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Found 7 results

  1. After saving the game my progress was deleted. Mouse and Keyboard Microsoft Store Windows 10 Slightly Above average specs Just came back from a trip to another planet. Saved the game 3-4 times over the period of 1.5 hours. Game crashed and I was put back in my shuttle on a different planet where I started. All of my saves were done on the starting shelter on Sylva. Similar bug happened again and I lost another hour of progress.
  2. Let me know how I can help with fixing this bug, I will gladly send in any data needed. Hello fellow Astroneers, it feels a bit sad that my first post on this forum is a bugreport, sorry. So a frind and I started playing Astroneer three days ago in coop, I was the host of the session, it was still version 1.0.6. then - also the first game I started, no single player game before. We have played that evening and didn't encountered any problems, next day the same...we played for around 6h without any trouble up to the point we both sometimes fell through the terrain we created
  3. Was looking forward to the 1.0 release. I missed playing on the 6th, but played shortly after. I had been to 3 planets & powered a few of the purple gates . . . still not sure what they do. Then my save file locked up. Meaning, as soon as I try to load "One point Oh" the entire system locks up. I set out again on a new beginning. The new save file is "Unwrecked". It will load, but it will not write over the file. I've created a 2nd base on that planet several times, but each time, I'll either go to the small shuttle, or chose something like save, or save & quit. The client crashe
  4. On multiple occasions now, I have saved the game like normal (by entering habitat or vehicle) only to find out after closing game/relaunching that the save didnt actually take place. Whenever i enter habitat/vehicle I see the "saving game" notification appear and then disappear. I have even tried entering/leaving the habitat multiple times in order to force a save multiple times. Unfortunately the unreliability of the saves has forced me to not play until patched. I cannot leave the system on indefinitely nor do can I play without being able to save progress. Please fix. Xbox One S - Astr
  5. Hi, I've noticed that new save file is only under 100kb when landed and the frame rate stays at 60fps. But after few hours of playing, my save file is about 2mb and frame rate is 10fps. I guess it's constantly reading/writing the save file, when the file is large, the whatever file reading program is responding slowly and causes the lag, this is just my guess, I might be wrong. Also when playing multiplayer for few hours, my frame stays at 60fps, and I'm not the host, so the save file is not on my end, but ping is spiking all the time, feels like the server is not constantl
  6. so i was playing astroneer on my xbox yeah and then i saved the game using the habitat (it worked) and then i went to go do stuff, and launched it from windows 10 store later. my files synced and i loaded into the game fine, and i was able to save from there fine, but now that it synced back to my xbox, xbox refuses to save anything i do. send help please
  7. As the title says, Can't load into a save file I've been playing on flawlessly for hours. I tried to keep thethers to a minimum. At a point I think a Truck clipped through the ground and the game crashed somewhere after I lost it. Couldn't load in again after that happened. Anyone else having corrupted save files? This image is not completely related to the topic, but I wanted to share it anyways.