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Found 45 results

  1. Hello. I've been playing in this save since the Project Cheer event. Today, I tried loading the save (worked a few days back) but the game just freezes at the loading screen and a few minutes would go into desktop, exiting the game. I tried to experiment on stuff and I could successfully make a new save and play without any hiccups. Also it might be worth noting that this problem also occurred in the past, its just that whenever that happens I just don't usually play the game and wait for an update, then the save would load again (but now I'm quite eager to tinker with the automation stuff ). Attached below are some other information for diagnosis of the problem. Thanks and more power :). Aries. DxDiag.txt
  2. djcad2017


    Still crashing when entering vehicles or shelters
  3. djcad2017


    Still crashing on Saves. It’s getting almost impossible to play without losing progress on Save.
  4. Albert Arlt

    Saves not Saving

    I enter a rover or shelter and it doesn't save my game even when I enter shelter and hit save and quit to main menu or save and quit to desktop. Astroneer version 1.2.10 and Windows 10 Version 1903, it also doesn't give an extra save slot when game crashes like it should too.
  5. austyn waltman

    Save problems

    I play on Xbox and I have lost more than a few hours of progress do to the save not being frequent or being limited to just when you enter a vehicle or base. Would recommend a autosave or quick save. Also i lost progress do to the game kicking me out.
  6. I opened up the game to look at the 10.5 update, been playing it for a number of days, reloading the world many times. The most recent time i went on the world, I told my friend to join so that they could see my progress. Now today I am trying to get onto my world and at a certain point in the loading process, the animated ellipsis below the text block freezes, and then my whole computer instantaneously shuts down and begins to reboot (no blue screen, simply just crashes). This is on Windows through Steam. Very important to get this fixed for 1.0.
  7. I think a way of enabling or disabling if it auto saves when getting into a vehicle. Personally its almost unplayable when playing with friends due to 5 second screen freeze i get every time a friend gets in and out of a vehicle. To have more ways of saving if the feature is disabled could be a timed base autosave the game does and have it be able to be changed to lets say 5, 10, 15 ,30 minutes periods.
  8. Mining or not saving periodically(every 20 minutes) then moving to a save vehicle causes game to crash. When dropping items on a planet ( such as a medium storage) items randomly fall through the surface; sometimes these can be found again, sometimes not. When you have build more than 3 platforms system begins to lag. Also note that storms every couple of minutes get annoying fast. Sometimes theyre so frequent it hampers gameplay.
  9. Hi team, The save function operates as normal for a random number of vehicle entry-exits, it then hangs for a few seconds longer and a grey screen appears. This then shuts down the game and you're on the Xbox menu page. Reloading the game immediately, it then sends you to a black screen with the normal loading sounds in the background. No credits or button appear. If you wait for the usual load time to expire and press the 'A' button, the screen credits appear with the button reappearing later as normal. The orbiting station appears as normal once loaded. On this the last saves previously made have gone and you find an older save from hours of earlier gameplay. Eg,I I played for 4 hours with around 20 saves at intervals after midnight. I saved at 03:00 for a few hours sleep. Woke at 07:30 and played again until 09:00. The saves again crashed gameplay. Reloading, I was at the orbiting station with the last useable save at 03:00. Only one save point is present on the orbiter and all previous version saves were deleted weeks ago once V9.2 was loaded. I hope the problem is easily sorted as the lost gameplay is an aaaarrrrgggghhhh moment.
  10. GabrielShears

    Games not saving

    Every new game i start once i've progressed a bit then save the game, coming out either to main menu or desktop. There are no save files on the main menu. Unsure how to solve this? This has been an issue for me for approx a year now and all updates make no difference. Playing on PC
  11. UnwrittenMythz64

    saves not loading

    wish I could play astroneer but all my saves are not loading in the game freezes at the loading screen
  12. UnwrittenMythz64

    saves crashing

    when ever I play astroneer for a while the game seems to crash if I get into a seat or my habitat
  13. yoavmal

    Export world saves

    Turning the saves into a file in a special folder for astroneer would be nice to be automatic. Further more, you could export a world out of your device, making creative more worth a try and just be nice. For example, I have 2 computers in my house, and i love to play in the leftern one, so my saves are there. My dad comes home and he wants to work om tbe leftern computer and because i respect my father (and because its not even a question) i leave the leftern computer to play in the rightern computer, and both of these share a hardrive, so if there was a folder i could easily maintain to play with the same save of astroneer in the rightern computer. If purple people easters exist, where do they find purple people to eat?
  14. Summary: - Steam - Very Old Cloud Saves Showing but not usable or removable Description: I reinstalled today but my cloud saves are from the end of last year or very early 2017. They don't hold any saves really, I just seem to start with that character on the world below. The issue is I can't delete the saves in game, can't create new ones and the saves aren't visible on my drive in the usual location. Is there any way to reset them or delete these so the cloud saves are updated maybe? I was looking forward to coming back but this is stopping me and a friend from getting stuck in atm. Below screenshot show what I see when I log into the game. Looks fine but no options to do anything with the four saves on the station. Platform: PC - Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 CPU: Intel i5 3570k 3.4GHz GPU: Nvidia 1070 6gb RAM: 4x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: SSD 500GB (Only write down the drive where Astroneer is located)
  15. Capt_Harpoon

    Managing saved games

    As of January, I have made a routine of always make a backup of my saves before I start a new game session. This was after being trapped in an unplaced Habitat several updates ago. I start a new game after a larger update but I’m also testing old saves after a new update. Some are left unsaved and some are expanded with the new functionality and then saved. It’s nice to have a “perfect base” with all researched and a good amount of materials stacked up and then test a new update on it. Since I also play on three different PC’s (from Steam), I also move saves between them. Another idea is to have a base with all researched done and base completely build with the bare minimum exploration done. This way many of the resources and research is still around and the save file size is still small. The more digging, exploration and space travel you do, the bigger the save file size seems to grow. My question is has anyone figured out the save file mechanics? Often there are more the one file for a save slot. Copying a save file, rename it and put it back with a new slot name, does not fully duplicate a saved game it seems. If I can duplicate a save files on the same PCs, then testing is easier. It’s a little difficult to keep track of all the saved files stored in a separate file structure. Cheers Capt Harpoon
  16. So I've seen this debated over a bit, and I'm not sure of the real answer. Do new patches transfer across to old saves? Or is a new save required each time there's a patch update? I'd love to know so I don't have to keep abandoning half-started worlds only because I didn't have enough time to play between each update!
  17. Valerea Orden

    Lost Saves

    (For Xbox Play Anywhere. Currently playing on PC) Did anyone else lose their saves after the new update? Or do we lose our saves whenever an update drops?
  18. Hi, for some unknown reason. my Xbox and Win10 sames no longer sync and working. Also cross play with my friend is unable to do so now. Also Win10 unable to send invite to Win10 player. Windows 10 version: 0.3.10196.0 Xbox One S version: 0.3.10196.0 Has this issue beening look at? Regards, Jeff
  19. kiefac

    Saves: how do they work?

    Just a few questions about saves... I already know the location (C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved/SaveGames) but I want to know more specifics. 1) What is inside a save file? 2) Is there any way to decrypt the pseudo-random crap in it to turn it into human-readable or otherwise useful data? 3) Why are saves so small? I would expect the full worlds to be in a save, but I guess I haven't really explored much of Terran and barely any of Barren, and only really have the low-poly, far-away-LOD models of the other once. Still, it seems like they just have the seed for the random generation and the world is built up on-the-fly as the player explores. 4) If I did decrypt a save file, would I be able to see the locations/id numbers of buildings, dropped items, etc.... and then delete them to remove buildings in a very complicated manner, or add new ones in to "hack" in free resources? 5) Why do I have 2 saves in my save folder? Is one a backup/fallback that I can use if my previous save gets corrupted or something? 6) If I cut'n'paste the files into a backup folder, could I have multiple saves that I just could flip through by switching them out? (This is one of my bigger concerns, along with 4, because I built a ridiculous amount of connectors trying to get a stuck [as in immovable object that couldn't be moved by an unstoppable force] large solar panel hooked up to my base that was miles away. I'd rather not start a whole new save but its better than having 7 FPS) and finally 7) Isn't there an issue with using the .sav file format? It has the Portal 2 icon on my system which makes me think that maybe Valve has a trademark/patent on the format. I understand if some of these can't be answered because its a trade secret or something, I was just wondering.
  20. Samski

    Game not saving.

    Hey, I am playing on the windows app version of the game (wouldn't usually but is so i can play with a friend(if we were actually able to play together withought dropping out :-P)). Have windows 10 pro, Intel i7 processor and 16gb of ram. Anyway, I ended up playing the game all the way through the night, and through the morning, building a massive tunnel, underground base, and such. I was saving throughout, as using vehicles, and checking into bases occasionally. Then the game eventually started to get really laggy, so i headed back to a base to save, and then closed the game through the menu, left the computer for a bit, then have just returned. When i then loaded the game up, the save file was dated yesterday, but i thought this may be due to when i started the game, so i loaded it up, and it was at a point i had saved the game last night, since which i had done allot. So i checked the save file location, and it shows that the save files have not been modified since 1830 last night. Have i lost everything i did? Also how do i find out how this happened, so i can play again knowing the game will save my progress... Cheers, Sam. x x
  21. DanJ210

    Games Are Not Saving

    I keep giving this game chances and I understand it is alpha but game saving has to be fixed or getting far enough in progression to test things is not very possible when progress doesn't save and I'll have to start over and over. I don't know if this is done deliberately or if this is a bug considering I am being told that the game is saving and there must be some kind of "writing" going on in the background.
  22. Ghostwolf93

    Save Slot Limit?

    So, I just went to start a new game, only to be told 'No Free Save Slots'. I can't scroll left on to any of the four Astroneers to choose who to be, only scroll between my existing game saves. I have eight saved games at the moment, and was under the impression that we had access to a lot more than just eight save slots. Does anyone know if this is just a bug, or has our save limit been reduced, or has it been always this way? Thanks in advance for any helpful answers. PS. I'm playing on Xbox One, Patch 190.
  23. So I had the unfortunate experience of losing internet access for numerous days. Figured I'd pass the time by working through 158 and the new updates! All going well, saving operations were seemingly normal. However, none of my saves would appear in the menu. The saves were definitely showing in my Windows profile & AppData as expected with new timestamps. Turns out, I wasn't signed into the Xbox app as normally happens, as I was without internet. The root problem is, that unlike the Xbox, Windows won't let you sign in whilst offline. That causes problems if your choice of game (i.e. Astroneer) requires an active Xbox Live account for save syncing... I didn't get any prompt upon Astroneer start-up to sign in, as normally happens, so I didn't realise what was going on until I separately opened the Xbox app where I realised the problem. Is it possible to have saved games still accessible without being signed in? I.E. can Astroneer pull a UserProfile string independent of the Xbox Live service, and from Windows instead? Obviously, the save itself is still present and accessible on the current Windows account. I dunno what the equivalent process is for an offline Xbox. If the fault lies with the Xbox app's inability to sign in whilst offline, I have no problem with that as the outcome, but the devs have my full support in flagging this with Microsoft for fixing! P.S. I'm aware this is not a high priority bug, for a game that basically mandates a connection for regular updates and multiplayer aspects. But being an edge case, I figured it should be highlighted to the devs to be aware of.
  24. Quick question/issue. I've read that others have had the problem with the new patch and frame rate dropping; however, I've been dealing with this odd problem for a while now. I play a save for a while, not all at once mind you - I've quit between plays, and all of a sudden I get a frame rate drop. I know my equipment isn't *ideal* but if I've started a new save I don't have problems with it for approx. 33 hours of play in the save. Then all of a sudden, BAM, drop without recovery. My normal fps sits at about 25-30 according to the steam over lay. With 60-90 in the menus. After a certain amount of hours into a single save file it drops to 5-7. I thought my original save file did this as I had saved in a cave, and I had read about the 2-hour straight play glitch with long cave exploration where the GPU is constantly storing all of the cave and trying to load it. So I started a new file and have been able to play for weeks. I played for about 4 hours last night in the new patch with no problems at all. Then I log in today and can't get better than 10 fps. Of course this makes the game unplayable. I don't particularly want to start yet another save as I really like my new base, and had just found some neat new stuff. I've heard the devs are working on the frame rate problem; however, are there any community suggestions out there? The first time around I tried editing the various files, turning off steam over lay, etc. Nothing worked until I started a new file. Is there perhaps a way to purge the GPU cache of the game? (Also wanted to post this, just in case the devs could use the feedback with a bit more information.) Computer info: CPU: i7-6500U 2.50GHz 2.59GHz, Ram: 8.00GB, 2 GPUs: GeForce 940M, Intel HD Graphics 520 (which irritatingly shows as my device in DirectX diagnostic), Laptop - touch screen, Lenovo Flex 3, Running latest Windows 10 update, all drivers are currently up to date. Cheers.
  25. On Xbox, I'm experiencing repeated crashes while saving and frame rate / performance issues which I think are linked. It begins immediately after constructing trucks. The frame rate and draw distance drop dramatically. Saves begin to lag. And the game repeatedly crashes while trying to save. It seems like it consistently occurs when the frame rate drops really low and the camera is moving when attempting to save. But there's still a long lag during saves when I make sure all motion has stopped. Any suggestions?