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Found 16 results

  1. What happened to these graphical features making it into the game? I’m talking about how the ice looks in the ground as you mine it, how it’s embedded and looks shinier and has a different color than the surrounding soil. I thought these looked awesome and you should add them back once the game is fully stable And bug-free
  2. As can be seen in the screenshot, the material icon shows over the backpack... it looks out of place, rendering out of layer?
  3. A simple question I could not find the answer too in threads, is there a means to take screenshots on XBOX ONE without getting flying text labels in the images. Like a hide labels feature? Or hide text? Or something I can do on my controller to get clean screenshots without text data in it? If I missed a thread, I apologize in advance. Example is the text in my last screenshot in game.
  4. Found a massive scrap solar panel, and pushed it back to my base! I was able to hook it up with a car. Tons of power!
  5. Not so much a "bug" as it is an issue affecting gameplay. I got to my moon and dropped the habitat I had brought, albeit a little rough, and it started rolling down the gentle gradient. I missed picking it back up and ended up pressing the 'activate' button, which settled my habitat sideways. For shits and giggles I started adding arms to it to settle my base (everything works perfectly fine) and it made interesting choices as to what I was allowed to do. I'll reference the screenshot from here on out, but it required me to settle the top platform first, regardless of where my camera was facing. Once I got that, I was able to get the ground-level chain settled as shown. I attached one more platform up top and it actually increased in elevation rather than heading towards the surface. It might be nice in the future to force the habitat to be between 10 degrees off level so that it doesn't force someone to do what I did. Hilarious though.
  6. Hello there, is there a way to free camera, to take a better screenshot? I mean, for example, in Skyrim you can use "TFC 1" console command to let the camera free for your avatar and freeze the game so user can take amazing screenshot for diverse angle, so I was wondering if there are any way to have it also here.
  7. Steam v119 patch. It's quite simply really. Made spaceship, placed small storage on ship first, it snapped to No1 position. Made single seat cabin, it built at No2 position. Added Large Storage, it covers position 3 & 4. Removed small storage. Saved game. Exited. Reloaded. On loading the cabin has moved from No2 position to No1 Position. Which imho makes the ship look stupid and ugly. As the cabin is now facing inwards and on exiting the ship you end up on the wrong side, therefore getting stuck between ship and the veh bay.
  8. Found a Satellite, powered it, went back to base to see this: Reloading the save has no effect. Unable to access panels due to their location below ground and obviously because the ground is unbreakable, unable to deform to access. Suggest panels be spawned "near to base" maybe create a new object for the panels to sit on. Even their original correct location can make it annoying to enter/exit habitat. Steam Version 2.117
  9. Dear System Era, I love your game, and because it run on Unreal Engine 4, I would ask if you can add Nvidia Ansel to it. I think that it could be awesome for some 360 Screenshots or Free-camera Screenshots. Let me know what you think Have a nice day
  10. I am looking for a general thread for submitting screenshots of visual glitches w/ descriptions of how to reproduce that glitch. So, if there is one already, please feel free to edit this post and point us in the right direction. ----- Screenshot #1 + #2 : The smooth terrain tool was used (Ctrl+Click) to connect from the sky to the ground. The surface was smooth and functional. Saved game, returned to the game and found the tundra like plants surrounding the terrain generated diagonal surface. The smooth surface was jumbled up for some reason.
  11. Just showing a couple screenshots of my base, you can see the mountain of pods with windmills on top. I did not fill all spots, but with this setup at least one windmill turns at a time because of the different height levels.
  12. Had fun today basically driving through dark caves grabbing all the polyps from the cavern beasts, then picking my way out somehow to the surface with a full load. Brought it back for processing, got tons of titanium and other goodies. Sometimes exploration beats mining everything. Go on a big trip and bring back the booty. Can this train be even longer? The truck seems pretty powerful and did pretty well considering the load, only a few spots where it hesitated. The weight of carried objects doesn't seem to be at play here; though adding such tedium wouldn't make the game any more fun...
  13. So i got some screenshots.. There not good but at least there something!
  14. Not sure if this is alllowed but I always enjoy looking st these types of threads, here's one of a truck convoy I made ealier. (I've spent more time helping my friends than myself though, my world sucks!)