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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I absolutely love this game and want to say you guys did a perfect job! Well.. almost perfect My Idea: As the title says, make the rockets more distinguished. Make them each have their own character and distance they can travel. My current "problem": As soon as you have the small rocket you can go anywhere to any planet. So why would it be rewarding to build a bigger rocket other than the extra added storage? Of course the bigger tanks so you don't have to refuel all the time, but still it's just not as
  2. As you travel each planet, landing zones become really cluttered. It would be nice if we could color code and name each landing zone as needed.
  3. Summary: 119 - Windows Store - stuck in air and cant spawn in rocket Description: I had a glitch were my game crashed when I was getting ready to land the rocket so whenever I load back into the world it glitches me out of it and I have 100+ hours on the world someone plz help! Platform: Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: Intel core i5 7400 3GHz GPU: Gtx 1060 3gb RAM: Corsair 2x16GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: HDD 1TB
  4. I have a bug where I land on a planet or moon and the rocket just launches before I can get out. I can't stop it now, it just keeps happening and I can no longer play the game. Platform: PC/Steam Version 1.0
  5. So, i just got back into the game, learning everything new. Found out that i need an atmospheric condenser on a different plant for some things. So i place one on my extra large rocket, go out and salvage for 3 hours so I could trade for ammonium to make hydrozine to fully fuel my rocket. All is going as planned until i find out that a seat attached to storage doesn’t count as it being the cockpit. I couldn’t attach a seat to my only fully fueled rocket. Kinda upset me and I haven’t played since.
  6. I've built the bottom of the my rocket but I cant locate where you build the top. I'm probably just being stupid and overlooking it, but I seriously cant find where you build the cockpit. After searching through guides on Steam I have come to the consensus that I am an idiot. Help?
  7. I'd like to have the ability to build a larger Rocket where you can store store multiple items. Make it so you have to build the rocket in 3 stages. Each module requiring at least 4 resources each but of various resources coat. ENGINE module, STORAGE Module( 5 DOUBLE SLOTS/10 SINGLES AND COMMAND module. The engine module would have its own internal tank and hydrazine cataylser which woukd require ammonium to be processed prior to take off. Would require the equivalent of 12 ammonium to be full of hydrazine. The storage has double doors that open while landed to allow access and
  8. I looked around and couldn't find it but this may have been suggested already. (Apologies if it is.) Anyways, I got this idea from a crashed rocket in game that gave me Titanium and other materials. What if you want to send stuff to a player on a different planet without actually going there yourself? Rocket itself: The rocket could be an enclosed with moving doors (optional) or could look just like the trade platform, inside would be about 3-5 placement notches for materials or research (maybe an upgraded one for research? Ex: Medium/small transport). Fuel: Obviously the thin
  9. So right now I don't really care that much for the available spaceships, they're both the same except for size. What I'm envisioning for a while now, is how cool it would be for there to be an actual rocket type space ship, much like the SpaceX BFR in the game, for interplenetary/interstellar travel. The Habitat Capsule already looks a lot like the (now abandoned) SpaceX Dragon capsule: And how cool would it be for there to be a rocket which carries the dropship on top, like the SpaceX BFR:
  10. Hey there, ive got a few new ideas and also a bug. What i mean is the rocket landing espacially to an old base. sometimes the rocket is landing where it was before starting, sometimes not. And i wanted to suggest a new control system, wich makes us able to choose a landing place by ourselve or even land the rocket with the keyboard (i know it would be just an new zone of problems). but u really need a solution because i have two rockets and when they land in each other i wont be able to add items or use both. it would be helpful if we can select a base (as before) and the we see
  11. I ran out of fuel on a foreign planet after exploring with my drill mounted rocketship, I managed to find some but i couldn't attach the fuel to the rocket because there were incomplete resources attached to the fuel pod with no way to detach them (that I could find). Am I missing something or is this a bug? (repost from bug section)
  12. So the rocket engines don't make much thrust. But say you took a vehicle and filled its bed with rocket engines. Would it be enough down force to drive on a wall or a ceiling? It might be time to end my constantly-restarting ways...
  13. The Cargo Pod and Single Use Rocket are intended to be a method that for the cost of compound and fuel you will be able to launch resources into space to a targeted area on another planet within your solar system. I will order how you would create it and what would be required and notate functionality at each relevant point. Required Structures Rocket Launch Pad (New Structure): This produces nothing but is used to launch the Cargo Pod to the other planet. Printer: The printer produces two new components. The Single Use Rocket and the Cargo Pod. Cargo
  14. When building the first Space rocket thingy and a seat at top, clicking storage on the vehicle machine will build a big storage glitching on top of the rocket..