it. On a storage, i place a habitat. But when I'm in this habitat, I can't use the left trigger to choose the "take off" icon, which is not selected by default (the default blue selection circle goes to a composite close to te spaceship) and so the spacheship can't take off !! Thanks ! PS : I think you should remove the default selection and always allow selection everywhere while left trigger is pulled
  5. Currently save files are shown as blue outlines of drop ships, they have the time and date they were last played. It is a simple and rather neat idea (I like it) but there are a few short comings. - If more than one person is playing on the same computer it gets very confusing which files belong to who. [possible solution] Allow players to chose a customizable emblem when starting a game, the icon can be displayed on the door of the save files drop ship, making different saves immediately identifiable. Also list total play time under stenciled in on bottom edge of the drop ship.