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Found 2 results

  1. fireman1x

    Dust Collectors!

    Since the addition of T.A.R. and the nerfing of Fuel Condensers, I thought about something similar to a Fuel Condenser... Introducing Dust Collectors! Dust Collectors look kind of like your average Fuel Condenser (except that they might have some sort of funnel or tower or something on top), but instead of condensing Hydrazine from the air, they collect dust particles floating around! They are about 1.5 to 2.0 times more effective than Fuel Condensers, and they are twice as effective as normal while a Sandstorm is active near them! (Just like wind generators) Since there won't immediately be a way to semi-automate Sediment collection (other than Trade Platform, and who likes a generic rocket better than a cool semi-new mechanic?), the Dust Collector will provide a way to gather lots of Sediment for those builders who have tons of power and want to get more Sediment without destroying an entire mountain. More accurate description of the module: Just like almost all other modules, the Dust Collector requires a Tier 2 Base Platform and to be researched. The Dust Collector would probably look like a slimmer, smaller fuel condenser, but on top it would have something like a tower that might look like one of those towers with a ton of satellite dishes (or radar dishes or whatever they are) on them.
  2. I'm copying this from my comment on the SES vlog video in which the idea of terrain becoming a resource (sediment) was expressed. Gathering default (grey) sediment by default and using a terrain analyzer to get the specific (colorful) terrain makes the most sense to me. That way the player doesn't get over-filled with the multiple types of terrain unless the player specifically looks for them. It also means that the player is restricted in what type of sediment the player can get based on whether or not the terrain analyzer has been obtained. Then each sediment can be used for specific things; perhaps when using the sediment filter, different colors produce more or less amounts of each resource? i.e. purple sediment will produce more resin, white more compound, or something of that sort Other forum-goers; if you've not watched the vlog, please do. Then, please give suggestions as to how the different sediment colors can be used, whether in the sediment filter base construction, or however you can imagine. Thanks! (edit: added the video)