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About Me

  1. i have the idea of RC rovers and space station in my head for a long time and didn't know how to get my idea ut here until now. the idea is simple exept for the ingredients needed. 1. space station: info: a small to medium size space station you can visit with a rocket and store items in and send rockets away to other planets without losing more feul to get inbto orbit, like an space elevator idea. sugested ingredients needed and info: you send diferent rockets up into orbit with the meterials needed like: titanuim, aluminium and solar panels like that. 2. rover and rover
  2. Drilling with rovers, especially with the tractor, is made difficult by the fact that the camera is always behind the vehicle, which is troublesome because you cannot see what you're drilling or where you're going. I think this needs to be fixed. A first-person camera would do nicely for this, but there may be another way. Also, for convenience, there could be a radar/sonar system on the drill which shows where surface-air boundaries are with a hologram, perhaps coloured, so that you know when you are about to emerge. This would make digging around a lot more intuitive and fun in my opinion, a
  3. I used the Glacio surface color to make some parking spaces for all my vehicles. Can't wait til they add planes or something like that.
  4. Hi there, i found out rather by accident, that when you have a winch connected to any rover, then link the winch back to any part of the same rover it creates physics bug and your rover starts to spin and tumble away, eventually spazzing so hard it flies off into space. I've only had this bug with rovers, and I've had it happen multiple times (always by misclicking with the winch) on a side note, it'd be really nice if the devs would add a function so pressing "f" while holding the winch would disconnect it...would prevent a lot of this in the first place. would also be really nice if t
  5. As of the 1.0.7 patch, whatever you did to the physics has improved some things, like dislodged debris falling through the world, and just generally seems to have made things much weightier. However, what it's also done to my rovers, all of them, is made driving them like trying to ride a jittery crack mongoose. They move way way WAY too fast over the terrain, like they're skidding over a greased linoleum floor. Doesn't make for a satisfying driving experience to put it mildly.
  6. With bases becoming so large and complex i feel that it would be helpful to add a base part that creates a set of S.A.W (self automated workers) to help you do mulitple things at once from one terminal and/ or search for resources. It could be somthing you could add to a rover aswell to search for and tell you where resource nodes are.
  7. I would like to be able to name shuttles or rovers. In addition, a custom logo on the side of the shuttles. This would give us a little bit of customization for these vehicles.
  8. it appears that when I am using the rovers all tire sounds will only come from the East on a planet. an echoing sound accompanies this phenomena and is extremely jarirng because when one is traveling north or south the tire sound effects are only in the left ear when going south and the right ear when going north. I am primarily using Razer Surround Via optical cable But i have found other audio environment are affected as well listed below: Dolby atmos Dolby 7.1 windows sonic Nahimic DTS:X DTS ver 2.0 This audio issue also continues when using USB instead of optical.
  9. The driver seat will only control a total of two large rover segments unless it is placed in the middle or near the middle of the rover chain. Unless you park the Rover in a "U" shape the third segment of the rover chain will not respond to any driving instructions. Through experimentation and input from other users it appears to be a signal range issue of the driver seat. This is incredibly infuriating as the wiki says the max chain is 4 but I cant even use 3 properly. OS: Windows 10 64 bit pro ver 1803 CPU: Threadripper 1950X @ 4.0Ghz 1.325v GPU: 2x GTX 1080 (SLI) RAM: 64GB
  10. Using Keyboard/mouse via steam Terrain Test on the spawn planet I decided to strap two hydrazine thrusters onto the large rover in order to help me get around the new terrain because, though it all looks very nice, you kind of need to fly in order to get anywhere with how aggressive the hills are. This was the first time I had ever used the thrusters on a land vehicle since the original thruster was introduced back when the power cords were still tubular, so I wanted to see if I could exit the atmosphere of the planet using the large rover. Using one of the hills as a ramp, I success
  11. The power drains on the large and medium rover please fix this devs.
  12. So my friend said that his small rover (now called a Buggy) battery wasn't draining even though the power generation wasn't working. This needs to be fixed soon if it is a bug (he's uh...less-than-intelligent let's say, so it may be a false report) but if it is a bug it does need to be fixed as it breaks the game balance. We're in multiplayer too, and I haven't seen this bug in singleplayer before
  13. In my 65 hrs of game play in astroneer, I have noticed that objects only have gravity and bounce physics when the player is a certain distance away from the object. The reason I know this is true is because of cave exploration on Terran and ramp building. Usually when walking on the ground of the super low level green caves, research falls from the ceiling. Since the green caves are wide open and tall, I assume that those research objects were on the floor above and you just entered there physics bubble, but because they are only at the outer part of this edge, the game temporarily breaks the
  14. Summary: - Steam - 'Sticky Seat Camera' Description: If a player removes the seat you are using to control a rover, your camera stays with the rover as the player carries away the seat with you in it (rover no longer controllable but the camera stays there). As soon as the player gets out of the seat the camera fixes itself upon the player as it normally would when exiting a seat. Suggestions: Have a trigger on seats where when one is picked up it checks if there is an Astroneer in it and if it is on a vehicle. If it is not on a vehicle, make sure the camera parent is
  15. I am facing an issue where clicking or hovering over the seat (both crane and 3-seater) does not bring the option to sit down. If i perform some other activity and return to the rover after a couple of seconds I can then interact with it again. Steam / Windows 10
  16. I've just noticed this today. I had a small rover for running around. Always returned it to base and it was always there. Loaded in earlier and it was gone, so I made a second one. I returned the second one to base, too. The second one I made vanished similarly. I just made a large one for easier resource transport and I really hope it doesn't vanish like the others. This seems like a known bug, I just wanted to readdress it.
  17. I think when the vehicle bay prints the rovers, they should be boxed like the other items so I can transport them by shuttle.
  18. The control of the vehicles have stayed the same ever since the game went into public test... and it's still horrible! Because the relation in which way the vehicles will move correlate to which way your camera is facing, not which way the vehicle is faced (which how it should be from the start...) and it's confusing and frustrating to drive the thing around... driving it feels like those people who struggle way too when it comes to parking... I've you seen those vids? It's rage inducing! Also, it would be nice to have some sort of handbrake or any braking mechanic. As of now the only way
  19. I'm sorry if some are already mentioned. I did a search on the main things that bug me and didn't see anything specific. So please forgive. 1. Rover wheels stick to the ground sometimes as you're driving off. This was mentioned I know. 2. Trying to get into the seat or crane, sometimes takes several attempts or have to remove seat/reattach. I've found that I need to remove the seat and re attach it then press e to enter right after or it won't work. Repeat process till it finally lets me in. The crane isn't as bad, luckily because you can't remove it. Why are some items unmovable
  20. RECYCLE UNIT, NEED THIS BAD!!! to get rid of space junk and buildings I no longer use or need to get rid of, like you see on youtube that machine with spinning wheels and gnarly teeth that just eats whatever you put in it. could be used to create scrap and from scrap melted down in the smelter where it recovers 1/3 the used resources. And or scrap could fill a can and mineral extraction first then smelter. zoom out more standard zoom out view planet / map planet more detail from distance? set WAYPOINTS, zoom out, scroll to spot on planet, set waypoint, rover goes to waypoint unless
  21. so I was driving my 3 rovers long rover chain to my base, when i get there I get out of the rover, then i try to click the cable thingy so I can connect it to my base, but the second i click on the cable thingy the game crashes. I relog in and i try to click the cable thingy the game crashes again i try new save the same thing happens
  22. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Half of planet is unusable (can't interact with items) Description: In half my world, I can't interact with items, items don't snap to other items like they do on the other half of the planet. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 On the non-working half of my planet, interaction seems to work as it should. Move the same object (platform, rover, storage, etc) and the object doesn't operate properly. In this save, my hab just happened to land on the bad half of the planet. I believe this is why the hab in this save produces NO POW
  23. as i am driving in a rover chain of 3 and even sometimes 2 rovers, it's recent to find myself stuck in some hole in the ground, trying to bring one of my rovers out and pressing a combination of buttons to not make the leading rover (in a 2 rovers case) or the second rover (in a 3 rovers case) falling into the hole together with the first rover. this would be easily solved by adding 1 more connection to the front and back (not sure which is which) and make it easyer to not lose rovers each time you drive around the planet.
  24. I built a large Rover and getting in is fine, but when I get out the astronaut instead of teleporting in front of the Rover, teleports directly underneath the chair causing the Rover to flip up into the air and most of the time flip over. This happens both with the Rover alone and in a train. It takes several tries of getting in and out to connect the Rover to the base because it flips so far each time. It also sometimes does a 180° flip which can make driving in caves difficult. I absolutely love the new rovers but this is the only problem I have (besides needing more traction/torque). So far
  25. I wasn't sure it was possible. But it apparently is. They made it worse than the issues before. Its almost unsuable now. Can't even use a shuttle after the patch.