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Found 3 results

  1. So guys, i get started to play Astroneer with friends, and i find very usefoul build roads due to the "un-driveability" of rover but especially trucks (come on man, it seems that the wheels are on ice ) BUT i can't get a clean and flat ramp and road (i know that isn't very much a problem but man, i'm a perfectionist), ALSO the real problem are the rocks, BIG ROCKS, that magically apperas or fall down from the sky and sit on the beautifoul and clean road that i've just made (that's make me sick)... any tips do deal with those please?
  2. I came across some resources that can't be mined/gathered because they are stuck in what seems to be solid rock (not mineable). Digging under the rock doesn't make it fall or despawn. Not sure if this is a bug or not (might be done on purpose). I am playing the Steam version.
  3. 119 - xbox - invisible rock stuck under truck Was clearing rocks near my base by mining under them & letting them fall a few feet so they break up/disappear. As far as I recall, I did this to a rock that was under/near the truck. When I got in the truck to drive off, it wouldn't go forward, as if it were encountering a rock. I found that I could drive in reverse and side to side, similar to the behavior when you attempt to drive over a visible rock. No rock was visible under the truck. When I would get out of the truck, it would bounce up a foot like it does when you park on a rock. I attempted to roll the truck into a ditch & dig under it, to no avail. Unfortunately I don't recall how I was able to get rid of the invisible rock, pre forum membership, but I was able to. Will see if I can repro