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Found 34 results

  1. A cat from Poland

    Satellite GPS

    Satellite GPS How would this work? You would need access to the largest rocket(Titanium alloy one). First you would need to research the satellite and a satellite bay. The satellite bay would be made in a large printer and the satellite in a medium printer. You would place the satellite bay into the rocket, it would take up the whole storage. (The satellite bay would have a little crane arm inside) Before you were to place the satellite into the bay you would have an option to two storage spots on it. (Two single ports) But before we get into the fun part I want to explain how the satellite system would actually work. What you would do is craft a viewing panel(or something idk), it would cost something like one glass or something. When you have it in your inventory you can hold F on it to inspect it. When you do it expands to fill your screen like the research module on your backpack. It will show you a view of the entire planet. You can drag it along with your mouse. And when you want to get out of it you just click of the screen. You will see a little spot on this map which is you. Now that we have that cleared up let’s get to the ports! On the satellite you could either place a battery and a solar panel(The satellite has its own battery) or even an ore if you so much desire. But! The satellite has special abilities, if you place a probe scanner in one of the slots. You can use the satellite to spot probes. If you wanted to place a camera onto it. It would allow you to zoom in and out on the map and maybe take photos. Now all of these take power of course so if you use the satellite to ping a probes location it will run out of power, if you have placed a solar panel on it will slowly recharge so you will be able to ping it again. Now when you send a satellite into orbit with a piece attached to it, you cannot change it. And if you have sent a satellite into orbit you can’t send another one on the planet. What you would do is have this little destruct option on the viewing panel. Like a red button, the same as the one on the researcher which cancels a research piece and destroy’s it. When you press it the satellite will fall and will place a beacon on its landing if you want to go and look for it.(Once you send a new one, the beacon would disappear but the loot would stay.) Now how would you get it into orbit you ask, well it’s quite simple. Just stick your satellite into the bay(that is in the rocket), get in and press C to launch and when you get to orbit. It will give you the option V to release the satellite or C to launch into the solar system. When you press V, your rocket would rotate a little bit revealing the storage bay. It would open show the satellite in the satellite bay. A crane arm in the bay would push the satellite out. It would drift out of view and you would be done. You could get done with business and either fly away or land back on the planet.
  2. Hello my friends! First of all I want to tell you that I see in this game a huge potential. This forced me to spend some of my time to write few of my ideas. I would like to see in the comments what you think about them. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes. @SES_Adam I think that you should to take a look at this. List of ideas Crystal Currency Astroneer not expose yourself for no reason. He explores the planet for economic purposes. For the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes. Planet difficulty scale and schemes The planets should have the scale of difficulty. We started on a planet with easy access to basic materials. Along with the progress, we would get better schemes (bought for crystal currency) which would increase the chances of survival on more difficult planets where you can find unique materials. The current system of research would be only to obtain rare materials from alien plants fruits. Weapons: • Energy gun Modification to the terrain tool amending it into a weapon powered by energy. • Energy cannon with seat Energy weapon supplied by energy or power generators, it can be mounted on a vehicle, so the person sitting on the rear of the vehicle can use that weapon. • Sentry gun Sentry gun with two operating modes. -friendly mode, protecing from only aliens -hostile mode, protecing from aliens, players (Excluding friends) Controversy related to weapons/pvp in the game: There should be place for peaceful players and for these one who want some action. We need at least option to have combat. If someone don't want to fight then he don't need to. I think that weapons should be added, but game should not be combat-focused. Simple PVE/PVE • Huge earthworms, aliens similiar to spiders, reptiles, tentacles etc. but they should not be common because life itself in space is rare. • Dark Zones: PVP on some planets where you can find more rare materials. Something like high risk high reward, with a story background that people began to fight among themselfs because they were blinded by wealth, fortune etc. Radar, weather meter Showing incoming storms, meteorite impacts, solar flares, temperatures, wind speed, enemies and raw materials (if drone spotted them). Map I would like to see map similiar to that one in The Division. • Table with hologram (Holo-table) on base which can display collected data from drone or satellite. • Drone that could scan some area from above and send data to holo-table or display it to player. • Satellite that could take a pictures of planet and send data to holo-table. Satellite / Drone OP Controversy: As I said, there should be currency in game so on the start player would not have the money to buy top-tier schemes. For example the satellite would be one of the more expensive things in the game, so player would get it later - on more difficult planets, where the satellites don't make game easier in meaningful way. Drone with different operating modes. Some examples: • standby mode - drone with mounted energy weapon, protecting area from space pirates, alien creatures etc. • tracking mode - would follow and assist the player, for example he could move light objects and follow player to base. • search mode - could scan some area from above and send data to holo table or player. • manual mode - remote controlled drone with camera view If weapon is attached • neutral mode, protecing only if we are attacked (by player or alien) • friendly mode, protecing only from the upcoming aliens • hostile mode, attacking aliens, players (Excluding friends) So for example: -Drone with tracking + friendly mode and mouted weapon will follow player and shot only to hostile aliens. -Drone with tracking mode and attached battery, will follow and charge player. etc. Enviromental hazards Some examples of enviromental hazards and how to deal with them: • quicksands on sandy planets (move on the hoverboard instead of walking) • meteorite impacts on planets with a thin atmosphere (we need radar that would warn us against them / force field on base required a lot of energy) • extremely high or low temperatures (special suits for the specific weather conditions) • high radiation (force field on Astroneer) • lava • acid rain (force field, hide underground) • different types of storms (warning messages on radar) • earthquakes (seismometer that sending warning messages to radar) • solar flares (force field) Exoskeleton (better, faster, stronger) Some objects like a fruits from alien plants and crates are large and heavy, to raise them without the lift character should be wearing exoskeleton. Jet pack and vehicle booster Add the module with jet engines that can be attached to a backpack at the bottom. Make it possible to add same enginees to vehicles allowing increase their speed. I know that is possible to find rocket thruster, but I think that it should be able to craft. Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, temperature, food, farms etc. • add indicators (emoji style) of hunger, temperature, thirst, sleepiness • add machine to produce Soylent Green which can be prepared from organic materials. Make it basic food in game. • add food and farm modules (greenhouse). Remember it is the future: Plants should be different from those that we know today (we need GMO superfood). • seeds should be earned by trading platform, with their help, you can grow more nutritious foods then Soylent Green. • add water (oceans) and ice, we need also module that purifying water (for example from salt). • add different variants of the astronaut suits resistant to specific climatic conditions. How it should look: Astroneer should survive longer without eating than drinking / sleeping. The first symptoms of thirst / starving / sleepiness would be fatigue, then slow death. Instead of the well-known indicators there should be emoji messages. Second habitat but bigger With wardrobe - where you can customise apperance, sleep, keep some food and water supplies, hide from storm. Hovercraft / hoverboard Add a vehicle which hovers above the surface. Should be light and bit faster than rover, but not specialized in moving heavy objects. Rope and grappling hook Causes new possibilities - climbing and attachment of objects. Could be pretty usefull before the player would get a jetpack. Game reward system Add the space capsule with gift (skin, crystal currency, scheme etc.) possible to get three times per week. It rewards hours spent in the game. Small space capsule (ball) would fall around the base. Player could open it in research machine. Music player Listen own music from Documents/Astroneer/User Music like a in GTA series. Miscellaneous (small ideas, fixes) • Possibility to change the brush size • Add module that creates oxygen, because limitless oxygen is bad idea. • Improve driving and change it to WSAD • Add option in settings to look around without pressing RMB • Add option to accept / refuse player who attempts to join the game • Deleting saves from game menu(not appdata) • Make possible to change language in settings • Alien plants should wrap acid instead of poison gas, it does not make sense because the character has helmet. • Don't add intelligent aliens to game, life itself in space is rare. • Add option for naming or changing icons of Beacons This topic is updated version of previous one:
  3. Attempting to unpackage a vehicle on the mysterious satellite orbiting the sun leads to the vehicle flipping around and launching into space. I have tried this with both the large rover and tractor with the same result. Please see the attached video for more detail. ASTRONEER 2_12_2019 3_51_35 PM.mp4
  4. It would be interesting to get a space station crafting arc, we have space shuttles which put us into orbit already. If we could put Satellites into orbit, with scanners in could give us information about the planet. Also to have a space station in orbit would be very interesting and could be quite an interesting part of the game. On the subject of Satellites. You would craft them at your base on the planet surface. Maybe put them onto a shuttle base. It would be interesting to have them be a one use, just to get them into orbit. Before you send them off you would outfit them with different scanners. Such as a planet survey scanner. This scanner would scan the planet, maybe give you an overview of the size, where the mountains are, cave, etc. On the resources. A scanner could give you information on if an area has a high concentration of a certain resource, so if you wanted to mine just a tone of Graphite the scanner would tell you this location seems to have a lot of graphite. You could then travel there with a rover, or fly there, mine up a bunch of graphite then head home. You could have a module on the surface base where the satellite sends its information. With a satellite dish and an output screen, you could look in on. Some other things the scanners could do with an overview of the planet. It could give you the rarity of resources on the said planet. Maybe a weather notifier to show you where storms are so you can prepare accordingly. There could be an item that you can craft onto you suit to give you an early warning for weather. There could be just how dangerous the planet is, the hostility of the organics, how often storms occurs, etc. There could be some scanners for wreaks as well. On the subject of Space Stations. Similar to how you could put a Satellite in orbit you could send up different parts of Space Stations. Space Stations would be more of a late game project. You would be able to go up to the station yourself. Maybe there would be some research capabilities only available while in orbit. You could have docking and refueling stations, so planet hopping would be a little cheaper on fuel. You could have a refueling station in orbit of several different planets, then travel to each one to top off and head to the next. Just being in a space station, and living life up there in orbit would be an interesting survival mechanic as well. There could be some interesting multiplayer action that could happen. Your running out of some resources and your friend on the surface could send up some relief supplies. Overall it would be a very expensive project to take on, in-game and for the developers. I think it would be a great addition to the game, it would add a lot more crafting and opportunities as well as just much more to do. I would definitely even pay if it was a DLC for the game. Thank you for your consideration
  5. roan whitford


    Anyone think this is a good idea? A satellite launched from a platform, into space, and orbits the current planet, and has a camera that can be accessed from the surface, to make time lapses and stuff. I think it would be a nice touch.
  6. I am completely aware that map-making is coming, but I would like to suggest how it will be introduced to the game. My idea is that you need to research a satellite and build it at a vehicle bay. It would be unmanned and need to be filled with hydrazine fuel for a one-way trip into orbit around the planet it was launched from. Then it would unpack itself and have a radius it can see, and start mapping it. The idea would be to have multiple of these for planet-wide coverage, like GPS in real life. Then the Astroneer you play as can get a small interface to see what the satellite has mapped, and get little icons for different things. This just came to me and could be a bit of a stretch, but the map interface could show a low texture 3D planet you can rotate and zoom in on. Please respond if this has already been thought of.
  7. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allowing the astroneer to make Components based on what is currently attached. **see below for automation-linking thoughts** It would need to be attached to a platform or a medium/large rover to function (craftable at medium fabricator?). Also, an astroneer could "enter" the workbench during a storm and craft components then. Perhaps its own ui? I think having "structures" that require multiple components made up of smaller crafted pieces rather than 2 or 4 pieces of copper, etc. will make some more end game parts of the game more strategic to get to. ELEVATOR - that is made from stackable (T3) evelator modules. They would piece together (only) vertically and only be used for astroneer transport (as opposed materials transport). It would require power and would be oxygenated. Perhaps it would only deploy on a true flat surface and one could dig down from inside? Perhaps a special platform for the first/surface module? Elevator becomes a permanent structure and can't be disassembled once placed. WEATHER DISHES - having a weather dish that tracks weather patterns, but has slots for 1 weather augments per dish. I.e., it will only track the weather system/hazard that you program it to track. The output is a timer for how long before pattern "touches down". A 2nd augment slot could recieve the Alignment Mod to tell if weather system/ hazard will pass directly overhead. HAZARD PLANET - could be a hard to reach planet with a heavy fog/mist (to reduce visibility) with only "end-game" resources, like what Linkman81 mentioned in a previous post about piece-ing together objects for rare modules/etc. This planet would not be overly hazardous, but an astroneer could not build on this planet. Only tethers could attached to the surface (but no compound is available anywhere on the planet, so supplies would have to be brought with). SMALL ROVER attached to LARGE SHUTTLE - for initial exploration of new planets.
  8. it would be really nice adding a feature for the platform which is basically useless after start which spawns nearly the habitat. it would requires some resources and have a small fuel canister, and will be launched to space when wanted. the satellite will be small and help the player navigate throughout the planet, and maybe could even pass a few resources (2 or 4 or just 1) from 1 base to another. it could be taken back only while orbiting in a shuttle or a large shuttle.
  9. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital Satellite The Orbital Satellite is a planetary scanner. Once in orbit of a planet, it collects data and sends it back to the nearest player base. This data can be used to pinpoint spaceship wrecks or indicate where mineral-rich areas are. When in orbit, the owning player will have a passive income of 75-250 Bytes, depending on the size of the planet. The Orbital Satellite must be built out of several expensive components and launched via Rocket Drone or Shuttle. To upgrade and refuel the Orbital Satellite, enter planetary orbit and dock with it. The Satellite has two augment slots and one fuel port. The Orbital Satellite's Augments can improve its abilities such as make its data more accurate 3. Control Platform This new base platform module partners with the Satellite Data Array Platform to control and instruct Rocket Drones and Orbital Satellites. When activated by the player, the Solar Map is shown and 2 Autonomous spacecraft such as Orbital Satellites or Rocket Drones are displayed. This can be expanded up to 8 spacecraft via the Satellite Data Array. This Platform can be used without a Satellite Data Array Platform or Dish, but actions require longer to communicate to spacecraft. 4. Satellite Data Array Platform/Dish/Server This device is an infrastructure staple In order for improved performance of all network-related items. The Platform adds +60% Network capacity to any connected Control Platforms (+4 Spacecraft Tracking). SDA Dishes add +15% Network Capacity and if mounted to the player's backpack, enables a surface mini-map if at least one Orbital Satellite is in orbit and able to make a Line-Of-Sight to the player's dish. Servers are 2-slot base-attachable items that come from the large Printer. They add storage capacity for Orbital Satellite data, which can then be deciphered and show where wrecks or high-mineral content is. This is essentially a variant of the research/bytes system. 5. Geodomes and Habitats Geodomes are base extensions that allow you to take shelter from storms and work in peace. Big enough for 2 fully-built base platforms, they would essentially look like this. The GeoDome Habitats are built from placing 1 compound and 1 titanium on a base extension. They have 4 internal 2-slot attachment points to put items like Medium Batteries or Storage on. 6. Reinforced Tether Pylons Reinforced tethers are large, tall structures that have the capability to also transmit power and items. Printed in sets of four from a base platform printer, these pylons have 6X the range of normal tethers and have 4 attachment points, allowing them to become solar-equipped or even windmills. They are set into the ground like Habitats. Rovers and Trucks are able to connect to Reinforced Tether Pylons to charge or transmit items. 7. Transmission Tubes Transmission tubes are a new item that can connect bases and move resources. They can be strung on or under the ground, or hung off of Reinforced Tether Pylons to stay out of the way of Rovers. They even move Research 8. Hydrazine Tank and Hydrazine Hose A Large hydrazine tank which can be printed. It occupies 2 slots and has a capacity of 25 Hydrazine Canisters. If mounted to a Hydrazine generating device, it will fill off of its labor. The Tank also has a hose that will try to auto-connect to nearby shuttles, much like base parts attach to Rovers and Trucks. That's all I have for now, folks. I realize that some of these may be under sub-categories of the roadmap, but my star ideas are 1-5 in my opinion.
  10. gbt8964

    GPS mapping

    So, finding your way... I've often wished for the ability to spot markers at a greater distance when you inevitably get lost. A basic GPS system would be helpful, although its function should be as realistic as possible. The network could be made of satellites or (assuming they make it into the game) modules on space stations. I would propose that; - Any one satellite/space station has limited range, and only works if you, it, and the thing you're trying to find are all within that range (i.e. triangulation). The satellite's orbit would also affect this, rendering some useless from certain positions. - Modules on stations might be simple in terms of resources. Satellites however, should be resource intensive, higher tier items that require a range of resources + hydrazine to launch. - When in use, the GPS network would highlight bases/GPS markers on your compass, assuming they're in range. This should prevent it being too O.P. or destroying the frontiering experience, as would happen with a map, and could only be a consistent aid if you've invested heavily in a big network. This would probably work best as a mid-late game unlock, but add your thoughts if you think it's a mechanic that could be useful and balanced.
  11. Hi, I bought this game recently but I've watched a lot of YouTube video about this game (My favorites are Z1 and Draegast) and it makes me really want to play this game. Then I bought it while it on sale. And the I also like the devs vlogs because I'm interested with game studios ,so watching your vlog is like a... you know... Make me even more interested into game development. So just straight to my idea. First I have to say that Dynamite/TNT and space junk is a relatively common things in game, especially now we can found space junk with TNT attached to it! Then I thought of something what if it could be a little bit valuable thing not just a trash... And my idea is to add a new resource lets call it "Scrap". What is "Scrap"?? Well basically it's a thing that we can get by blowing up Crashes with TNT. Because it's make sense right?? Blowing metal then you got scrap not just disappear. And from the "Scrap" you can maybe convert or smelt or craft that to something else. Ex. Aluminium, Copper, Titanium, or maybe a new metal resource like "Iron" that you can only get by blowing junk. I'd like to make some illustration but I'm to busy with my job and I cant even make this thread look more nice cause I don't have time to make this thread I think just it for this idea if anybody can improve my idea I would appreciate it so much. Thank you guys so much for reading this messy and bad english thread to the and. Its my first thread soo... Yeah, hope you like my idea... Have a nice day!!
  12. Satellites Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network. Command Module Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed) Networks Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. Can be wired or wireless. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. One length is the max distance of tethers. Wireless requires Satellite. Different channels allow different things to be connected 2 or 4 channels / satellite. Mods Allow players to make mods in the game. Pretty self explanatory. Hosting System Era Official Server Hosting. 24/7 multiplayer servers allow for faster Research Acid Rain Must dig underground to survive. Sitting in a seat will still slowly kill the player. Backpack Storage (Small Storage) Takes up 2 Slots and gives 4 Slots of storage. Can be applied on a rover, platform, or backpack. Liquids Water on earth. Must drink water to survive. Water can all be found in ice, looking similar to the oxygen pellets in the ground. Food Find food in plants (where organic is), or make a farm. Must eat to survive. Aliens / NPCs Have Factions / NPCs that are like Players. They carry items, you can give/take (trading), have their own habitats, and you can kill them with weapons (once and if added to the game )
  13. Chord Lord

    Idea for Satellites/Maps

    After playing Astroneer for a while, it starts to become easy to get lost while exploring a large planet. While a map would be helpful, a standard map would not fit the games theme or feel very well in my opinion. However, building or repairing satellites to take pictures while in orbit would be a great way to make navigation just a bit easier. What exactly would the satellites do? Satellites would be sent into orbit around a specific planet. While in orbit, satellites would take pictures of the planet's surface from a bird's eye view. Satellites could take pictures of areas that the player requests or could gradually take pictures as they slowly orbit the planet. These pictures could take on various different forms. Perhaps they could be topographical, or could show you the location of landmarks such as wrecks, cave entrances, etc. How would you build and launch satellites? Satellites could either be built or repaired. The many satellites found crashed on planets could be repaired by bringing various materials to them. Perhaps you may even need to venture deep underground to find a satellite computer or something to be able to make the satellite operate. Satellites could also be selected from the vehicle bay to be built, or maybe they could be launched and monitored from a new type of base module altogether (like a "satellite control center" or something of the sorts) That's all I got for now. Please leave any other suggestions you have for satellites or maps in the comments. Thanks!
  14. I recently started a super cool space base, but I can't continue construction because this invisible wall prohibits any placement soil. *insert tears here.
  15. LeoTM

    Titan Bug

    I tried to get 2 Titan. In a crashed space ship there was one. As i entered the space ship, there was a camera lag and i could only see the wall of the space ship. I tried to get the titan out of the ship but as i left it, the titan was not there. I'm very very angry about that, because i want to craft the winch.
  16. Manosman

    Satellite Mini Game

    In here you will find the answer to these hidden satellites
  17. Please, introduce these things: - some kind of satellite that can orbit the planet and scan the surface to create a complete map of that (and maybe add some upgrade for the satellite which can track the players on the map). - reduce the frequency of the sandstorm because there are annoing and too much destructive -introduce in the game the buildings or the placeable walls, paths and floors Thank you for developing this awesome game.
  18. So I was minding my own business when I found the satellite. Because I wanted so see all of the details I stepped closer to it and then I heard an extraordinary morse code I've never heard before! I recorded it via PlaysTV but uplaoded it on YouTube, maybe someone can decypher it?
  19. Ok, so there's a lot of threads and debates on the subject of maps and minimaps both for and against, so if this idea's already been brought up then my apologies as I haven't had the chance to go through them all. But I was thinking, how about instead of having a minimap from the beginning, you have the option of making one later on in the game? You could build a small satellite in the vehicle bay that you send to orbit the planet, together with a receiving ground station module in the form of a satellite dish or aerial tower or something to link to said satellite, and lastly a small handheld GPS device (like the wind vein or small solar panel) that you must have in your backpack to use the map? Obviously making all these would be expensive and require quite a few resources, but it gives people the option to have a minimap or not as their heart desires, and since each planet would need its own orbiting satellite before it can be mapped you'd still have the organic "running around blind" feeling before you get enough resources to map the world.
  20. My boyfriend and I were discussing some ideas back and forth... We collectively thought of the idea of some map. He suggested crafting a satellite that can orbit your planet and give you the option to see your world to see beacons and home icons better. I suggested a launch pad as a crafted bench.. not sure if it's called a hub or bench? (the pad that costs 1 resin to extend, then 2 resin to create a printer, vehicle bay, etc) So maybe if it was an option to create a launch pad and this launch pad could create launchable satellites. The satellite needs attachments before being launched into orbit: Weather Alert/Weather Beacon: The weather alert will be attached to the satellite and the weather alert beacon will be attached to the person/vehicle/storage. The beacon could flash red to alert the astronaut that a windstorm is heading in their direction and they should seek shelter. (Alternatively instead of making weather alert attachment, make a weather satellite that needs a camera attachment to view storms, but will still require weather alert beacon to be on person/vehicle/storage.) Camera Attachment: The camera attachment will be attached to the satellite and take record of the locations that have beacons, vehicles, or home icons.The view from the satellite would be as if you were in orbit yourself (similar to the orbit screen if you launch into space from a shuttle). The Launch Pad and Satellite: Launch Pad: The launch pad can be researched like any normal item such as the truck or filters. Finding the researched item would just be a random draw like the rest. Satellite: The satellite(s) will require research and/or parts salvaged from satellite crash sites or maybe crash sites in general. TLDR; A craftable launch pad and satellite that will allow you to see beacons/vehicles/home and weather. Platform: Xbox One RASPBERY
  21. after I found out the Hubble looking satellite needed to be powered, i did just that. i purposely caused my cosmonaut to clip underground for the photo, the panels for the mini game are so far underneath that i can not interact with them on the surface. hilariously, while clipping i was able to hit some of the buttons. I do have multiple bases, and have found multiple satellites and powered them. however, i did not find any new panels on any of my other bases. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 pro x64 | version 10.0.1493 | Build 1493 (got this from the command prompt) CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 640 3.00GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 950 2048MB RAM: 2x2GB ADATA & 2x4GB Corsair (dual channel: DDR3 :12GB total) Drive:
  22. Abraham_Linkens_Sphere

    Ability to launch satellites into orbit.

    I was thinking it would be a neat idea to be able to launch satellites into orbit, giving you the ability to see your location in some form, be it a map, hud, or even a rudimentary GPS for coordinates.
  23. Hi, Just an idea regarding the MAP feature: You could build GPS satellites, which you can launch into orbit The more satellites you launch into orbit, the more precise data your handheld MAP device will get: 1 GPS: basic 2D overview MAP with limited functionality: only your base and yourself shown 3 GPS: everything you get with 1 GPS, plus beacons and vehicles shown 5 GPS: basic 3D wire frame map with bases, beacons, vehicles, etc. 10 GPS: detailed mini 3D topological map If you complete a 10-node GPS network you could craft special GPS satellites with imaging sensors: Infrared optics to display resources on the surface X-ray sensors to display underground caves/resources ...maybe other optics for specific resources? (too OP?) Other ideas incorporate signal strength? Satellite/terrestrial/mobile antennas to boost coverage/detail/etc? Storms interfere with GPS reception, fuzzy/noisy MAP display mobile and stationary antennas to boost signal underground modular satellites (battery, power source, antenna, analysis module(resource)) multiplayer options you could send way points to other players track other players What do you think?
  24. Very mysterious crash site I noticed while exploring a huge cave. It looks like a transmission dish or something like that , attempting to send signals. It makes weird noises, something like beeping sounds, a deep hum and a hissing sound. The golden rings seem like the ports on the crashed surface solar panel bearing satellites, which can be used as a power generator; but yet are different. On this specific one, it has golden circles, just like how the other ones on the surface have or like a rover or base has, but instead these are golden and do not connect. I searched for it but found nothing.
  25. Proxy

    Planet Mapping

    Navigation is not Astroneers best Thing to Offer. Beacons only Help so far, until your Planet has so Many of them that it literally Looks like a HIV Virus. (Accurate). [/humor] Eitherway, One way to Solve the Problem of an Overview are Maps. Now in my Current idea, they are just a Way to Get a Overview of the Planet you are on and to Waste Items and Resources. Now lets get to the Map itself. I'd Imagine it as a Module. with a Holographic Display of the Planet you are on. It shows Beacons, Homes, Players, etc. (About what i mean) now, to Map the Planet you gotta use something, a Small or Big Radar comes to mind. Either Carry the Small Radar with you to Scan the Area around you while you Explore (Uses Power to Scan). Or use the Big one, Either on a Vihicle or on a Satellite. Now the Satellite, i thought about it as a Un-manable Shuttle. that Flies into the Orbit of the Planet. a One-Way Trip, it would have 3 total 2-S Connectors and a Internal Battery to Run something on it... for Example a Big Radar. I - Small Radar II - Big Radar III - New Solar Panel, Rotates with the Star's Movement IV - Satellite The Design idea for the Big Radar is from Real Life GPS Satellites. And that is basically it. I have no idea if any of These Would somehow Work in this Game... maybe atleast the Satellite Idea... maybe for Microwave Transmission to get Power from the Orbit or Store it up there. Hope it was somewhat Informative, I'm bad at Suggesting, because i know that Devs don't like Fully Planned Ideas... which is Understandable. Also yes i worked hard on those Sketches