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Found 8 results

  1. So theres been a glitch that's been bothering me for a while. It Is associated with the large storage unit and either the Medium Shuttle and Large Shuttle, the areas that indicate the power being provided become off center, as in the disc that indicated the power being supplied is very off to the right or left, and it looks very strange. It only occurs after you have traveled with it in the shuttle.
  2. You should add a mini rtg’s so we can bring it on mining
  3. The feature wherein removing and replacing an RTG on a shredder platform/vehicle without accidentally shredding it appears to be non-functional as of 1.0.9. If this is intentional, again, I have to wonder if whoever is making these "fixes" has ever actually played the game. "Boy, I have too many RTGs, I guess I have to scrap some." is not a problem anyone playing this game has. However, "$%#%!!! I accidentally shredded my expensive and very valuable RTG" IS very much a problem people playing this game have. A real solution, if this feature is indeed perceived as a "bug," would be to introduce the option to turn the shredder on/off before socketing things onto its platform.
  4. It would be a 1-space item, made with a nanocarbon alloy, or a new item (who knows) and it would generate from nothing 0.2 energy bar per second, a low rate but infinite energy. I think it's a good item and it would be very good for the endgame, you could put one of these and a portable oxygenator and make a very nice oxygen and energy supply. Because of the rate it wouldn't be that OP, because the oxygenator uses more so you couldn't have a permanent oxygen supply.
  5. It would be (another) endgame item, it's the combination of a RTG and an oxygenator, with the use of another nanocarbon alloy to combinate them. The use of this it's reduce the space used for those. In case of a portable RTG you could do it also with those. Byte cost: 10000 for normal and 15000-20000 for portable.
  6. I think that an RTG tier 2 with enough power to power a portable oxygenator that would use 1 slot and would be extremely expensive would be a good idea. When i say extremely expensive, i mean 100,000 bytes, 5 double compacted nanocrbon alloy, because just heaps of nanocarbon alloy wouldn't make sense because it would be tiny, 4 compacted silicone, 10 compacted graphene and 1 triple compacted titanium alloy. I am saying "compacted" because the end game resources aren't hard enough to get and to make it harder, a "compacted" version could mean that it would go into a machine that would "compact" them by compressing two of the previous compact into one. Forexample a "double comoacted" compound would require two "compacted" compunds which would require two compound stacks each. Or there could be rarer resourcesadded. 
  7. Give us as much information about the crash as possible: Mouse/keyboard Steam Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz Memory: 32768MB RAM AMD Radeon R9 290x 4Gb Monitor Model: BenQ BL3200 2560 x 1440@60Hz What were you doing leading up to this crash? - I had just completed printing an rtg, placed it on one of the front slots of a large rover, hovered over to get the queue to press and hold f to unpack and as I pressed f the game crashed. the large rover had attached to it; the single rover seat, (on top slot) the portable oxygenator in one of the slots next to the seat, a large storage in the slots behind the seat. I turned on the P/O prior to unpacking the rtg (or was it just after...), either way, that's when the crash occurred.
  8. So, I was thinking that the oxygen and agriculture could be altered by a new set of parts. Oxygen- Right now is almost infinite for the habitats. I suggest making the habitat capable of holding up to 10 hours of oxygen and rovers like 6 hours. As your astronomer consumes oxygen you pull from the habitat/ rover reserves. Then use green houses and organics as the resource for compost to grow algae with small greenhouses and actual plants in large green houses. Small greenhouses could make it so you need two to support 1astroneer and 1 large greenhouse to support 3 astroneers. Agriculture- So, this feature could play well with the oxygen system with the greenhouses. Similar resource management but have 1 more module to package the plants into food. The habitat could hold 10 hours of food as well. Food bar on the suit could be a half circle of green lines on the back of the helmet. Rtg- Lastly, the rtg on the original habitat seems to be infinite and I more rtg can last years. But what if we have a limited amount of hours with the first rtg then use astromium to refuel it. Plus, use the medium printer to create an rtg out of titanium and astromium. Each rtg could give about 20 hours of power. Even if you can’t find astromium by then you would have a power collection system by the first 3 hours easy. Backpack Power- why not have the backpack grab power from rovers and actually drain the rover battery? These are just a few ideas I’ve had that shouldn’t break the game. Also give us new parts to research while adding a small amount of real while keeping the Essence of astroneer. Thabk you for this wonderful game, JBall