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Found 5 results

  1. I propose to add to different planets, different gravity (depending on their size of course), also add to completely different planets completely different weather conditions. Whatever the character could normally exist on the planet, he will need to create different things, like new suits, jetpacks, just to overcome the gravity of the planet
  2. Hey all! What if we had quests/mini quests in the game? I know narrative is coming in 1.0, but I have a few ideas that might be good to add: A. Use the zebra balls as ancient pods that would contain archaeological relics/relic fragments, or map fragments, or lore messages/items, depending on which type of ball we find (I've seen striped, checkered and dotted balls so far). Contents would be RNG, and the only way to open the pods would be through the research bay. Archaeological relics/fragments should be unique to each planet, and they could be tradeable for materials, technologies, or other relics/fragments. Also, they could be part of a game achievement (collect all relics from X planet). Map fragments would be collected to unlock a random planetary location in which an ancient city ruin would be located, with a chance to find relics, harvested materials and other goodies. There could be one or multiple locations per planet. (Perhaps also stellar coordinates to a hidden planet?) Lore messages could contain the history of the planet you are exploring, like holograms of its people, ancient texts, seeds, DNA blueprints, and the like. B. Have interaction with other races which could give you errands in exchange for technologies, items, materials, relics, etc. Interaction can be through a comm device in your suit (maybe another tab in your computer) or a panel that you open in your habitat. C. RPG elements in Astroneer, maybe? Character progression, character stats, etc. The higher your stats, more technologies and planets available to unlock for you. Evolve and integrate the current "bytes" system into a "tech" stat for your character. It can increase from visiting other planets and gathering more diverse tech from those, opening research pods, or from quest rewards.
  3. Tanky Wanky

    End Game Quests

    I really love the first 2-3 hours of gameplay, but once your base is established there isn't much left to do. I'm sure the developers are kicking around ideas for the beta/launch, but something small in the meantime would be great to keep engagement. A few suggestions: Make an overall quest to escape the solar system. Example: Need to recover a special rocket engine from a mountain top on Terran using a winch, which forces you to build a drive able pathway to the peak Example: Need to mine Helium-3 from super deep caves on the moon. Once you successfully fly away, you get a nice little congratulation screen. Make some research only unlockable on other planets to force you off Terran. Example: Can only unlock the oxygen tank with research items found on the moon.
  4. Feature Request: It would be great if I could level up my character through activities and spend the earned experience points. RPG like elements of this nature would increase the penalty of death and would incentivize me keep playing over a longer period of time by unlocking new abilities / objects using in game experience. Often times I find that I tend to stop playing a game if I can no longer level up or can't level up at all.
  5. Lunartiglio

    Just a touch of RPG?

    I'm getting really hyped the more I play this game and i was thinking : wouldn't it be cool to have some sort of skill progression/leveling up on your character thing? In my mind it would be just standard getting xp to allocate or even better getting more proficient in the things you do the most (aka Skyrim levelling), for example less ores needed to make a full stack after you mined a lot of them (nothing too powerful or game breaking), the skill tree would be accessible by pressing a button and a little console will pop out of your backpack just like the shaping tool. The "class" will be tied to the appearance of the astrooneer you pick at the start or maybe not, but some of the "classes" i have in mind would go well with the actual physique of the astroneer. And here's my initials ideas which i would love to see commented or changed or denied by the community (at the moment not very balanced i guess) : 1) The Nerd (possibly the very thin guy); - Unparalleled mind ... crappy physique = "You're so smart you have a chance to figure out 2 blueprint with 1 research but you don't have the strenght to bring back research crates by hand" (Passive); - Tech Savvy = "You get more resources from high-tech related elements (Fuel?)" (Bonus); - (Active); 2) The Bull (possibly the fat guy); - Not fat ... just big boned = "You're kinda fat so you can run 50% slower and consume more oxigen but you take half falling damage" (Passive); - (Bonus); - I got carried away = "You can carry back to base an asfixiated astroneer (new mechanic : asfixiated astroneers don't die instantly but pass out for a shot time?)(Active); 3) The Doc (possibly the orange guy?); - Breathing tecnique = "You consume less oxigen" (Passive); - Bio Freak = "You get more resources from organic elements" (Bonus); - Not on my watch = "You carry with you an extra breathing mask you can lend to an asfixiating Astroneer to save him sharing your oxigen" (Active); 4) The Explorer (possibly the average guy); - I've seen things ... = "You can see further away but you consume more energy in the process" (Passive); - Marco Polo taught me well = "You get more resources the further away you are from your base" (Bonus); - I think i have 1 more of those = "You can always find a couple of extra tethers in your backpack (create 1 theter without spending materials every x time)" (Active);