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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I found this accidentally. I am not sure if this should be reported publically - the issue is present in the latest Astroneer version (Steam) on Windows 10. Summary: Exploit for getting unlimited scrap from shredder Description: By doing certain steps you can get virtually unlimited scrap from the big shredder (did not text on the small one). Platform: Steam /Windows 10 Version / Build Number: 1.0.7 Specifications: Don't matter See attached screenshot - it took me less than 4 minutes of shredding to make that pile.
  2. I have multiple extra large storages and old small and medium shuttles that I want to get rid of, but the extra large shredder doesn't do that. I feel like the EL shredder should be able to or there should be a way to breakdown the old items.
  3. Packagers are one of the most useful tools in the game, allowing larger objects to become smaller. This makes the packager extremely useful for the late game, and most scrap or soil is usually spent on graphite for the packager. Now whenever you open a packager, the box just disappears, which is pretty unrealistic and a bit unlike what I would have expected from this game. Just like thrusters and a few other consumable objects, they can be scrapped after use After opening a package, there should be a "package debris," which can be scrapped for a small amount (quarter of a scrap or less). This is a only a minor change and makes sense.
  4. Okay let me make my idea clear, first of all this idea is completely a new way to scrap things in Astroneer, my idea will require new items too. A machine attached to the front of the rover or placed on a platform, which would suck in scrap (if scrap is present at the mouth of the machine), this machine's function is to ingulf the scrap(like a harvester does to the fields) and then form huge cubes out of the scrap, these cubes can be fitted onto 2 slots only and can later be transported back to the base to finally be scrapped using the shredder. This machine cannot scrap stuff that is still in working conditions, to scrap them you will need a new too... A laser cutter, yes now we are talking about advance stuff, this cutter is used to destroy items which are too big for the machine above and also for items that are in proper working condition, the damaged scrap you get from this has to be put into the machine above. This system of shredding makes more sense than the current one we have, what do you guys think about this idea, feel free to share your feedbacks and ideas @Killtech @vvhorus @The Touch of Grey Gamer
  5. Last night Joe teased some changes to shredding and what is and isn't scrappable. This certainly isn't a new topic of discussion for this forum, we have talked about it many, many, many, many, many, many, many times (I undoubtedly missed some of the many) -- but Joe asked so let's talk! What do you think is small enough to be added to the Shreddable-Items list? What items should not be shreddable? The things that came up right out of the gate when he asked were: Add: + Platforms + Packaged items Don't Add: - Shuttles
  6. Please make it to where you can scrap the bottom of the EXO Dynamic Research Aid. Another idea for a super shredder that can scrap satellites and the biggest objects.
  7. I'd like to make a suggestion for a new terrain tool modifier. I would place this modifier as a late game item, but it might be able to be implemented at different game stages if it were balanced correctly. The function of this modifier is similar to that of the shredder modules which are already in the game. These take wrecked modules and platforms, among other items, and shred them into the Scrap resource, which can be used in the trade station. Equipping the Shred Modifier would allow the player to convert wrecks that they find in the world, which they would then 'dig up', into scrap nodes, which would build on the end of the terrain tool and pop into the player's inventory like all other mined resources. This would allow the player to obtain scrap without the use of a shredder. This is a very lucrative ability, which is why I have considered it to be a late game item. However, if put into development, it could feature balancing debuffs, such as providing only a fraction of the scrap that could be obtained if a shredder were used. A potential benefit for implementing this item from a development perspective is it may allow players to shred the majority of game items. Currently, there is no way to recycle large items in the game. The only method of destroying them is by using dynamite, which does not recover any of the resources used to build these large items and modules. For example, the introduction of the Extra Large shredder allowed the recycling of the Large Shredder. However, what can be used to recycle the Extra Large Shredder? Will we need an even larger shredder? And what will shred that even larger shredder? The introduction of the Shredding Modifier would allow the player to shred all of these items, regardless of the size, providing a solution to this infinite series of ever-increasing shredder sizes. Please leave your thoughts below, to continue the discussion As always, thank you to SES for your continued hard work and dedication to Astroneer, and I hope that if this is seen then this suggestion is considered. - Cinnamunoo
  8. It seems that following achievements are not working. "Making a New Friend" "Chop Shop" (assumed) "In An Astroneer's Garden" I've planted many seeds to germination, and I've shredded many more than 50 objects. I am so close to 100% completion...
  9. I would love a option to turn off scrap items, or reduce it by 95%. Since the full release there are sCrap items everywhere, it really kills the sense of adventure exploring the unknown. Just a few crashed ships and satellites in the beta were great.. it's too beautiful a game to have random garbage every 20 steps.
  10. Today I ordered some hematite on the trade platform and I then logged off the game, I came back on an hour and a half later and the trade platform had taken four of my scrap, giving me the other two (from the six) back, but only gave me six out of the eight compound, and compound wasnt even the correct resource I wanted. This could probably be fixed by giving a non-volatile memory variable to the item request of the trade platforms. Awesome game! Thanks for reading this! Good luck in future updates! Thanks! Jamie - A Passionate supporter.
  11. When using the packager on a rover scrap, the broken chair regenerates on unpackaging. It does not work on broken wind or solar platforms, but I do not know about broken smelter or smelter platforms. The chair will regenerate while the chair from the previous unpackaging is still in the world (i.e; unscrapped).
  12. I would really like to be able to use a drill and crane to break down all the detritus around my area to use as scrap. As you use more and more resources, they become more scarce and I rely mostly on my trading platform when things become frustrating to find. The idea of having a trading platform is really amazing but finding scrap for it is really scarce. I really like the idea of attaching a crane, drill, some medium batteries, starage, and a large shredder on some rovers to go around the cleaning up and picking up scrap.
  13. Summary: 1.0.7 - Steam - Infinite Scrap Description: I was on multiplayer with a friend and we put a small battery in a medium shredder that was on a trailer. Half way through the shredding process, my friend (the host) removed the battery from the shredder, This caused the battery to be able to be placed in backpacks, on cars, ect. and it worked as a normal battery. However the shredder carried on shredding/ generating scrap and will continued to do so until the of the shredding process, at this point the battery returned to being completely normal, rather than randomly changing size like it did during the shredding process. (We tested and it does work in the large shredder as well) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  14. Summary: Bug Unlimited Scrap Description: In the game you can get an infinite amount of scrap. Need a small shredder and small battery. If you insert the battery into the shredder and then remove it, the shredder will continue to work and the battery will remain in place. Battery size will decrease. But if it continues and quits the game, the battery size will be restored after launch and you can use the bug again. See my video: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.4 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | CPU: Intel i7 4770K 3.6GHz GPU: GTX 1070 8 GB RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. When i was scrapping my battery i tried taking it back out and it worked... so i waited and when it finished i got the battery back and i could place it back down so i just got scrap without losing it
  16. With all the wreckage around the game has kinda lost the "unknown frontier" feel. The whole solar system is more like the middle east, anywhere you dig, you find someone's old trash...….
  17. Idea for harvesting debris which is too big to shred. Have a Laser Cutter Mod, Similar to the drill head, expect this cuts up debris it is pointed at. The other cost is creating containers for the scrap which is a 2x2x2 box with fits in a slots used for something like the solar panel on the rover. As you use the laser the box fills up similar to the way the soil canisters do and then when one is full, you can bring it to the shredder and scrap it for the scrap, this also destroys the container, so you would need to make another for collecting more scrap.
  18. It would be really cool if we could repair some (if not all) of the wrecked things that we come across on our travels. I'm thinking of a new mod that you would attach to your Terrain deformed that would turn it into a repair tool. It would obviously need power like the other mods, but would also use up scrap in your backpack as a resource to fix things with. Finding a broken Medium solar panel or a wind turbine that you can fix would be an alternate way of getting more power for your base whilst you research how to make them yourself. Same goes for broken Modules and platforms. As for wrecked habitats and drop pods, you could fix them to start a new base, though they would require more scrap than other things to repair, to keep things balanced. And finding a wrecked Rover and 1-seat will no longer just offer up some scrap, but could instead be used to get around in.
  19. So I found a broken medium platform and am wondering if there is a way to fix it. This would apply to other broken things but I haven't found them yet.