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Found 4 results

  1. While playing today on the Xbox One S, I visited radiated to collect sulfur with an atmospheric condenser. Upon arriving at radiated, which I'm sure more than enough people have discussed poor performance issues about on the Xbox so I will not go into detail on those here, I set up the machine, and collected three canisters of sulfur. I've been interred my small shuttle to return to Taryn. Upon entering the shuttle the game crashed. When I restarted the game my file was as if I had never left terran so I used the opportunity to set my inventory more optimally. Then I arrived on radiated, collected the canisters again. when I left radiated and arrived back on home planet, my astronaut could not Sprint, and had his hands in front of the visor as if there was a storm. It was daytime and perfect visibility. There was a storm beginning on radiated when I left. To troubleshoot, I used the small shuttle to orbit the home planet one time to return back to base, and the phenomena persisted, again with perfect visibility. Thanks!
  2. Is the only way to save the game going to the base? Is there anyway to create another save shortcut? Where I live we have constantly issues with power going down unexpectedly and many times I loose all the progress I have made in the game specially when exploring caves.
  3. Hello, I have noticed a slight issue in Co-Op regarding Saving Game by entering vehicles. First off, I was hosting on Xbox One and my friend joined be on Windows 10 version. My issue is that since the game is designed to save the game every time you enter a vehicle, and saving the game usually causes a big lag spike (for me on XBO at least), when you need to jump in and out of a vehicle this seems to cause some issues. For one, it causes a Save when either the host or the guest(s) enter a vehicle, so this causes an excessive amount of lag spikes--especially since the terrain seems to force you out of your vehicle very often, increasing number of Saves in a period of time. I posted another topic a few minutes ago where I also described my frame rate issues on Xbox One when hosting a game, so frequent lag spikes from saves plus continuous 10-15 frames per second, causes a lot of frustration. In one instance, it was occurring so often and my frame rate was so bad at that moment that the game literally crashed and I had to restart. Thanks for your help!
  4. I am very new to this game and so far I love it, but, I have noticed that there seems to be only one way to save your game to quit. (not sure on this, like I said I am new). I am a mom of a handicapped daughter and often need to save and quit a game quickly. I had to run back to base and get in the right place and hit tab to save before I quit. But because I needed to do this quickly I simply left the game sit and when I came back we had had a quick power outage so I lost everything. Yes this would have happened even had I been actively playing but it was the idea that I wished I had saved rather than lose it. I would have loved it if a save had been on the quit menu or somewhere easy to hit. Not sure if anyone else agrees with me but for me anyway a save when I am out away from base would be nice.