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Found 9 results

  1. Richard Darrington

    Change in Co-Op programming

    Question to SES, Has it been considered to allow clients joining a hosted game, to download that hosts generated seed. So that each client will process their own game data and thus reduce the amount of Host Lag. And reduce the meta data transfer between the clients and the host. Then that seed would be wiped when they quit as they arent the originator of that seed.
  2. The popcorn seed floats after you plant it if you dig under.
  3. AquaticD3VIL

    wheezly seeds disapearing...

    so the new wheezly seed disappears when you try and put it on your back pack when its full. I have a link to zelly's stream clip of it... sorry for the link but I cant save it any other way.
  4. It might be cool if you could specify the seed for the random number generator used to generate the planets. That way you could get the exact same planets and try out different builds on them.
  5. There is a certain type of mushroom in the game which produces two seeds when it dies. Currently the seeds can be used to grow even more mushrooms, which is useless. My suggestions/ideas are: 1. Make the seeds be researchable, it will bring motivation to grow the plants and consume the seeds for researching the bytes. 2. Treat the seeds as an organic item. The small energy generator, which consumes organic, should be able to consume a seed as well. Another reason to grow the mushrooms. 3. Fully grown mushrooms should produce energy spots around them. Collecting the energy will be another motivation for the farming. 4. Allow to trade the seeds using the trade platform. Another trading resource is always valuable, especially when the trade platform will be nerfed. P.S. I have searched entire forum with Google, but could not find this ideas anywhere. Also I have read the pinned posts, and I hope my input is valuable.
  6. I bring some seed and just bring it on the floor. but they grew and right know that's a bit annoying me. I hope you guys can do something ^^
  7. The Sporkmeister

    Save a planet

    Is there a way to copy a planet seed and start point from an existing save for use in a new game in the current build? I have this beautiful landing spot on the side of a mountain in a previous save that i'd love to create a new base from with the new modular system.
  8. Hey everyone, A few days ago I bought Astroneer, and I really like it thus far (though I personally quite miss the multiplayer option to keep things active). There is one thing though, the small power generator requires an organic source in order to produce electricity.. turns out that seeds, which are dropped from spikes, are not recoqnized as a valid organic source. I'm not quite sure if this is a simple glitch / bug, but I'm hoping seeds can be added as valid source. Kind Regards, Unrealxs
  9. Hey guys! I was thinking of a possibility to produce oxygen so you are able to explore the world and don't need to put tether lines everywhere. It is called Seed. You can get Seed from Trees and Grass. To get it from Trees you need to get the sphere (artifact) growing on it. To get the hidden resouce out of it you still need to put it onto the research platform. Whilst to get the Seed , you have to put the sphere on the ground. Then you need to activate your deform tool and aim on it - above the sphere a Seed symbol appears which you activate - the sphere cracks open and you get Seed. (in this way you don't accidentialy get Seed if you actually wanted to research) Spheres can drop 2-3 Seeds. Those can be put into the backpack. A special kind of Grass also can drop Seed. This kind of Grass only grows near blue soil and drops 1-2 Seeds. Using Seed to produce Oxygen: At first you have to research " harvest " in the reseach tool. To do so you have to find an artifact you didn't reseach yet. If you have reseached "Harvest" and found seed, you put it into your backpack. You go where you wanna go and put the Seed on the ground. As put the seed on the ground a symbol above the seed appears, you activate it and get a Platform Holo. To let the seed grow it reqires 1 Energy and 1 Oxygen. After you put the correct resouces on the holo, it becomes a real platform (once activated it can't be removed) with either a small tree or grass on top. Both, the tree and the grass are glowing in the dark.(like activated tethers) To produce oxygen energy is required. You'll have two slots where you can put e.g. small solar panels on. There is no enery scala (like e.g. on the smelter) but the platform turns red if there is no energy and won't produce oxygen. So you'll have to choose the way you provide energy wisely. e.g: you put 2 solar panels on it - it only works daytime, if you put 2 turbines on it it only works with wind. Of course you can put small battery on it too. To make it more effective, the platform can expand once (resin is reqired) on this second platform you can put e.g. big solar panel or a big battery. Tether lines can be linked to the Seed platform. So you can move away from it getting oxygen and explore or go mining without choking. Attention: The things you put on the Seed platform to provide energy won't give the astroneer or a vehicle energy! Even if you are linked to the platform you only get oxygen! You can't link the Seed Platform to your base to provide energy for oxygen production! You can't build Seed platforms in caves! Summary: Seed can be found in spheres/artifacts or you get it from grass growing near blue soil Spheres/Artifacts drop 2-3 Seeds Grass drops 1-2 Seeds You need to research "harvest" at first Seed platforms ONLY provide oxygen Seed platforms only expand once They can't be build in caves and require sth that produces energy to work Have a great day! maybe you'll like my idea :'D Greetings from Berlin, Germany Jo