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Found 7 results

  1. For better travel from one post on-planet to another, it would be interesting to create roads that the rover can traverse over easier than driving everywhere in an "off-road" mode. This would conserve energy on the rover, and possibly allow for higher speeds. The "Paver" could be similar to the large rover, as a stand-alone mobile module with two different modes: Auto Pilot -- the Paver is moved into position with the use of a large rover, and then disconnected, and "programmed" for auto-pilot in a straight line from the point of origin. If the Paver encountered cliffs, mountains, rocks, plants, etc., it would automatically stop auto-pilot, and switch into a "pause" mode, awaiting the player to come and redirect. Pulled behind the large rover -- slow going, time-consuming, but faster than on Auto-Pilot The Paver could be created in a similar fashion to the paver pulled behind Lightning McQueen in Cars. Large repositories can be included in the front of the device for the materials needed (soil, resin, compound, etc.), as well as ports for energy sources (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.). As the Paver moves forward, it creates a hard, durable surface behind it that is not affected by wind, plant growth, etc. Thanks again to the Astroneer Developers for an Outstanding Game!!
  2. I would really like to see road building as a thing. Maybe have a researched attachment in front of the vehicle, that flattens terrain. Being able to create a network of smooth roads would open up exploration hugely, as well being a lot of fun in itself.
  3. TBH with a game this good I have full faith that the Astroneer team knows best. Also, we have all seen what happened to WoW once blizzard started taking requests. Anyway this forum is here, I wanted to share my thoughts. In general, after you have seen all the possible treasures, crafted all the machines and vehicles, seen all the planets and basically exhausted all of the games content, what's left, currently, is to go minecraft. Build huge bases, floating platforms, highways, tunnels. I'm looking really forward to this, but the *performance and stability* need to increase a lot for this to be possible. I love that I feel a bit like a constructor in this game. So I'd love to see features supporting this gameplay: - naming/labeling an area/beacon - scaffolding, ladders, lifts - conveyor belts, automation - massive storage of materials (possible to create now but probably better if you can just build one platform for like 100 resin/100 combound - asphalt, roads, rails The crafting tree is exhausted quite quickly in the current game. Which is fine, it's still fun to explore. But if crafting is the focus it needs way more stuff: - slower progression, more mats needed - recipes are more rare, for example only found on dino skeletons or crashed satellites - more levels of everything, bigger trucks, bigger batteries, faster rover etc - more complex crafting : alloys, parts Exploring is awesome in this game, I love the variety in terrain. It's a fun challenge to try and map. Using beacons and terrain deformations in a smart way, climbing up vantage points, I feel like a pre-roman area explorer sometimes trying to navigate back to my base. It's low-tech. I love that and it would be great if this was somehow kept alive, so I would request the following non-features: - NO map - NO waypoint arrow And features: - other solar systems. doh. - more rare treasures like the crashed solar panel. btw how about allowing tethers to be attached to these for power? - would also be cool if some parts can only be found, like the thruster engine. I have wet dreams of being able to build a star ship after hundreds of hours of play, crafting and gathering many parts, and finally be able to reach other solar systems UI I would like to be able to recognize which savegame it is from the menu. The date helps a lot but what would also help is seeing the astronaut you picked and maybe a bids-eye screenshot of the last base you saved or the state of the start base. Or maybe some stats, like how many spaceships, habitats, trucks you own. Quality of Life Stalagmites. They look awesome but its a pain to remove them. Maybe a crafted saw you can mount on the front of your vehical which destroys them as you drive. Storms. Again, they look great but its not a challenge. It's just "you will now stop playing for 5 minutes while you sit in your car/habitat. have some coffee!" Visuals Something I noticed is the colors of the terrain don't seem to 'bleed' into the components of the base very much. This is the thing that stood out to me when I first played as 'indy' rather than 'AAA'. Inside caves, especially moist caves with lots of life, some flying bats or birds would be fucking awesome, reminding of that scene in the 'cave' in Empire Strikes Back Rain, snow, dust etc. I have recently been playing vanilla WoW and man the rain in wetlands is so awesome, I don't think I've seen anything like it in another game. Keep up the good work Astroneer team!
  4. Earlier, I made a post about transferring power from base to base and how this could improve the game play of Astroneer (post can be found here: After thinking this idea over for a while, I have began to think about inter-connectivity within the game on a wider scale, mainly through the addition of roads. After driving around in both the truck and the rover, I have come to the retaliation that the physics engine freaks out when vehicles attempt to pass over the various rocks and fauna that litter the various planet surfaces. Whilst this problem can be solved by flattening terrain, this process can be time consuming and frustrating due to the logistics required to give the player a continuous supply of power and oxygen over long distances. This is where my concept for roads comes in. Roads could be placed in a similar way to how base modules expand, with an origin point that can then be expanded upon when provided with adequate materials. Expansion of roads could wither be free form, with the player having full control over the gradient and curvature of the road. Alternatively, road placement could be based off of a grid, with different pre-set parts e.g 1x1x1 straight road, 1x2x1 ramp etc. Once placed, the roads could be slightly elevated form the terrain so that they could have a perfectly smooth surface for vehicles to merrily drive from base to base. This system would encourage exploration as it opens the possibility to the player that if they see an awesome looking cave, they could mark it with a beacon, run back to base, construct a road from base to the cave and then easily and efficiently deliver resources from the cave back to base, making the whole process easier and far more efficient so that the player can spend less time mining and more time exploring. However, it would be silly if we were to have roads that were permanently undamaged, and a such I propose that some changes be made to the weather system to both support my roads concept whilst also making the weather of the planets a bit more viscous. Let's take the starter planet Terra for example. Currently, we have the debris storms that can kill the player, but have no real impact on structures. However, if we make the storms less of a massive deadly blob of destruction and more a hurricane, it makes them both more realistic and also balances them by reducing the radius of the storm itself. This would allow the developers the ability to make objects (such as tethers and road supports) be damaged by the storm, adding in a need to maintain the sprawling tether lines and road networks that arise when connecting locations together. To express my ideas for the weather system in general, I think each planet could have weather unique to their ecosystem. Taking the starting planet Terra as an example again, alongside hurricanes replacing storms, rain and thunder storms could be added in. Rain storms would have next to no physical impact on the world (unless the developers somehow add in liquid physics to the game), mainly serving as a slight hindrance to visibility and adding to the immersive qualities of the game. Thunderstorms, on the other hand, would pose as a real threat to both the player and equipment such as windmills, that could be stuck by lightning and destroyed - requiring the player to repair them. I would have written my potential ideas for a railway system and trains, but the developers already sort of confirmed this on a live stream. On an unrelated note, please let us name and colour beacons as it would both help with navigation and also allow me to climb each and every mountain and name them after the Scottish Munros . As always, if you wish to expand upon or improve my idea in anyway, don't hesitate to comment.
  5. Hello everyone, First of all... I REALLY LOVE THAT GAME ! Congratulations to the System Era team ! I played 6 hours non stop before remembering that there is another live aside... And that's why I write this topic. So nice game but things run out after a while. some quite important features need to be improved (I think) : Limited researches to perform, all is largely discovered in 3 hours. Need a system to send gathered resources to the base. It is really frustrating to go back to the base when you just discovered a very rare resource, just because your backpack and truck are already full of (also) interesting stuff. Maybe some drones, robots,... (that need to be powered, improved with devices (extra battery, arms, tank for liquids/solids, re-powering devices,...)) can follow stakes to get resources from the astroneer to the base. Then this arises the problem of storage in the base... Need roads tool. Otherwise, it becomes unfeasible to use the truck or any proposed vehicle. specially on non flat planets. maybe the gamer could use 2 stakes that he could place somewhere (one close to the base and another one at the end the road). Then a parallelipipede (section large enough for a truck) can be generated between those 2 points to "dig" through everything and have a flat road. If the "skin" of the hole is in the air, then it has to be solidify to make a bridge. This "hole" could be generated slowly by a big and slow tunneling robot to make it more fun. Or the road can be made by the truck itself, you can mount a device in front of it to level the ground in front of it, like snow plows in winter ? For example, the fact that nothing more can be "researched" from "big balls" after few hours of playing (resources apart) is quite... frustrating. To solve it, it's quite easy. just implement ideas of new machines, robots, vehicles, components, gadgets,... which are poping everywhere in this topic. Here I propose just few ideas which are maybe "old moon" and already mentioned elsewhere on the forum, sorry for that : A Pod Racer, like in star wars, you know that very fast and light vehicle that don't need to touch the ground a so avoid rocks and things like that. People can change the ground but it's quite hard to do it smooth and flat. But if you have a fast vehicle that doesn't touch the ground but hover over it, you could make a circuit "by hands", so rough, and make a exciting race with yours friends. It's very hard to do so currently with the lorry for example... Improve the suit. It's is already very nice, but 10 places is really limited if you want to combine resources AND filter, batteries, oxygen tank,... I think that adding some slots on the arms, the legs, the helmet,... could add a lot of fun ! e.g. some propellers on the legs to have the already mentioned jet-pack or on shoes to damp a fall. This propeller can also be used under water ? A grapnel on the fist to reach remote places, a magnetic shield is also nice to protect from storms or any other hazards like radiation, poison smog, plants bite,... maybe a slot for a tent to rest when tired ? a resource detector to know where to dig Maybe you could split the already existing machines/vehicles in several standards components to make it longer to build ? e.g. the structure from titanium and composite, the wiring from copper, the electronic from silicone, some rubber components for tires, build a coil generator from magnetic mineral and copper first then find a mechanical way to make it turning,... extend the way of producing energy, I think about geothermal (already saw some fumes in the game), water fall, waves in oceans, nuclear (?), also use water hydrolysis (separate O2 (to breath from H2 (fuel) from any energy source) need of robots that you can send in a place where you have made a reference point then it could start gathering resource in the neighborhood Have a kind of farm would also be very nice ! for food, of course, but also to change the atmosphere (terraforming, making it breathable), get bio energy, structural components (special wood, radiation absorbing coating, rubber,...), foe repulsive products, medicine compounds. build a wall around the base to protect it from storms. Some other points that go trough my mind : It would be nice to discover resource by just digging the ground in the middle of nowhere, not specially in a cave but actually in the ground. Just increase resource concentration (one nest every Water element could be very nice. to generate energy, life, new machines need (submarine, boat), new resources (weeds, fishes, sand,...) It would be so nice to have sometimes a meteor crash happening on the planet, to have very rare resources from it like gold, silver, plutonium, uranium,... It would also be nice to manually drive the space ship out of the atmosphere, to stop on asteroid and mining it for example. and don't have always and automated landing. It would be very interesting to have a button to set back vehicles on their wheels if it falls in a hole or flip because of crash. or to have a tool to move it like resources/big balls. move base buildings like O2/energy stakes would be also interesting to change base configuration easily or delete recycle them. If recycling is a problem to manage on "software aspect", maybe a new building that could be like a quite big bowl on top of which recycled resource could appear from a tube connected to the wiring system which connects all buildings in the base. The recycled building could disappear (in the same way that is has been built) in the wiring (like the energy but with another color) and reach the bowl tube. Then the resources fall in the bowl. Then a button can tilt the bowl to let resources fall on the ground to be stored manually by the gamer. If I get something else, I'll be back. But for me this is the most important currently. specially have plenty of things to "research" :-) Thanks again for developing such wonderful game !
  6. Playing the game preview on Xbox One I have a feeling as if they vehicles don't perform particularly well, whether this may be because of attaching a 'trailer' or the rocks dotted around the planets. It would be good/convenient if the truck was able to handle better over these rocks or even potentially adding in the capability of plateauing the terrain, I know there is currently a flatten option when using the terrain tool but I feel it only 'smoothes the cursor area.
  7. I would like to see 2 new features: 1-) Everything you build you should be able to destruct, regardless of getting any materials back (zero, 1/2 or all) so you can re-shape your base if needed. Vehicles also. 2-) We should be able to build (even rudimentary) roads to make travel a little easier from point A to B.