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Found 7 results

  1. This is two three part in-depth write up on how to move files between the Windows Store version of Astroneer and the Steam version. You can also use this and omit the parts about Steam if you want to share a file from one Windows player to another. There's a link to a video guide at the bottom of this post. To quickly locate your Windows 10 save files. Press Win + R, copy/paste the line of code below, and press enter: cmd /c Powershell.exe "explorer ((Get-ChildItem $env:LOCALAPPDATA\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks*\SystemAppData\wgs\ -Recurse -Filter container.*).FullName | Where-Object { ((gc $_) -replace \"`0\",\"\") -match '\$(\d){4}'} | Split-Path)" To find your Steam file location, press Win + R, copy/paste this, and press enter: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames PART 1: Converting or Importing Game Files into Microsoft Open both save file locations shown above in separate windows of your File Explorer If you already have saves in the Microsoft version, take a screen shot or write down the first few characters of each file that's there so they don't mixed up in future steps. Create a "Sacrificial Save" Start a BRAND NEW save in the Microsoft version of your game. Launch off, land, exit your pod, and enter the habitat. Once you enter the habitat, a new file is created in the Microsoft Saves Location, make note of which one it is. Quit the game/Exit to desktop Place a copy of the save you wish to import into the Microsoft Saves Location Right click the "Sacrificial Save" and select Rename. Instead of renaming, copy the save name. Delete the Sacrifice. (RIP) Rename the imported save after the Sacrifice. IMPORTANT: If the file you are converting is from Steam, also delete the ".savegame" extension at the end of the file name. You will be asked to confirm, so confirm the action. This "Sacrifice" process is necessary regardless of whether you're importing a Steam file or a Microsoft file. It's also safer, just take my word. You're done!! Launch the game, you should have a freshly imported/converted save file ready to play. PART 2: Converting or Importing Game Files into Steam Open both save file locations shown above in separate windows of your File Explorer If you have multiple saves in Microsoft and you only want to convert a specific one, you'll need to first identify the save. If you can, identify the save you want by the time stamp on the file If you can't tell by the time stamps open the save you wish to convert in the Win10 version of the game and watch the Windows Saves file location to see which file changes. This is the one you want. Place a copy of the save you wish to import into the Steam Saves Location Right Click the imported save and rename using the same convention as the other Steam saves Alternatively, you can copy/paste this as your file name and use anything you want in front of the dollar sign: IMPORTED_GAME$2019.02.06-12.00.00.savegame You're done!! Launch the game, you should have a freshly imported/converted save file with the name you chose ready to play. August 2020 Edit + PART 3: Converting and Importing Microsoft Game Files into Steam When a Microsoft or Xbox save file exceeds 16MB, it will automatically split into two or more pieces. This exposes a problem when attempting to convert a file to the Steam format as there is no obvious way to recombine them To work around this, Tignus developed a tool that you can install which will locate your Microsoft save files, identify them by the name shown in your in-game menu, and convert them to the Steam format so you can play them on Steam or upload them to a Nitrado Dedicated Server. Visit:, read through the guide, then click "Last release" at the top of the page to view and install the AstroSaveConverter.exe found under the "Assets" header. Video Guide:
  2. Henry Jordan

    Save files not working

    I've been grinding this game HARD but it feels as if all my work is being taken for granted. I have a save file marked at a time, but whenever i try and save in the game, it says the game saves but when i go to the main menu, the save is from a time earlier in that game (message me if that doesn't make sense). I've tried doing things with corrupted saves, but i can't find the save files on my computer or on my external hard drive. I hope someone will read this and help. I really like this game but I can't keep playing from one save file over and over and over again. Plz help
  3. My save file for Astroneer will not load. What should I do?
  4. This game is AMAZING. I play on console and I think a few things need to be tweaked. First, power distribution through my base is not working anymore and I don't know why. Second, tethers need to be fixed, there is no lag, but the tethers don't connect sometimes. And last, but not least, there needs to be a way to delete worlds off your saves for the console. Again, the game is beautiful, but if these bugs are fixed first, this game will be one of my favorites!
  5. Ok so I've been playing for a while now, but every time I exit and go to continue my game it starts a new site. How do I get it to load the existing save?
  6. In playing this on Xbox I'd noticed I had save files disappearing and reappearing and I think I figured out why. A couple days ago with all the saving shenanigans I decided to try deleting all of the save files off of the system and I saw that not only did I have save data, but my two sons who watch me play (but had never played themselves) had save data as well. Playing around with it this morning I think I figured out what it going on. The save files get linked to the combination of profiles that are logged on when the game loads. If I am logged on alone, I get one set of saves. If I am logged on with kid #1 I get another set. Logged on with kid #2? Another set. All three of us logged in?!? Still another set. I will say it was kind of fun troubleshooting this. "Kid #1, go stand over there... Kid #2 - come here!"
  7. Zurui_kitsune94

    game data

    as far as i'm aware. there is no way to delete a world already created. and through various playthroughs i've managed to acquire about 10 worlds that havent been touched for quite some time. also, besides having just random sandstorms. possibly add some wild life to enhance the game.