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Found 11 results

  1. I wanted to delete my suits because i thought that it was cool to COMPLETLY start new,after i deleted my whole save and i still had all my suits I have a solution to this , either 1.Make a button for this or 2. make a suits folder to delete BTW:sorry if somethings wrong i gotta hurry
  2. I've recently got back into the game after a year or so away from it with a fresh save, loving all the changes and additions however I logged on this morning to pick up where I left off from last night, and all my saves have vanished. I've looked online for solutions and have tried everything suggested to locate or restore them yet nothing is working, last thing I tried was a full reinstall but that also did not help... I'm playing on Gamepass for PC, any help would be super appreciated, I don't really want to have to start all over again
  3. Hello. I've been playing in this save since the Project Cheer event. Today, I tried loading the save (worked a few days back) but the game just freezes at the loading screen and a few minutes would go into desktop, exiting the game. I tried to experiment on stuff and I could successfully make a new save and play without any hiccups. Also it might be worth noting that this problem also occurred in the past, its just that whenever that happens I just don't usually play the game and wait for an update, then the save would load again (but now I'm quite eager to tinker with the automation stuff ). Attached below are some other information for diagnosis of the problem. Thanks and more power :). Aries. DxDiag.txt
  4. Still crashing when entering vehicles or shelters
  5. djcad2017


    Still crashing on Saves. It’s getting almost impossible to play without losing progress on Save.
  6. I enter a rover or shelter and it doesn't save my game even when I enter shelter and hit save and quit to main menu or save and quit to desktop. Astroneer version 1.2.10 and Windows 10 Version 1903, it also doesn't give an extra save slot when game crashes like it should too.
  7. I play on Xbox and I have lost more than a few hours of progress do to the save not being frequent or being limited to just when you enter a vehicle or base. Would recommend a autosave or quick save. Also i lost progress do to the game kicking me out.
  8. I opened up the game to look at the 10.5 update, been playing it for a number of days, reloading the world many times. The most recent time i went on the world, I told my friend to join so that they could see my progress. Now today I am trying to get onto my world and at a certain point in the loading process, the animated ellipsis below the text block freezes, and then my whole computer instantaneously shuts down and begins to reboot (no blue screen, simply just crashes). This is on Windows through Steam. Very important to get this fixed for 1.0.
  9. I think a way of enabling or disabling if it auto saves when getting into a vehicle. Personally its almost unplayable when playing with friends due to 5 second screen freeze i get every time a friend gets in and out of a vehicle. To have more ways of saving if the feature is disabled could be a timed base autosave the game does and have it be able to be changed to lets say 5, 10, 15 ,30 minutes periods.
  10. Mining or not saving periodically(every 20 minutes) then moving to a save vehicle causes game to crash. When dropping items on a planet ( such as a medium storage) items randomly fall through the surface; sometimes these can be found again, sometimes not. When you have build more than 3 platforms system begins to lag. Also note that storms every couple of minutes get annoying fast. Sometimes theyre so frequent it hampers gameplay.
  11. Hi team, The save function operates as normal for a random number of vehicle entry-exits, it then hangs for a few seconds longer and a grey screen appears. This then shuts down the game and you're on the Xbox menu page. Reloading the game immediately, it then sends you to a black screen with the normal loading sounds in the background. No credits or button appear. If you wait for the usual load time to expire and press the 'A' button, the screen credits appear with the button reappearing later as normal. The orbiting station appears as normal once loaded. On this the last saves previously made have gone and you find an older save from hours of earlier gameplay. Eg,I I played for 4 hours with around 20 saves at intervals after midnight. I saved at 03:00 for a few hours sleep. Woke at 07:30 and played again until 09:00. The saves again crashed gameplay. Reloading, I was at the orbiting station with the last useable save at 03:00. Only one save point is present on the orbiter and all previous version saves were deleted weeks ago once V9.2 was loaded. I hope the problem is easily sorted as the lost gameplay is an aaaarrrrgggghhhh moment.