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Found 5 results

  1. obsidian cat

    some suggestions

    first of all: a shovel. for when you plant on the unbreakable rock around your base second: gigantic rocket, lets you go to other planets third: more planets, to go with the gigantic rocket fourth: gigantic printer, just for the rocket thats all
  2. As you travel each planet, landing zones become really cluttered. It would be nice if we could color code and name each landing zone as needed.
  3. Alright, so I know you're working on a system that makes it more interesting for space travel while in space that's not just clicking on a plant, but i feel like getting to space is just too easy. It should be a momentous task with lots of risk. My suggestion is changing the way you build spacecraft. An idea I have is you build a rocket silo (which would serve as a vehicle bay for rockets) and then you begin construction with numerous different stages and engines and fuel tanks and sciency stuff ext. This would be similar to Kerbal space program in the way to you design the rocket, you choose how much fuel and so on. I love that game as well. However i do feel as if Astroneer has a younger audience, so this would probably mean a more simple rocket design system, with the ability to go extreme for "more advanced users". Thanks!
  4. Chernobyltoast

    Modular/semi-realistic rockets

    thruster - what makes the rocket go up fuel tank - round the size of a research pod, stores hydrazine or other fuel connectors - from 2/3 way converter for more thrusters and tanks to be added space shuttle/pod - what the pilot sits in launchpad - where the built rocket is fuelled and launched crawler - big forklift like vehicle with tank treads and a grabber for building and or moving rockets OR grabber attachment for the crane for moving and connecting rocket parts, as well as other large modules imagine the rocket building system in kerbal space program, except you have to manually drag the parts into place with a crane o otherwise, and the parts would snap together like any other module and (maybe) wouldn't violently explode after hard impacts. would definitely make space travel more interesting.
  5. Dear Astroneer devs, Please add some kind of jetpack - rocket boots sort of idea just something to help jump higher and move faster, whether these are crafted or you start witht hem - just a thought tho.