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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, just downloaded and started playing this last night on my xbox one and already put 6ish hours into it the past day. Most of it I'm loving; really really enjoyable. Wanted to mention my frustration with how badly the L-stick on the xbox one version is treating me though. I'm never able to simply push it a direction to move. I have to instead almost weave a sort of path to the left and right and by adding in jumps it seems to get it to progress a a bit better. But it's a chore to walk anywhere. When I've watched videos of people on the pc with it, it seems fluid. Is there some setting I could adjust or is it related to something else? I'm using a newer wired controller, but one I've not had any navigation/sticking issues with. If I simply push any direction with the L-stick it moves only slightly and then he stops. Only other smaller item would be how the R-stick can be touchy to get to where you want. But the more I work with it the more I think I'm ok. Please help me on the first item though. I'll keep playing and making the best of it but all of my tethered experiences are requiring more work in walking than retrieving things. David
  2. 1: Mouse+Keyboard 2: Win 7 3: Easy to recreate consistently Desc: While running through a mild downward slope in a cave on barren, if I continuously press space bar I can remain in the air for as long as the ceiling is there. Seems to be that the game is registering the ceiling as a wall maybe? Meaning the low gravitation may be the problem?
  3. I've spent a few hours playing this game now, and from the very first minute I was missing the option to toggle always run. Holding SHIFT key all the time (if using mouse/keyboard) or having to press the left joystick (when using gamepad) is extremely frustrating. Not only is very cumbersome, but it also causes tendinitis very quickly. I don't notice any direct difference in oxygen usage when walking or running, and also I spend the vast majority of my exploring tethered, so it doesn't really matter. Basically this means I want to run all the time. I don't want walking as default movement speed. Please add a shortcut key to toggle this. I.e. caps lock, or some other key. Or at least an option in the settings. I've had to stop playing this game now it triggers tendinitis immediately in my hand. It cannot be only me wanting an option for this. I tried searching this forums but couldn't find any posts. Googling showed lots of reddit posts etc. with people asking for it.
  4. On Xbox One, holding in left stick to sprint is a bit tedious, especially when running from a sand storm. Is there a way to click once to sprint, or can this be implemented in the next update? Side note: aim sensitive needs to be added as well. It's way too slow imo Cheers
  5. Save my thumb and controller from over-usage. Seeing this on the next experimental update would be amazing.
  6. Hello Devs! Here are a few things that I would live to see on Xbox One - Click to run feature, thumbs get tired after awhile. Have the option to turn this on or off. - Have a Whats New Menu when you make updates. I don't know if this is a thing or not so I'm just saying it now. - Info on what objects are or have hints on them. Put an option to turn this off because some people may find this annoying. - Add a health bar - Add weapons and enemies later after all of the bugs are fixed. - New worlds or universes. Same as the last one, don't do this until the bugs are fixed. As of now this is all I can think of. Thank you Devs, I love this game!!