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Found 14 results

  1. kizen nolastname

    Suggestion for rocks

    I hate how the rock paticals respawn on my flattened terrain. I made it flat for a reason. All I want is for them to disappear after I dig them up. I don't mind them if their out in a field or cave. Aslong as their no in my flat terrain that I made to walk and drive smoothly on.
  2. theastonmartin

    Object building system

    This is a bit of a strange concept, but what if there was a building system involving placing objects to be static, as well as a system or a tool that let you research natural objects (such as those big yellow pillars) and print them as a base material?
  3. System: Windows 10 64bit /Steam Version: Iam playing Astroneer in coop mode with friends a lot (I host the game). When going into caves or driving over planets, rocks and stalagmites are not at the same places in my coop partners game. They can not see them but the collision exists! They got own rocks/stalagmites in their game with collision but these have no relevance to my game. That all gets complicated cause they cant see rocks they are driving over, but a rover acts like if the rocks/stalagmites are there. When we pulled a satellite out of a cave it get stucket on stalagmites. I posted them this screenshot I they said they cant see them but collision exists.
  4. marshmallowbam

    Protection from storms

    First thing, Its annoying to dig a hole when a rock storm comes your way. After it passes it's annoying to keep filling in holes because they're usually right in the middle of where you are walking and it just takes time out of the day. I think it would make a great addition. Storm moves in you pull it out of your backpack and BAM tiny little shelter from the storm. It could have a limited amount of oxygen so every time you head back to base camp you can just top it off again, or even the same thing with power. if you've noway to get any power at the moment you can pull it out and get a little burst of power until you head back to base. I usually am away from base camp for 5 or 6 nights at a time collecting resources and making holes to stick said resources in before heading back to base and lugging everything with me. Not a fan of taking the vehicles with me everywhere cause i feel like you miss out on the scenery. Back on topic, I know I would personally love it and im not too sure about others. Aside from that fantastic work, you've come a long way since i bought the early access back in December of 16 and I look forward to the official release date! P.S. I would also like for storms to be able to destroy tethers(makes the survival aspect more appealing to me at least). Something similar to the picture only smaller.
  5. Summary: 153-Steam-Rocks focusing astronomer during storm Description: happened in only one game. all rocks dragged by the storm ended up on the astronomer like he was targeted. Happened for all the storms in this game. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 153 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 family/v.1607/Build 14393.1066 CPU: i7-6700HQ/2.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M RAM: 8Go
  6. QRCode

    Rocks colors

    Hi ! I think it's a bad idea to have the rocks and the floor in the same color. When there's a lot of green vegetation plus green rocks (which is quiet strange for a rock color) on a green floor, for example, you just can't see the rocks and you bump in them everytime. Maybe you could choose a totally different color for rocks, it will make the driving easier and less "Ho f***, a rock again !!" !! :-D Thanks
  7. Ghostwolf93

    Rock merged with Platform

    So, I landed on Exotic for the first time, build a couple of platforms, turning one in to a module platform and then into a Trading Platform. The second platform I had to leave until I got some more Resin to turn it into. Module Platform. Saved the game, then quit. when I loaded up the saved game, I found a large green rock had appeared out of nowhere, merged with my second platform. The Rock is big enough that it sticks up above the platform as well as extending down into the group beneath it. As it is merged with the black ground that all base platforms have underneath them, I can't shift it. anyone know why this happened? And does anyone know a way of getting rid of it? Xbox One, Pre-Alpha build: 0.2.10119.0.
  8. LiteX99

    Rocks, and some more

    So, i have been into terraforming a bit, which includes creating slopes, up to my mountain base (which is where i launch my spaceship from.). And i have no problem with it, i evne managed to get a completley flat surface, which made me really happy. Then i log off, and on the next day, when i log onto again, there are tonns of rocks, and organic shit on it. The enviroment shouldnt move by itself, like it does (unless it is logical of course). When i dig a hole in the ground to get rid of rocks, for mu base, they popp up on the next time i load in. Also, making the game have less rock, will make the game: Much less laggy (preferably also organic materials) Smoother while driving the Rover Easier to drive with long truck trains Stopps vehicles from bugging out so much
  9. Godfather ErronBlacc

    Floating Rocks

    Using the terrain tool in previous save to dig away land, loading my game the next day I see the rocks have reappeared without land/dirt under them.
  10. so, i started playing a few days ago and 2 people ive been playing with have had 3-4 trucks launched into the sky and get stuck there. i think this is due to a Collision error but am not sure. i was wondering if anyone else is having problems with the rocks, or if anyone else just flat out hates the rocks too?
  11. I want to be able to do something about these indestructible rocks other objects that you just can't do anything about, that Also happen cause frame rate issues on XB1 once disconnected from the planet surface.
  12. The game gave me the option to, so of course I placed it on the large rock and the turbine grew to a very large size, but unfortunately I could not pick it back up and it was stuck there. There is no reason you should put a turbine there, but I'll save you the curiosity
  13. After cutting down some big trees around my base, the stalks would tip over and spin all around my base with no easy way of getting them to go away, other than running into them and desperately trying to roll them away. If it was possible to pick up some of the larger, unbreakable rocks to move them away from settled areas, and if it were possible to either pick up or break down the giant tree stalks into organic material, it would greatly reduce base/ground clutter, as well as free up rendered resources.
  14. There was some boulder size rocks around my base when i landed. most went away when i built things, but one glitched into my printer platform when I built it. I can still use the platform. But the battery meter is completely covered by a boulder.