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Found 5 results

  1. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  2. Summary: On the Moon: Science Item with no gravity Description: I found a science item which was connectet to a sattelite part under the ground, inside a cave. I get it but when i release it of my cousor, it dont fall on the ground like other things in the same room, it flys at the position where i left it in the air. It was fixed at this position and dont move. Now i was able to hit it with my body an it begins to fly slowly around, like in space with no gravity. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: ? Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.1715 CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4GHz GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW 8 GB RAM: Corsair 32 GB - 2x16GB DDR4 3000Hz Drive: Seagate Hybrid 1 TB
  3. First of all, great game it has tremendous potential. However, after playing through it I felt this game could use some direction for the player’s goals. So I went back and checked the main Astroneer website and it indicates this is a gold rush type game of space exploration and resource trading in order to "strike it rich". While this prompt somewhat fits, this game has the potential to be about much more. However, the game is currently open and free from constraints on what the player should do and this is also part of what makes the game great. My suggestions on end game would be up to the player, there is no one path that a player must follow. The game should be able to operate as a sandbox for those that want it, and have objectives rewards and goals for those that want some more elements. The society that Astroneer comes from has advanced technology and has reached the point that individuals or companies can explore new planets and solar systems for the sake of finding wealth. If it is anything like our current society however, we have to assume that extra motivations and desires would be imbedded in this desire. Geologists would be interested in exploring the physical terrain such as the water, air, rock formations, etc, biologists would be interested in exploring the life. Military forces would be interested in learning about these planets as possible production bases or defensive locations. In short, all the issues we have on earth will be brought to space, and to incorporate these ideas in the game will provide realistic and attainable goals for the astronomer. I have not devised a specific system for how to "reward" players for reaching these, a currency could be introduced or resources sent to the astronomer as a reward. For now simply suffice that rewards should follow for attaining goals. Although I have labeled these end game goals, they are paths you can take to an end, but they shouldn't be firm paths, players should be able to meander between any of them as they choose. End game goals (paths): 1. Exploration - This is a quintessential part of the game that would ultimately be required for most other goals, however exploration by itself should be a goal if players choose. Mapping of the planet would be a resource to scientists and other parties back on earth. Astroneer should be able to build a mapping tool and survey the land if they wish. Rewards for finding the highest mountain on a planet or the deepest cave, etc, should follow. Right now finding the tallest mountain is fun, but there are no incentives to do so and generally no resources to make it worth the trip. Adding incentives may make it more fun discover all aspects of the planet. Finding the lost probes and satellites across the planet and recovering their data has value. Going on research missions for the military could provide rewards. In addition some discoveries could "put your planet on the map", yield a reward, and scientists would be interested in exploring and learning more about these regions, see the next goal. Simply discovering everything the planet has to offer would allow astroneer to get value from the planet, granting rewards which allow the astroneer to trade for items they need, so they can continue to explore. 2. Scientific - As astroneer makes discoveries in the solar system, scientists could reward astroneer and perhaps ask for labs or research equipment to be built and deployed. It would be cool if astroneer could derive value from the planets by simply selling their research potential without having to remove every resource. Building labs, space shuttle landing points, research stations, new satellites etc could be great ways for astroneer to make some money AND improve astroneer's research on the planet. Achievable science goals should apply to astroneer's technology, such as: more efficient ways to harvest materials, non destructive ways to harvest materials, improved vehicles for the local terrain such as tank treads, boats, subs, etc. However, to get science rewards, Astroneer would do it's best to not terraform the land, less rewards would be available to land that is heavily modified, as the scientists wouldn't be interested. 3. Resource Mining - This falls in line with the prompt of the game. Theres valuable stuff in the ground, astroneer digs it out. At some point astoneer should research and develop automated resource mining technology. Automated technologies would mine massive portions of the planet and should produce tremendous resources and make astoneer quite rich. However, there should be considerations before strip mining. Exploration rewards, scientific rewards, etc would be severely diminished as the mining operation expands. If life existed on the planet, and the astoneer decided to strip mine it with no regard to life, perhaps the astoneer should face pressure from some trade partners or conservation groups. Those situations happen today, and you can bet opposition to destroying life or nature would carry to new planets. 4. Trade Empire - However the astoneer gathers wealth the ability to trade with other astoneers should be part of the game. When you start the game where is astoneer? Is the planet near a trade hub or far away? If we assume that these solar systems are far away from trade hubs than a player has quite a ways to go in game before they can build an intergalactic ship and travel to the hub. At first players should have to rely on fellow astoneers with ships that can go from system to system to come by and trade materials with them (doesn’t have to be real time). In the beginning this could be the function of your trade platform, trading with other astronomers capable of reaching you in deep space. You are at the mercy of other players more advanced and as such are subject to trade ratios that aren’t great. As the game progresses you should be able to build bigger ships, travel out of your solar system and trade at your local galactic hub to get a better ratios for your trades. We can imagine this idea could be expanded to players creating massive spacecrafts and trading hundreds of quantities of goods at a time. Players who choose to go far down this path could ship goods to a central part of the galaxy where large quantity trade takes place. This could allow for a stock exchange type trade hub and a real time market place. Creating a leaderboard with wealth information would allow for players to try to become the richest astoneer in the game. As far as we know the universe is infinite, there is no limit to how far an astroneer could explore and generate wealth. 5. Tourism – Astroneer could be able to build landing pads and space hotels to attract tourists and earn rewards. This could be achieved with NPC tourists, and/or with other astoneers. Perhaps if you terraform something really cool on your planet or find a really interesting natural structure you could build a visitation area so other astroneers could come check it out. This would allow astroneers to get paid in the game for terraforming cool stuff.
  4. mikebgator

    Keep the game Sciencey

    Although there are some aspects of the game that will seem magical and violate the laws of physics, such as the terraformer, I think the developers will find success by keeping as much science in the game as is practical. Look at recent examples of highly success films and books such as The Martian and the first 3/4 of Interstellar. They did a great job making sure the science was accurate and imposed realistic constraints, which made the films enjoyable as you didn't have to suspend your disbelief to watch them. These concepts could apply to Astroneer and add some structure, constraints, and realism that could actually add value to the game and contribute to its success. For example, food should be a critical part of the game, yet not to the extent that we have to watch astroneer eat a protein bar every thirty minutes. Having a limited supply of food when the hab hits the ground means Astroneer should need to build a bio-dome to grow food. Once this is done, we can assume that the tether provides Astroneer with food. If multiple Astroneers are on a tether, you will need multiple bio-domes supplying those tethers to keep up with demand. When away from a tether connected to a bio-dome a sustenance timer will begin, it should be very long, say an hour of real time. To counter this: in addition to automatically feeding you, a second bio-dome could automatically produce food units you can bring with you. That is only one example of science, a small part of the foresight and need to plan an astroneer would face before hopping in a rover and trying to drive around the planet or fly into space. Keeping science in the game not only provides real education and some structure/goals to players, I think it could contribute to the games reception and success.
  5. Create a science and chemistry based exploration to discover chemical elements, combine them to create new elements and use them to build stuffs. In conjunction with this add chemical buildings like "element combiner", "element extractor", ... Also tanks to contain elements (I know that is not realistic, but why not?)