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Found 13 results

  1. Mazsi0505

    New planet base

    You can enter to the base and then you can upgrade your planet station thingy like a shield over your planet station to prevent sandstorms or electricity flow boost upgrade and things like that.. please contact me in e-mail ( if you interested in
  2. Summary: - Steam - Tether Wire Infinite Spawning Description: When you enter a habitat while having two tethers attached to it, another rope will spawn (while the other rope is still there) and connect to one of the tether attachments. For some odd reason, this infinitely and continuiously starts happening when sitting inside the habitat during a sandstorm, causing a lot of lag within the game. NOTE: This was fixed by de-attaching the tether so only one was connected, and then re-attaching it back. The lag from constant spawning of the rope was also fixed by de-attaching and re-attaching (since the rope de-spawns). However, after re-attaching the tether so two are attached to the habitat, the same bug can occur. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Microsoft Windows x64 | v.10 10.0.16299 | Build 16299 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series RAM: 8.0 GB Drive: NTFS 930.96 GB ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This occurs after jumping into the habitat once or twice. As you can see, the tether stays there when you're out of the habitat. However, when jumping into the pod continuously, I couldn't tell if it spawned another rope, or if it was just two ropes attached to one tether. This is what happens during a sandstorm. Major lag can occur due to constant spawning. Hope this helps!
  3. RedNeckSideKick

    Sandstorms do not spin turbines

    First of all, I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a missing feature. Either way, it appears that turbines (the small ones at least) do not spin during sandstorms. I play on PC if that helps.
  4. NotJayden


    Hi, I just want to know why the astronaut covers his face during a sandstorm although he has a helmet on. I understand why he would be slow but why cover his face?
  5. Brian Crivella

    Sandstorm joy ride

    196 Xbox One Not sure if this is intended, but i just had a fun joy ride inside a sandstorm while in my large rover. (I included a 30sec clip of it) I was 20 ft away from my base when it hit and it was like I weighed nothing as I blew me across the surface of terra hit some space junk and started to tumble. Plus it will do the same if you are deep underground in one of the massive caverns too. Second thing is, the white line that was below any beacon (including the home base one) does not show up. This is a problem when you have the clouds above the base and the home beacon is covered up by them, got lost for an hour yesterday because of it and I wasn't that far, I just didn't see it because of the clouds. Including screenshots Also the performance has dropped severely after the game crashed on me yesterday while I was out exploring in my large rover. Load in of objects take up to several seconds sometimes and the rover comes to a dead stop till it loads in. And walking around large clusters of objects makes it worse. Plus when moving the camera around to look lags pretty bad now too. Just a few things I am currently experiencing, still love the game though ? 7-24-2017_1-17-34_PM.mp4
  6. theboss24611

    Sandstorm Siren

    I think that sandstorms come quickly without much warning. I think the wind sound should be increased for the warning of a sandstorm, or create an item similar to a tornado siren in real life alerting the player with a loud noise that a sand storm is coming so the player will have time to take shelter and not get beat up with blocks suddenly. I think this will improve the game by players not being annoyed by a death that came out of no where or having to walk slowly in a sandstorm to get shelter while having blocks thrown at them. obviously it would look better and match the theme of the game, but it would look something like the photo attached.
  7. Noticed this while playing with my friend on PC (he was hosting), first planet, I was underground when a sandstorm hit and one of the big, white plants that grows underground started freaking out. It seems like the little bits attached to it started flying around as if being caught in the wind, but they were completely detached. Not much else to it but I'm happy to provide any other details to help!
  8. JWW

    Sandstorm bug

    I was underground looking for researchers when i stumbled across a sandstorm underground, which is clearly bugged, because i was far underground
  9. while I was learning to play this wasn't an issue as I would look to mount a vehicle or the habitat and if too far away just dig a whole. When I figured I could literally raise the ground right in front of me to protect against sandstorm winds and debris I began building some walls in the case of Sandstorms. The I started noticing that the rocks thrown by the sandstorm were simply going through walls that I had raised using the deform tool. I eventually built a really tall garage with three walls and a roof to protect my vehicles but when a sandstorm hit the same thing happened. at certain points in the wall especially close to the ground the rocks would still fly through the wall and hit me or my cars knocking everything of them.
  10. Was just thinking.. wouldn't it be cool if there was a giant monster in the middle of the sand storm.. that it wasn't a storm.. really.. just a big un wandering around kicking up dust and rocks. Something related to the bones found in the caves... It's really give you a good reason to run away from them.
  11. Windows 10, Steam, mouse/keyboard Perhaps not a bug but I don't think this is working as intended. During the sandstorm the player hunkers down and walks slower against the wind. However pressing jump allows the player to progress into the wind at a normal speed.
  12. I'm using keyboard and mouse and using the stable version on Steam. I was just out spawn mining and a giant sandstorm started at my base. After coming back there appeared to be higher terrain on my base. (I first was like, Nice they added sandstorms to leave sand behind). The terrain covers my spawn pod and as seen in the screenshot, it doesn't collide with you/items. I'm still able to walk to my pod and TAB/save the game. Reloading the world, after saving it with the pyramid in it, resolves this problem.
  13. astroneer trailer had more dangerous sandstorm. but now we can avoid that just digging in to a ground. and it can't blow up my base. so I use less tools.