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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible to add a option in the settings to toggle the rotation speed of the skybox? It used to be realistic in Early Access: how fast the planet rotates, how fast the sky rotates. I understand that due to motion sickness experienced on high-rotating planets, the rotation had to be tuned down in 1.0, but I REALLY like that but of realism. Is it possible to add an option to toggle between "Relaxing" and "Realistic"?
  2. I'm trying desperately on this one rover to put the one-seat drivers cab on the other side of the rover, but it refused point blank. Every other rover I've had, I've been able to do this with no problems. The only difference is that maybe (I can't be sure) I built it directly onto the rover rather than via the medium printer. But try as I might, this one rover will not have a cab on anywhere but one side. Anyways there it is. This rover and its cab only go one may missus. Its not a bug that I'll lose sleep over
  3. Simple idea, what if we could rotate items we are currently holding? Basically a quality of life change since it's already possible, just troublesome to do.