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Found 4 results

  1. I experienced the rover bug last night where my game loaded and the rover I was in decided to take an express ride to the core of the planet and take me with it. It was an interesting ride and i got to see how material deposits are spread throughout the planet and in a spherical shape. When I got to the core I bounced around for a while before coming to a halt. No amount of reloading or driving the rover would get the rover back on the surface so I got out. My character rocketed to the surface of the planet like a cork released from the bottom of a swimming pool. So I get to the surface and luckily i had 3 small tanks of oxygen on me. I realize right away that I've popped out on the other side of the world from my base and running back is not feasible at this point. So the clock is running and I decide to see if I can survive this ordeal. I get super lucky and find quite easily the biggest deposit of compound i have ever found in the game (yielded 14 compound by the time it was exhausted). So with Compound I could make filters which in turn would resupply my air. So now i needed a new base so I could have a chance at long term survival. Ran around a bit and found enough resin to get things started. In the end I was able to build everything i needed, not die, and now have a base exactly opposite my original. I didn't bother making a habitat because I found that a simple cab for the rover mounted on a platform will allow you to save the game and will protect you in a storm and it doesn't take copper to make. So the only thing I am wondering about is the location i popped out in seems to be ultra rich in materials and research items. usually a compound or resin deposit yields 2 or 3 units of material....these deposits are giving me between 5 and 15 units. Organic material is ultra dense, and it seems that every where I look there are research items popping up. Wondering if this is normal and I never looked in the right place or if this is some byproduct of the rover glitch.
  2. hello! I accidentally drove my rover OVER my research bay and I can't get it off. PC/Steam Keyboard/mouse Rover had seat, windpower, solar power. Research station appears to be usable. I can get in and out of the rover, but wont' budge. uses power when attempting to move. A stuck feature would be nice or even a deconstruction option would be great to recoup a portion of the materials for either the station or the rover. I can't figure out how to take a screenshot in the game so sorry I can't provide one. Demolishing pieces of your base would seem like a good feature even without the presence of bugs. Just saying! Thank you and LOVE the game so far. can't believe this is just alpha!
  3. WilltheAstroneer

    Rover disappeared

    When I loaded into my save I noticed my rover begin to float. After about 5 seconds it suddenly went down, and continued going down straight through the ground!! I tried to dig down after it but it was completely gone! This was kinda annoying as I had to make a new rover and my old rover had valuable resources on it like lithium.
  4. Hi! So I've encountered a few bugs during my playing of the game and in this quick video I show them off. I will also list the bugs if you do not want to watch the video. Mouse/keyboard Steam Explained in video (sorry for my laziness. If needed I can type it out) Video showing off all of the bugs: List of Bugs: Visual glitch with the tethers not knowing which area to choose to get power from if you stand in the correct spot. You cannot take seats off of the rovers while on the moon or at all. (Would love to move seats around just to save resources) Visual bug with planet not being connected but in 4 different chunks. Clipping bug while getting out of the Ship clipping into the crane that build the ship. If you have duel monitors you can move your mouse off of the game and click things on the other monitor. (If possible would really like if you couldn't move you mouse out of the game while in-game but when you hit esc. then you should be able to.) Smelter bug when there is not enough space on the sides it just complete removes the (in my example Aluminum Ore) extra ore that you wanted to smelt and you would only get the one. Clipping bug while using the add terrain tool. As soon as the terrain touches you, you bug out and clip underground and sometimes die if there's a cave under you.