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Found 6 results

  1. I've been playing this game since it came out, didn't play for a while until I saw I missed a couple of updates. Since I started playing again, I've lost my saved games 3 times already. I play on PC / Steam. I see where the files get saved on disk, but once in a while, after entering my based or a vehicule to save, the file just goes away once I exit the game. And of course when I go back in, I don't see my saved game listed anymore. It is rather frustrating to have to backup the saved games to another location every time just in case...
  2. No screenshot or videos. I've noticed on my worlds and even friend's worlds, after saving worlds, I cant research anything new, only find titanium/lithium/etc. If i dont research everything before I save and logout, I wont be able to research it next time im on that world.
  3. Hello! I'm on Xbox One, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to load old saved games. I can see them, and I know you have to "arrow over" to select them but I cannot figure out how to do that. I press left trigger to pull up my cursor, then put my cursor over the arrow, and I've tried pressing "A" and I think I've tried pressing "Right Trigger" on the arrow, and all it does is launch a new game...
  4. So this is pretty serious, I'll have to start a new game. Backstory: I drove truck close to my Research structure and the game crashed, upon restart I was back where I got the truck stuck in a trench and I had just leveled the side to get out, but this is where it all went to hell. Issue: On loading, the truck starts to rotate in all directions as if it is its own planet, there is a mass of grey land attached to the bottom of the truck as it rotates. It defies gravity and started floating off the world. If i got to close it would make me fall through the surface of the planet and upon trying to quit to the main menu would crash the game. (See Screenshots) There was no way to stop this, I tried removing stuff from the Truck and getting in and out of it...
  5. Platform: Steam After loading the saved game I started last night I pressed tab to get out of the shuttle you start in and my inventory was floating a few feet away from my backpack. It was still "in" my inventory and I was able to correct this by grabing and re-inserting the items onto my backpack.
  6. Platform: Steam After loading my saved game the Tethers are not connected to the base and I had to fiddle with them to get them to relink.