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Found 1 result

  1. laukys

    Robotics Bay

    Robotics Bay Late-game structure allowing you to create automated units. Why? Creating late-game goals Automation to replace repetitiveness Use of late-game resources The idea Structure (2 titanium) - Robotics Bay Drones: Drone base - 4 titanium Drone upgrades: Companion drone (follows you, can be interacted with to view the map, carries up to 4 items) - 4 lithium Scouting drone (maps the uncharted area, pin-pointing resources, rares and points of interest) - 4 aluminum Mining Drone (slowly gathers/generates materials that are present on the planet, even when player isn't on that planet) - 4 titanium Satellites: Satellite base - 8 titanium Satellite solar array - 8 compound Satellite battery - 8 lithium Satellite upgrades: Energy satellite (doubles astroneer's energy recharge rate when on the same planet) - 8 lithium Satellite station (allows travel to planets that are further away, allows you to dock onto it) - 8 compound Oxygen satellite (Slowly, Oxidizes the planet it's orbiting, decreasing the rate at which oxygen is consumed on that planet) - 8 organic