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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Devs, Let me begin by commending you on a wonderful game. It’s original and very entertaining. I’ve owned Astroneer since it was first available on Xbox. The new additions th I the game are all most welcome and have reignited my passion for playing. I am however experiencing some issues that I hope can be easily resolved. I’ll try to be brief and thorough. 1. Game crashes. I am experiencing game crashes while entering vehicles and I believe am know why. I make extensive use of the drill and paver to navigate practically everywhere. This has led to me leaving quite a trail of leftover resources from in my wake as I go. These resources remain and are building up in amounts and persist indefinitely. I believe that the game making the effort to save each of these individual leftovers every time an enter a vehicle are causing the crashes. The crashes are becoming more and more frequent as my progress through the planets goes on. And the size of my save in terms of memory is very quickly increasing. I am really hoping that I don’t have to abandon this play through when I am so close to finishing. My suggestion is to have the game delete or at least not save any items not either attached to a structural item, your backpack, or their original environmental position. This deletion could occur each time a save is loaded or each time a logout from a save occurs. 2. Vehicle paver functionality. I am noticing that as I pave my vehicle and character gets stuck on the new ground as if there is an obstacle even though there isn’t. I have no suggestion for this but wanted to include it. It’s only an annoyance. 3. Drill Functionality As I am drilling and paving my way along I find a myself getting stuck a lot on resources ejected by the drill which end up under my vehicle and trailers. It helps a lot that I can point the ejector to the side and an think if the resources were ejected with just a bit more force they would clear the side of my vehicle much more often allowing me to maintain a straighter path. 4. Pathing while using the drill and pager. I find it difficult at times to drive my vehicle while tracking the terrain and using the drill and paver simotaniously particularly while I am towing multiple trailers behind me. By that I mean since the elevation for the paver is controlled by the camera the paver elevation is often obscured by the vehicle itself especially while tunneling underground. My suggestion for this would be to link an up and down function to the left and right bumper buttons and to move the on off function of the pager to another unused button like X or AThis way I can maneuver the third person camera without affecting the elevation and allow me to see where I am going. 5. A small request. A compass function for the vehicles would make navigation so much quicker and easier and I would thank you greatly. Just at the top of the screen perhaps. Thank you all so much for your kind attention.
  2. After the last update when I try to save the game after after a period of play the save fails and I return to the xbox one x home screen. And have to reload and load up the previous save. I have lost hours and hours of play.
  3. It very unforunate that when I spend my time playing astroneer and making progress in the game I know I have wasted my time because whenever I try to save my game with any vehicle or shuttle or even save menu in the game, it just crashes to the xbox home menu. And all time spent is lost. Wont play this game on xbox till it's fixed, so upsetting.
  4. Put "save game" into the pause menu where it belongs and remove it from getting into a vehicle.
  5. This function is practical for those who forget to save the game but, honestly, I think it's a bad idea. According the game is explored and there is more data to save, it becomes annoying! Especially in multiplayer for the host which is overloaded with save game request whenever a friend uses a vehicle the host is harmed with frequent lags. You need to deactivate this or, via menu option to deactivate this function, as in skyrim you can deactivate save when traveling. I know this will be resolved with the dedicated server but until then it would be interesting to disable save on vehicle seat. I talked to some friends about this and I add that everyone agreed that this is a big problem in multiplayer game. Therefore, I am here representing the opinion and request of many players from my country (Brazil). Sorry for my bad english!
  6. The pictures are date and time stamped in sequence found a vein of lithium on Vesania, mined a bit of it out, but left some untouched. Also left behind 1 to verify the spot, and to see if everything disappears. Went top side which is really just one layer up, saved and exited out of the game. When I came back to that spot, the 4th image is what I saw. Everything I left behind was gone, except for the one unit that was dropped. Included save file, didn't know if it would help. SAVE_2$2019.04.18-23.22.56.savegame
  7. Summary: 0.10.5 - Steam - Game didn't save, reverted to hours old save Description: Upon loading a save on the Arid planet, I played for a time, and then saved the game by entering the Shuttle Seat on the Large Shuttle that I landed on the planet with. The game showed the '✔ Gave Saving' message. I closed the game by clicking 'save and exit to desktop'. Later, I loaded the saved game, and it loaded a previously saved game - as if the game silently errored out while trying to save the new state to disk. I've attached: The analytics log file that covers the time range The save game file (bonus quest for the rest of you - travel back to Terran and find out what I did there) Screenshots from game recordings The save game archive password is: 2NBZXGBBQ5ARCMYL6ZF35S627HB9QA6Z7MY Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.10.5 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 CPU: Ryzen 2600X GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 16gb DDR4 at 3200 Disk: Samsung 850 Pro 1tb AUTOSAVE_0_2018.12.08- ga_log.txt
  8. First, I play Astroneer on my XBox One. As of last week, it had been about 6 weeks since I had played Astroneer. Then I saw that there was a new crafting update, and I LOVE the new changes!! So much more to work with, so much to discover. I love how you’re pushing us to go explore the other planets if we want to progress. Well, I did that. And when I finally got back to Terran, I saved my game cuz it was like 3am. Then, the next day, I loaded my game and played for a couple hours. It saved that afternoon, but I’ve played at least 8 hours of Astroneer and it will NOT save past that afternoon - “Oct 16, 2018 @ 4:43:54 PM”. I’ve tried numerous times, but each time I save it and come back, the ONLY option I have is to load that saved game from 10/16/18 @ 4:43:54. Not sure what to do. Any ideas?? Thanks, Michelle
  9. Unable to save game. Example: Start new game at 1:30 pm. Save (enter habitat, then save game and exit to main menu) at 2:05 pm. Resume from saved game at 2:10 pm. Save again (enter habitat , then save game and exit to main menu) at 3:15 pm. Saved game STILL only the saved game from 2:05 pm - NOT 3:15 pm. Genrally, game will properly save 4-5 times, then stop saving new games. This is frustrating obviously because you lose hours of progress. I won’t be playing Astroneer again until this bug is fixed - which stinks as this is a really interesting and clever game.
  10. On loading a save game my rovers disappeared. And i cant switch back to stable branch.
  11. Summary: 201 - XB1 - Game saves, GONE! Description: Well, not good. My game saves are gone. Was playing a 3rd new game. Then the game froze (stuttering audio) then eventually bailed back to dashboard. Loaded the game up and after the (long) wait (left room while loading). I was presented with a "Who are you" dialog. I was a bit confused by it so I pressed (B) to exit. Then I had no saves. NONE. Should have had 3. So I exited back to dashboard. Checked, yep, am signed in to live according to the dashboard. Loaded astroneer again. Again normal (not) long wait. And... no saves. Got nothing but memories, screen shots and vdeos. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 201
  12. Velocity_9

    Help me

    my main world won't open.please help me me my main world won't open when i am on the game menu with my save games i click on my main shows the text of the forum and stuff but it keeps loading won't let me in my saved other worlds work fine but this one doesn't.does someone have a fix for it i really don't wanna start another game i have way too much progress on this here are the 2 files.the 2 files are of the same world can someone please help me??? admin,moderator,owner,,???????? AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.17-22.12.28.sav AUTOSAVE_2_2017.01.17-22.12.33.sav
  13. Mouse/Keyboard Steam When I opened my saved game, some (not all) of the plants I had moved underground in order to get a research node had lost their color. They had color before I saved, now they don't. Try going into a cave and removing the ground underneath the plants/fungus, save the game, then come back and see if the color is gone.
  14. Steps taken for issue to occur Play and build a base (see attached save game) Outcome Low fps. Restart nor re-save fixed this problem. Expected outcome(s) Higher fps. While it was a steady 60 (vsync) before, somewhere during building the base it dropped to 33fps. System specifications CPU: i5-4690 MEM: 16GB GPU: GTX 1070 OS: Win10 Resolution: 1920x1200 AUTOSAVE_1_2017.01.16-21.51.30.sav
  15. I play on Steam. Save game created after 117 patch released. PC, Keyboard, mouse. So I started a new game, needed tons of research (as you do) and began exploring the cave with tethers. Once I had run out of tethers, and compound, I began the return journey, picking up every research pod along the way. Once I had a pile of research pods, I would stand slightly ahead of the pile, and pick up each pod one at a time, moving it ahead of me. In this way, I moved my pile of research pods a small distance at a time. Trust me, it's slow work. I decided to count how many there were at one point. There were 21. Keep in mind that occasionally this pile of research pods often join up with other pods that I had encountered along the way. So the pile increased a few at a time, each time I moved the pile. It was getting late, so I just ran back to base, saved the game, and quit to desktop. There were definitely more than 21 at that point. Next morning, I returned to the project. As I ran back to the pile, I noticed a couple that I would soon embrace, and also found a few more in "things with things" (ie, plants that held pods, etc) So I gathered them into a pile of 5, to be consumed by my main pile. After I did so, I did a recount. There was about 19. Weird. So I continued down the passage, it is what it is. I found at least six more along the way. I got them to the mouth of the tunnel, but had to save and quit, and go to work. So I ran back to base, saved the game, and quit to desktop. When I came home this afternoon, I finished the arduous task of bringing them all back to base, and opening them one by one (with malfunctioning power, no less!) I counted them all as I did so. There were no 'research' results, every one gave me a resource. Two of them gave me compound, so I made a storage, which I filled with 8 resources, I had 8 resources in my backpack, and I used two to make the storage. 18 pods. It kept dropping me back to 15-18 pods in my pile of pods, every time I saved the game and reloaded.
  16. Hi, I am using multiple accounts on Xbox (one for each family member). I have noticed that depending on who signed in last determines which set of save games I see. Even though I play on my own account. So to clarify: I am signed in on my profile, I start the game and I have two save games from around Christmas. I quit the game. Then my wife signs in with her account (yay Kinect), I switch back to my profile, start Astroneer again and now I am presented with a different set of save games. Although it is a helpful way of adding save game slots, I don't think that's how it's supposed to work
  17. My friend can't play in our world unless I'm on, is this part of the game or a bug? I know it might be a noob question, but still. Love the game, thanks
  18. My game started on a beautifully colored planet I was able to Tina several places with tethers and explore a cave near my pod and created several platforms. Saved and next day no saves so started anew. Now I have a state with 2 saves and New starting planet and a state of my first planet with my many deaths. I know it is in a imperfect state. Just wanted to drop a line and see if others have had this or should I just suck it up and play the lotto to see which state loads on what time or day?
  19. I think it is useful that this possibility in the future to appoint the bailouts is very important.