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Found 5 results

  1. So, me and some others had a huge conversation in Discord, and these are some of the things we thought of: - Trains - Roads (Like platforms almost) - Robots - RC Cars - Stations for RC, Train, and Robot - Possibly other? I know in RC i would like for it to be able to carry 2 or 3 things, and it can drop Glow Sticks or Beacons. It could also carry stuff to stations or have an automation process in the future. I also think that the robots could be a lot like the RC idea. I know there's stuff about automation, but I wanted to put down the RC and Robot idea mainl
  2. Has anyone suggested the idea of a Robot/builder with you who can tag along? We could use the robot to craft portable Oxygen generator or Power plants and could act as a carrier to take stuff back to the base as long as you have storage capacity and talking about capacity has the idea of a warehouse or stock room been discussed as well?
  3. I know that this something already to be confirmed to be added in the future. But I'd like to show a different perspective to the idea of automation in Astroneer. "Astro-Bud" is here for your automating purposes (Astro-Bud) ( I know he doesn't look great, but hey, I made this in 20 minutes, don't judge...(Same goes for the name ...)) He is a robot that you can teach to do an action and he'll perform action. This can include using crafting at the printer, smelting resources around your base, transferring Hydrozine to your shuttle/spaceship and re-arranging items on your veh
  4. I believe that if you are a person who plays alone on games like this one, as I am, then you should be able to design or create robotic friends and workers who can help you scavenge the world more quickly and efficiently. Thus creating a new feel for industrialization of the planets you explore. There should also be a narrating computer voice to make the announcements of specific icons that pop up at times to warn you and tell you when something is completed or nonfunctional. This would also be a great implementation to the co-op as well. All-in-all this game is great so far and I cannot wait
  5. I'm not sure if I'm the first to mention this but some type of companion would be awesome for solo players, such as myself. Not sure how hard that would be but the plants already have a behavior to spew toxins at you, so maybe it could be done. Have a robot companion to join on your adventure and maybe even be of use. Give it some features like transporting loot but only along a tethered pathway. Anyways just a thought and on a side note, I'm really enjoying this game. Your team hit a home run!