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Found 2 results

  1. This happened twice, but the first one was easy to tell, the second found at random. There is a bug where if certain stacks don't finish building up to full, such as metals, I was using the smeltry to make copper and decided to place aluminum ore (don't remember the material name), which caused the smeltry to switch between the copper it was making to the aluminum, when it finished making the aluminum it went back to the copper but started making a new stack. This has caused 2 spaces on a storage rack to be inaccessible. What's worse is that this bug spreads to every other item in the game t
  2. Xbox one, controller I have consistently had an issue with tethers when I load my saved game. I cannot select them with RT when standing near them. I can go into my backpack and use the "cursor" to hover over the tether and pick it up using RT. Once I do this I can then walk up to and move that specific tether, or any tethers that I move using this method, normally by walking up to it and using RT without needing to open my backpack.