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  1. Since the auto-save feature when getting in and out of vehicles crashes the game often on console. How about a save button and even a Minecraft 360 style auto-save slider, that you can change in the pause menu (or maybe just the main menu) that auto-saves based on the amount you set (and the auto-save won't activate when in transition periods, like rocket travel and entering vehicles to avoid crashing, losing your progress).
  2. Summary: - Steam - Exposed resources disappear when loading the game Description: When I start mining and it exposes new resources, if I save & quit the game and then reload it, the newly exposed resources disappear. Here is before the save: Here is after reloading the game: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.3.13 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.915 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4 GHz GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3-1866 Memory
  3. Summary: - Steam - Saving & loading while using chem lab glitch Description: Whenever I save & quit or save & return to the main menu while the chemistry lab is operating and then load back in to the game, the chemistry lab immediately dings like it's done, but there are two partial stacks of the end product inside. One is attached to the lab and moves with it, and one stays static. With solid stacks, you can run into the static stack to move it, but you can't interact with it otherwise. The chemistry lab can't be used again until you package/unpackage it, which i
  4. So just finally completed the game for the first time with 302 hours of gameplay. Astroneer is a great game all around which is why I stuck it out and forgave many of the abundant glitches. However, as I was nearing the end of my playthrough the occasional game crash became very frequent. Basically, the last two planets I needed to activate were Glacio and Atrox when the constant crashing began and the fun turned into me wanting to bang my head against the wall. Trying to make any sort of progress became painfully slow and gameplay became disjoiunted. It became a very repetitive loop of launch
  5. This game is unplayable for me. I can load my save game but when I reenter my rover it says saved but the timestamp for the save doesn't change and loading the save takes me back. I started a new game and it worked fine until I get established on Atrox. I now have two saves games that load fine but won't save again.
  6. Couldn't find any way to open a support ticket. My game crash on loading a saved game. I have searched and tried various solutions, they have failed or inadequate. That stack overflow error(if that's what it is) makes the game a waste of time for me. Between work, marriage and family life it feels disrespectful towards my hard earned free time. My specs are - OS: Windows 7 64 bit Motherboard: z370 aorus gaming 7 CPU: i7-8700K 3.7GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 F1200 CL17 RAM Dual-Channels GFX Card: Nvidia Geforce 770 4GB
  7. I am pretty fed up at this point. For the second time this week, hours upon hours of progress have been completely blown away by some sort of cloud syncing issue. Steps: I play the game for hours (which I am no longer going to do until this is fixed) I enter a vehicle, multiple times during play, ensuring that the "saving game" prompt is on screen each time I decide to go to bed at 2 am after playing waaay to long, and making lots of progress I enter a vehicle before I quit, and again ensure the "saving game" prompt is on screen I load the game the next day
  8. Summary: Game crashes after 10 minutes - 2 hours of game play following many hours (10+) without issue. Saving (vehicles/habitat/save and exit) no longer works. Game reloads back to same point regardless of crash or manual loading of save file. Two separate save files with same issues. Description: On my first play through I had 2 planets left to visit to activate all the relics. Part way through activating them on Atrox my game started crashing. Nothing in particular seemed to cause the crash in a reproducible manner since it would happen upon vehicle entry, during normal game
  9. The following has been reported 1000 times before by 1000 other players. And if none of the developers solve the problem, there will always be more and more unhappy astroneers. The game is just unplayable in its current state. Since release with 1.0 a technical catastrophe. With increasing progress, the performance gets worse and worse and saving takes longer. Random crashes are every few minutes. Crashes when saving make it unplayable towards the end. When you reach the end of the story, the animation crashes too. Video of my 2nd Savegame started after Patch 1.0.6. Endgame, Glacio C
  10. Oooohhhh boy is this a problem! Currently on Vesania(?), unlocking all the Chambers, and since 1.0.8, the game only seems to want to save a handful of times per start up, then it says it is saving but doesn't actually do it (checking the Menu time stamp confirms this). Checked again in 1.0.9, same deal. Annoyingly I lost 3 hours before I noticed the first time. Don't get me wrong, I can keep checking the time stamp to make sure its been successful, but as i'm constantly jumping in and out of Large Rovers and Shuttles whilst traversing the planets to unlock chambers, I will forge
  11. Was playing on a new save game on xbox. Playing the game normally gathering resources and working up my base. Got all the way to unlocking and building a tractor. As soon as i get in the game crashes. So I start over, gathering everything again on the same file. I think I've been doing a bit let me save in the shelter real quick so I dont lose everything again but the game crashes, once again.
  12. I bought the game from the Xbox store a few days ago and played a few times that day and the game saved fine. Since then, it has not saved anything. Countless hours of work and base building on other planets have been lost to this issue. If this continues to be the case I WILL stop playing the game entirely. I’ve read the forums and tried everything to get it to save successfully so I can continue playing and enjoying the game as I progress. I enter cars, shuttles, and habitats showing my game saving icon. I log out by selecting save and exit to main menu. Yet, it still loses all my recent wor
  13. I played for about five hours today, I built the large shuttle (that i worked really hard for) and i got off. Only about a hours worth of game was saved when i got back on two hours later. So I have to get all the resources again and go to different planets to build that stupid thing by my self. I made sure that I got in my habitat to save the game, I even did three times before I got off! This NEEDS TO GET FIXED or I can't play because no progress gets saved after hours of hard, tedious work. p.s. I know you guys have been working hard to add new things, fix bugs, and I just want to say keep
  14. Hello, my game doesn't save anymore and I don't know why. I also tried to save the game by entering rover, habitat and shuttle. This happend some days after the patch. I just started a new game and it worked fine... just the other game still doesn't save.
  15. Recently, me and one of my fellow friends have had a issue related to crashing. We have notice a lot of the time the error occurs after about 1 and a half hours of playing. This error is related to crashing after a save fails. Most likely this error is occurring as a side effect of the low frame rate and different timing between host and user. Therefore, if a player is running next to the host... the host will run slow and the other will run fast. If you can solve that error it might help adjust for the saving issue. If that doesn't work try to implement a "Try Catch" around your saving m
  16. Firstly, apologies if this has already been brought up. It is rather irritating that the game autosaves every single time you get into a seat - it causes a small amount of server-wide lag and is just a nuisance. There should be another, more obvious way to save. Moreover, would it be possible for characters to keep their inventories when they leave? Other than these points, I'm LOVING the game; I look forwards to seeing it develop further.
  17. While playing (offline) I'll save multiple times either by going into the main pod or by going into vehicles. The game says "Saving" in green at the bottom. After a few seconds of waiting I exit out of the game by going to the main screen, pressing the 'A' button to get through the information, messages etc. Later on when I go back to load the same save it loads back up as something old (something from a few days prior) Meaning I lost all the progress I made, and the game didn't save. It seems to be off and on. The save I was using was only about a week old (I made a new one for the update) an
  18. This just happened to me at the time of this post. I was coming back from a cave exploration when a storm blew in. Rocks flying and everything. I was getting hit by a few rocks and made it back to my main base. I went to jump inside the save pod both to save the game and myself. But I managed to die at the same time I stepped into the pod. Upon restarting, I was in another pod in orbit. I closed and reopened the game and found my main base now had two save pods, and a constant hissing like oxygen being refilled
  19. Summary: 219 - Windows 10 - Crash on or post save Description: Frequent crashes during or right after saving game from entering vehicles. Sometimes every save attempt, other times every other. Often a reinstall will make the problem go away, or I can load the game on xbox, move around for a bit, save and go back to desktop and it works fine. But it seems to keep coming back after a time. Usually around areas where i have drilled extensively, but not always. Also, as called out in the crash reporting section, I have made sure that my crashes are being uploaded. Here is on
  20. I have recently bought the game on Xbox one and have had a few different worlds but I’m having to create a new one each time I want to play. when I get into the little starter pod is says saving game but when I leave I can’t find the saved game can someone please help me. Is this happening to everyone or is it just me?
  21. Sitting in a rovers seat to save and exit will cause the rover to sink into the ground when you relog (EXPERIMENTAL BUILD)
  22. X box one user here with the 197 hotfix... The game still crashes when saving a game every once in a while. It seems to get worse the more stuff I have. Is this something other people are experiencing???
  23. So, I'll keep this short and to the point. I have astroneer for Xbox one and play anywhere. I mostly play it on my gaming laptop. Here lately astroneer isn't wanting to save properly. Example, I can play for hours and when I decide to quit I jump into my habitat, let it save, and then quit. Then I go back and instead of it showing my save file it gives me a save file that was 2 hours ago or something similar. So, I've been doing all kinds of things. Jumping in and out of the habitat, log out of Xbox live and back in, cut the internet off and back on. Turn my laptop off and back on, or even goi
  24. Love the game so far! I have found a rather hilarious bug though, I saw one post that was similar: I was standing in the area where the research vessel would spawn upon being built, and therefore it built itself around me and trapped me inside. This happened as soon as I put the resin into the extension, and the research building spawned (the research vessel still took compound, and spawned and functioned normally as far as I could test) Lots of moving and jumping and still no escape.
  25. 0.3.10155.0-Xbox One- Fail to save I've put 24+ hours into the game and it's gotten to the point of running slower and failing to save when I get back to a vehicle or quit to the main menu, I want to play but my work doesn't save. Also unable to build storage after research so I have a lot of resources on the ground probably causing the lag and possibly the saving problems.