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  1. Playing on Steam with a mouse and keyboard. I am unable to finish the game and get the "And Beyond" achievement because I placed a shelter on the center of the platform, which is now completely blocking it and I am unable to move, package, or delete the shelter. I cannot progress.
  2. In here you will find the answer to these hidden satellites
  3. Looking back, this isn't so much a fully developed idea as it is an inspiration for things to come. Here it is: being able to put satellites into orbit. First off, this would add a new aspect to the game, of space travel, perhaps occasionally the satellites get damaged and you have to do dangerous spacewalks to repair them. As for what the satellites can do? I don't know. Maybe they allow you to get a birds-eye view of the planet and can mark different crashed spaceships for you to salvage. Maybe it will point out points of interest on the world, like ruins or exo dynamic triangle thingam
  4. First time posting here, loving the game enough that I signed up to post and to discuss this. I think that if a mini map were to be implemented, it would be pretty sick, but should be implemented as a research-able module that attaches to your arm instead later down the line (doesn't waste backpack space). That way there would be an additional sense of game/ tech progression, where you start out using the primitive methods of path finding (line of beacons/ looking at stars/ compass), slowly upgrade towards better path finding methods aka cartography and then start pushing towards GPS technolog
  5. Hi. This is a quite complex idea for some new technologies in the game and the way they can work and improve the experience. I understand that what I have written is enough for a whole new update, but why not? Satellites I believe satellites should have slots for sensors and for other devices, so they could be customised for our needs. They need to be powered by solar energy and have a built-in battery. Now, a perfectly working satellite with enough power would update sensor information every 5 minutes. But the further from the sun, this time would obviously be longer.
  6. Satellite GPS How would this work? You would need access to the largest rocket(Titanium alloy one). First you would need to research the satellite and a satellite bay. The satellite bay would be made in a large printer and the satellite in a medium printer. You would place the satellite bay into the rocket, it would take up the whole storage. (The satellite bay would have a little crane arm inside) Before you were to place the satellite into the bay you would have an option to two storage spots on it. (Two single ports) But before we get into the fun part I want to explain how t
  7. Hello my friends! First of all I want to tell you that I see in this game a huge potential. This forced me to spend some of my time to write few of my ideas. I would like to see in the comments what you think about them. English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any mistakes. @SES_Adam I think that you should to take a look at this. List of ideas Crystal Currency Astroneer not expose yourself for no reason. He explores the planet for economic purposes. For the game should be added currency (for example crystals able to mine) for which you would buy schemes.
  8. Attempting to unpackage a vehicle on the mysterious satellite orbiting the sun leads to the vehicle flipping around and launching into space. I have tried this with both the large rover and tractor with the same result. Please see the attached video for more detail. ASTRONEER 2_12_2019 3_51_35 PM.mp4
  9. It would be interesting to get a space station crafting arc, we have space shuttles which put us into orbit already. If we could put Satellites into orbit, with scanners in could give us information about the planet. Also to have a space station in orbit would be very interesting and could be quite an interesting part of the game. On the subject of Satellites. You would craft them at your base on the planet surface. Maybe put them onto a shuttle base. It would be interesting to have them be a one use, just to get them into orbit. Before you send them off you would outfit them with differe
  10. Anyone think this is a good idea? A satellite launched from a platform, into space, and orbits the current planet, and has a camera that can be accessed from the surface, to make time lapses and stuff. I think it would be a nice touch.
  11. I am completely aware that map-making is coming, but I would like to suggest how it will be introduced to the game. My idea is that you need to research a satellite and build it at a vehicle bay. It would be unmanned and need to be filled with hydrazine fuel for a one-way trip into orbit around the planet it was launched from. Then it would unpack itself and have a radius it can see, and start mapping it. The idea would be to have multiple of these for planet-wide coverage, like GPS in real life. Then the Astroneer you play as can get a small interface to see what the satellite has mapped, and
  12. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allo
  13. it would be really nice adding a feature for the platform which is basically useless after start which spawns nearly the habitat. it would requires some resources and have a small fuel canister, and will be launched to space when wanted. the satellite will be small and help the player navigate throughout the planet, and maybe could even pass a few resources (2 or 4 or just 1) from 1 base to another. it could be taken back only while orbiting in a shuttle or a large shuttle.
  14. Anyone have a hankering for a space-age industrial revolution? I do! So, I've compiled a big list of items to help bring Astroneer to the next level of infrastructure. Enjoy! 1. Rocket Drone The Rocket Drone is an interplanetary ship that can deliver Materials and other items between planets. When launched, they will fly to in-range vehicle bays or enter planetary orbit. When in orbit, they can be told by the nearest Controller Platform on the planet they are orbiting to fly elsewhere, as long as it has fuel. It has the capability to release Orbital Satellites. 2. Orbital
  15. So, finding your way... I've often wished for the ability to spot markers at a greater distance when you inevitably get lost. A basic GPS system would be helpful, although its function should be as realistic as possible. The network could be made of satellites or (assuming they make it into the game) modules on space stations. I would propose that; - Any one satellite/space station has limited range, and only works if you, it, and the thing you're trying to find are all within that range (i.e. triangulation). The satellite's orbit would also affect this, rendering some useless from c
  16. Hi, I bought this game recently but I've watched a lot of YouTube video about this game (My favorites are Z1 and Draegast) and it makes me really want to play this game. Then I bought it while it on sale. And the I also like the devs vlogs because I'm interested with game studios ,so watching your vlog is like a... you know... Make me even more interested into game development. So just straight to my idea. First I have to say that Dynamite/TNT and space junk is a relatively common things in game, especially now we can found space junk with TNT attached to it! Then I thought of someth
  17. Satellites Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network. Command Module Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed) Networks Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. Can be wired or wireless. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. One length is the max distance of tethers. Wireless requir
  18. After playing Astroneer for a while, it starts to become easy to get lost while exploring a large planet. While a map would be helpful, a standard map would not fit the games theme or feel very well in my opinion. However, building or repairing satellites to take pictures while in orbit would be a great way to make navigation just a bit easier. What exactly would the satellites do? Satellites would be sent into orbit around a specific planet. While in orbit, satellites would take pictures of the planet's surface from a bird's eye view. Satellites could take pictures of areas that the
  19. I recently started a super cool space base, but I can't continue construction because this invisible wall prohibits any placement soil. *insert tears here.
  20. I tried to get 2 Titan. In a crashed space ship there was one. As i entered the space ship, there was a camera lag and i could only see the wall of the space ship. I tried to get the titan out of the ship but as i left it, the titan was not there. I'm very very angry about that, because i want to craft the winch.
  21. Please, introduce these things: - some kind of satellite that can orbit the planet and scan the surface to create a complete map of that (and maybe add some upgrade for the satellite which can track the players on the map). - reduce the frequency of the sandstorm because there are annoing and too much destructive -introduce in the game the buildings or the placeable walls, paths and floors Thank you for developing this awesome game.
  22. So I was minding my own business when I found the satellite. Because I wanted so see all of the details I stepped closer to it and then I heard an extraordinary morse code I've never heard before! I recorded it via PlaysTV but uplaoded it on YouTube, maybe someone can decypher it?
  23. Ok, so there's a lot of threads and debates on the subject of maps and minimaps both for and against, so if this idea's already been brought up then my apologies as I haven't had the chance to go through them all. But I was thinking, how about instead of having a minimap from the beginning, you have the option of making one later on in the game? You could build a small satellite in the vehicle bay that you send to orbit the planet, together with a receiving ground station module in the form of a satellite dish or aerial tower or something to link to said satellite, and lastly a small hand
  24. My boyfriend and I were discussing some ideas back and forth... We collectively thought of the idea of some map. He suggested crafting a satellite that can orbit your planet and give you the option to see your world to see beacons and home icons better. I suggested a launch pad as a crafted bench.. not sure if it's called a hub or bench? (the pad that costs 1 resin to extend, then 2 resin to create a printer, vehicle bay, etc) So maybe if it was an option to create a launch pad and this launch pad could create launchable satellites. The satellite needs attachments before being launched in
  25. after I found out the Hubble looking satellite needed to be powered, i did just that. i purposely caused my cosmonaut to clip underground for the photo, the panels for the mini game are so far underneath that i can not interact with them on the surface. hilariously, while clipping i was able to hit some of the buttons. I do have multiple bases, and have found multiple satellites and powered them. however, i did not find any new panels on any of my other bases. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 pro x64 | version 10.0.1493 | Build