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Found 5 results

  1. What if astroneer had water bodies in which there are native animals that could kill you???
  2. Dear, System Era I have a few ideas that I believe would make Astroneer much more fun. Here are those ideas: First off, I believe that some planets should have water. By that I mean there should be a couple of rivers or oceans. The physics do not have to be anything special or "beautiful." The way this could improve the game is that it would give more life to the planets as well as giving access to more new things to explore. If you were to make it to where you could go under water, for oxygen wise, just make it where you use the oxygen in your suit. However, do not mak
  3. Would be nice to see some fluid on certain planets, maybe ice on the tundra one. Would change the dynamic of mining if you had to consider if you were digging near a body of water. Different equitment for resource collecting underwater. Boats for surface, submarines for underwater cave exploration could then be crafted etc..
  4. Every time I come back to my home planet where all my trucks and items are, they all sink into the ground into the sourrounding tunnels. They aren't connected by 'plug' so that could help with them not falling.
  5. Water -> Rivers -> Lakes -> Underwater Mining -> Flowing Rivers (from mountains) -> Changing throughout seasons -> affecting the Nature (like trees and animals around it) -> (hunting seasons?) Well see how many of those steps are actually doable (in order.?). Thanks for the amazing game!