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Found 10 results

  1. Since the last update, it apparently isn't possible to start a shuttle anymore if the seat has been placed on a large storage and it is both appearing for the open and for the closed seat. Is this a bug or has this been done on purpose?
  2. Platform PC (haven't tried but I'm 99% sure it works on console too), Controller/Mouse/Keyboard. Description Now, I found this glitch on Steam while playing with a controller but it also works on mouse/keyboard and for that I'm guessing that it works on console too (but not sure). Anyway, the glitch works when you have a car seat and when you are about to hop in to the car seat then if you time it just right and you click on the car seat just before your character is about to hop in the seat you will select the seat but you are inside the seat giving you the ability
  3. Summary: - Steam - 'Sticky Seat Camera' Description: If a player removes the seat you are using to control a rover, your camera stays with the rover as the player carries away the seat with you in it (rover no longer controllable but the camera stays there). As soon as the player gets out of the seat the camera fixes itself upon the player as it normally would when exiting a seat. Suggestions: Have a trigger on seats where when one is picked up it checks if there is an Astroneer in it and if it is on a vehicle. If it is not on a vehicle, make sure the camera parent is
  4. Number of bugs that may or may-not be known Windows 10 PC, Steam download. Game version; (Alpha) Backpack: from time to time if I try to Shift+click an item to put it on my backpack, the game is supposed to just say "Backpack full". However this does not happen and most of the time either throws my items across the map never to be seen again or sometimes my backpack just eats it. Particularly when I try to pick an item off my vehicle, but it happens other times as well... My most recent incident for example; I had 2 free spaces, both on my deform tool. My backpack contained 4
  5. Hi! Update 6.5 bring wery big amount good changes to basebuilding and rovers. But in my opinion there is a room to a few little fixes! 1. Rovers, seats and front bumper Now we have ability to attach seat at front bumper. It's works but looks like it shouldn't (Image1) When we place a seat on a rover it's automatically flips in right direction, why seat dont flip like that? (Image2) 2. Autostorage When smelter or mineral extractor finish working the products are move to empty slots, but not like it should. Most of the time when extractor finish production of for example compound it
  6. So used vehicle bay to build a 3 man seat but it was on the shuttle and after it finished building i cudnt remove it same for crane built it on rover but its stuck wont budge when goto transfer it to something else also when useing the winch attachedthe hooky bit onto things but they wont move i end flipping the rover.
  7. I wonder, what is the difference between the open and closed one seat, three seat? in the building options i only have the open ones available or is there some else required?.
  8. So my brothers and myself are playing together and I must say we are having so much fun. The bugs we have encountered happen most when entering a seat. So we ended up making 4 rovers so we could all could do our own thing. Whenever anyone enters a seat, life pod, space ship the game will save. When it does save, one or all of use not entering the a seat will flip out, phase through the floor or get shot into the sky. Then the rovers are either suck under ground or lost in space. At first it was funny until we made a truck. Then that too, got sent out into space. Now before entering a
  9. Please make the Seats Mountable to the Front/Back so it will make the top attachments available for more utility units. It would work best for the Truck yet maybe create a Saddle Mount that will fit on the rover in some way and make the attachment slot usable for other devices. Maybe also make an ATV smaller than the Rover but able to make it up more types of terrain and only allow for 4 or 6 small attachment slots for backpack style items. An ATV would make underground travel much easier if we can have it store extra Tethers and Oxygen units. Maybe also allow for a smaller winch to pull
  10. I'm on the steam version using mouse and keyboard. I built a seat onto a rover using the Vehicle Bay but cannot take the seat off now. I've restarted my game but it hasn't done anything. In the picture my cursor is hovering over it, but it isn't allowing me to pick it up.