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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, just downloaded and started playing this last night on my xbox one and already put 6ish hours into it the past day. Most of it I'm loving; really really enjoyable. Wanted to mention my frustration with how badly the L-stick on the xbox one version is treating me though. I'm never able to simply push it a direction to move. I have to instead almost weave a sort of path to the left and right and by adding in jumps it seems to get it to progress a a bit better. But it's a chore to walk anywhere. When I've watched videos of people on the pc with it, it seems fluid. Is there some setting
  2. 1: Mouse+Keyboard 2: Win 7 3: Easy to recreate consistently Desc: While running through a mild downward slope in a cave on barren, if I continuously press space bar I can remain in the air for as long as the ceiling is there. Seems to be that the game is registering the ceiling as a wall maybe? Meaning the low gravitation may be the problem?
  3. I've spent a few hours playing this game now, and from the very first minute I was missing the option to toggle always run. Holding SHIFT key all the time (if using mouse/keyboard) or having to press the left joystick (when using gamepad) is extremely frustrating. Not only is very cumbersome, but it also causes tendinitis very quickly. I don't notice any direct difference in oxygen usage when walking or running, and also I spend the vast majority of my exploring tethered, so it doesn't really matter. Basically this means I want to run all the time. I don't want walking as default mov
  4. On Xbox One, holding in left stick to sprint is a bit tedious, especially when running from a sand storm. Is there a way to click once to sprint, or can this be implemented in the next update? Side note: aim sensitive needs to be added as well. It's way too slow imo Cheers
  5. Save my thumb and controller from over-usage. Seeing this on the next experimental update would be amazing.
  6. Hello Devs! Here are a few things that I would live to see on Xbox One - Click to run feature, thumbs get tired after awhile. Have the option to turn this on or off. - Have a Whats New Menu when you make updates. I don't know if this is a thing or not so I'm just saying it now. - Info on what objects are or have hints on them. Put an option to turn this off because some people may find this annoying. - Add a health bar - Add weapons and enemies later after all of the bugs are fixed. - New worlds or universes. Same as the last one, don't do this until the bugs are