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Found 8 results

  1. I tried loading my regular world tonight. I play daily on this world currently. 14mb in size. 5 of 7 planets visited, 3 cores complete. It froze my PC while trying to load (at about 30% in) and crashed to desktop. CPU usage dropped to >1% and ram usage kept going up until crashing to desktop. I tried loading a different, second world that I havent played in over a month. 10mb in size. 4 of 7 planets visited, 2 cores complete. It had the exact same result. CPU usage dropped to >1% and ram usage kept going up until crashing to desktop. I started a new world. Loaded up ins
  2. Cannot load saved game after summer update. New game works. Xbox One
  3. I save my game by entering and exiting my habitat and then i exit to desktop but the next day or whenever i open the game and load my save it doesnt load my actual save but often several hours of gameplay before i saved.
  4. I bought this game as part of xbox anywhere. on my PC everything is great but once I played it on XBox saves are lost on both PC and Box. This is really upsetting in so many levels to say the least, it's the second time it's happening and progression is everything in this game. It happend twice - twice! how can I restore me lost saves?
  5. Power doesn't transfer properly when resuming saved game. (Same build) Adding node(s) and then a power source, wind-turbine, solar-panel, refuse to transfer power on save-game resume. Saved Game attached: Please let me know if you need more info in the app-data/saved folder. AUTOSAVE_0_2017.01.10-12.41.18.sav AUTOSAVE_0_2017.01.10-12.42.11.sav
  6. Xbox One, controller I have consistently had a bug that when I load a saved game, the resources in my backpack float a bit above their slots, so they appear to be floating a few inches behind my character. I can fix this by going into my backpack and individually moving each one back into the slots using RT. If it makes a difference, I use the rounder/chubbier astroneer character.
  7. Xbox one, controller I have consistently had an issue with tethers when I load my saved game. I cannot select them with RT when standing near them. I can go into my backpack and use the "cursor" to hover over the tether and pick it up using RT. Once I do this I can then walk up to and move that specific tether, or any tethers that I move using this method, normally by walking up to it and using RT without needing to open my backpack.
  8. Can someone please advise me here, I am having an issue with a saved game where I cannot interact with in game items such as tethers or the rover because they are causing my game to crash constantly. How do I erase a saved game to start over? I can't seem to find an option for it.